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Private (NSW) - 08/09/09 - Paris



Not very often (actually almost never) I come across a girl who's afraid of my AndyJ persona; however, Paris admittedly had kept herself at some distance from me. Not sure if she thought that my moderator's superpowers extend to my personal life but the girl had a somehow distorted vision because AndyJ the mod and AndyJ the punter are indeed different.




At the same time, even when I had pondered booking Paris during my Melbourne trips, every review indicated that her service was a little extreme for my vanilla flavoured taste. So, from both sides, a session between us seemed unlikely but life would have other plans.


Actually, not counting a quick greeting at the drinks night, I properly met Paris for a coffee thanks to another punter who brought her along. The coffee was quickly replaced by beer and she told me a bit about her plans in Sydney and how she would like to become a FIA sponsor. Problem was, she needed photos and despite her original scepticism I convinced her that she could do with some new ones. I think she remained sceptical but I could see she was seeing the offer as a kind of foreplay.


For me, the sole opportunity of taking photos of someone with those curves was a treat in itself, never mind if there was sex afterwards. Paris' proportions remind me of a comic strip called Little Annie Fanny, created by Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder.




Any old boys who were teenagers between the sixties and the late eighties should remember Little Annie Fanny. I often wished that some of the real models on the magazine were actually like her! (A wish that often dissipates as you get older and want your girls younger and tinier).


Knowing that Paris is a size 12 but with J cup breasts (what the hell is that? I didn't know that existed!) and buttocks to match, I knew my pocket digital camera would not make her curvaceous silhouette justice, and made arrangements to use a more professional one, at least one with proper telelens, even if the distance I had to take the pictures was not great.




When I got to Paris' place, she greeted me with a prolonged pash to shake the nerves away. However, I have to say that she was very nervous about the photos and if I showed you the first ones, you'd see what I mean. She kept doing funny things with her mouth and it was beyond her control. Luckily she happened to have a great adjustable lamp that I bounced on the ceiling and the pretty good lighting conditions made my job a breeze (I remember taking 400 photos of Sharna in very different conditions; I had to delete 300 of them or so because they were worthless despite the model)




As her clothes came off and the nature of the photos became naughtier, she began relaxing. That's Paris and what Paris knows best. From simply erotic we were moving into an unambiguously pornographic domain. Little AJ began feeling like coming out for some air and

no way I could hide the bulge away from Paris' eyes. And just when we were planning to introduce a vibrator in our photos, Paris decided that she couldn't keep me like that. That was the end of the photo session.




Not knowing at that stage if this simply was a pause from taking photos, I was gratefully surprised when, after some teasing, rubbing through my jeans, Paris unzipped them and started giving me head. I have to say that she does it in a much more gentle way that what I had imagined. After a bit of that we continued pashing and somehow at that stage it became clear that it was only sex from there on.




I removed my jeans and jumped on Paris; mind you the impromptu nature of the session made me forget about my socks (how rude!) and T-shirt, which I removed at a later stage when I noticed. From kissing Paris' mouth, I gradually went down on her. Now, saying that this girl gets wet would be the understatement of the century. A river actually flows in between her legs. Even after I had made her come with my tongue and an adventurous finger that felt her strong vaginal walls, she kept soaking. No worries, she was happy to lick my hand that was wet with her juices.




On with the condom for some cowgirl; I did not even get to try another position yet when I was exploding inside her. A quick rinse only let to more foreplay, more kissing, more rubbing. It was time to try some Italian sliding on Paris' buttocks; which gave Paris the urge for some proper Greek. Another condom went on and off we went, first in doggy then in caterpillar position up her bum. I can assure you that she must have a G-spot in there too because she was absolutely loving it. It took some effort to come but she made me cross the line with some French right after. The harder it got to make me come, the more intense that orgasm got.




That was my night in Paris! When it comes to the sexual possibilities, I know that was like taking a Ferrari for a slow drive around the block, but it shows how versatile she is as she's able to cater for different kinds of punters and she doesn't even need to ask what sort of thing you like. Time with her just flows naturally. :)


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