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Private (VIC) - 30/08/09 - Cindy Novak



As part of a blitz trip to Melbourne on the weekend (to meet Steelmaster's mystery girl ;)), I was meant to see a new private among other favourites. I was looking forward really because my session with her at a parlour during one of my previous trips was very promising. Unfortunately, she got the flu or something and cancelled. I tried to get hold of other FIA girls but being a Sunday and racing against time made it difficult to line someone up. So Cracker it was. That's where I saw Cindy's ad.




I called Cindy and apologised for the short notice. No worries, she was working and she was available. After a bit of backwards and forwards about the time and other details, the booking was made and I was happy since all the reviews I had read on her were good.


oz_escort.jpg sydney_australia.jpg International_model.jpg


She wanted to know if she could contact reception to verify my room number (which after all was said and done, I had given her the wrong one anyway, only because I'm hopeless with numbers LOL). As I was staying in a service apartment I wasn't sure if that was possible. I told her I was AndyJ from FIA but that didn't mean much to her. She said she was getting a good vibe on the phone and we went ahead with it.


I was staying at a place where you can see the street on your telly (it often is more interesting than the programs available), so when she arrived I saw her on camera. I thought that ought to be her. I went down to fetch her, and once again (if you remember one of my previous reviews) I forgot to switch off the telly before I went down. She actually loved it; while we were chatting and sharing some wine, we even had a bit of fun observing a girl trying to buzz other apartment. She was pretty hot and Cindy suggested we should invite her in for a threesome. The plan did not prosper but soon we walked to the bedroom.




Cindy is a curvy size 10 maybe. Pretty face even when her photos are probably a few years old.


model_australia.jpg melbourne_escort.jpg aussie_escort1.jpg


I think the chat and the wine put her in a very relaxed mood and things in the bedroom were very easy going. Lots of DFK, then she went down on me for a blowjob, and a very good one by the way; warm and full of saliva. After that, I went down on her and I got the distinct impression that she enjoyed that. She was pretty vocal and quite easy to get across the line.


When I finished more kissing and she didn't mind a bit of teasing here and there. I then asked her to turn around for the obligatory hotdog manoeuvre, which she really liked as well. I was at the verge of coming that way but particularly because it was the first time, I wanted to try some intercourse for it to be technically a full shag. On with the condom, one of my own 0.03 mm and it was straight to caterpillar basically to shoot almost immediately after.


Overall, I had a pretty good time with Cindy, she shows a top attitude and despite we both had limited time afterwards, I can say she's not a clock watcher. A good last minute punt. :)


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