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Midas – 15/02/2010 – Miho



Midas – 15/02/2010 – Miho

Review by oldandbald


I have been stuck in a bit of a punting rut lately. I have been going to the same handful of places and seeing the same few ladies (and thoroughly enjoying myself!!). ‘Tis very easy to stay within one’s comfort zone.

However, early this week, I had another business meeting at Wolli Creek. It finished mid afternoon – too late to get back to the office to do some “real” work. So like last time I was there, I paid a visit to Midas. I do not like to make a judgement on a place based on one experience, so I thought I would give the place another try.


Details of the shop can be found in my previous review. The decor here is still the flashest I have seen.


This time I am shown to an introduction room (to the left of the reception desk). In this room, there are a couple of leather lounge chairs and a 3 seater couch – maybe they expect punters to turn up in herds.


Anyhow, come the intro, the two available ladies introduced themselves:

Miho: “hello, my name is Miho, have you had a good day?” with a nice smile and a handshake.

Olive “Hello, I am Olive” and she left.

So, I chose Miho for the full 90 minute pamper package ($255).




Claims to be Japanese (Japan did come up at times in our chat during the session), about 5’3” or 5’4”, long hair but clipped up behind her head. She would be a size 8 with B+ cups – nicely curvy. Down below, the shrubbery is pruned – I would think a number 2 buzz cut in terms I can understand. Acceptable conversational English, she says she has been in Australia for 3 years. She is working here 4 days per week, studying (massage!!) two days per week and has Thursdays off. Age I would put at 30ish. When she smiled, lines formed around her mouth and eyes, and she did not have the “tight” feel about her body that a younger lady does.


The Session:


We disrobe, and Miho starts filling the spa then leads me to the shower area. She has me lie down face up on the table in the wet area. She soaps me up then scrubs me down, then turnover to face down followed by some more soaping and scrubbing. Then follows the sugar scrub (using brown sugar). Rinsed off then she poured some milk over my back and proceeded with a bodyslide. Not sure what the sugar scrub of the milk is supposed to do, maybe it is supposed to be exotic or erotic, but it didn’t do much for me (even though it was pleasant). Miho then has me stand while she rinses me off.


We then repair to the spa and things become interesting. I sat down in the spa and Miho lay on top of me. Her buttocks were on the upper part of my thighs, my hands reached around to her breasts and I was able to nibble on her right ear. She seemed to enjoy this. Miho then changes position – she straddles me on her knees and presents her breasts for me to kiss. Of course, I oblige. She tickles me under the sack, and hints that she likes to be touched in the corresponding place. So when she resumes her position lying on top of me, my right hand wandered south. There was no resistance. I began to fondle her womanhood – she seemed to enjoy – then she took my hand and said “I like it here” as she placed my hand where she wanted it. I continue and as things progress Miho calls out “More, More!!” As we left the spa, she said “you made me come – I am supposed to make you come”. Of course a lady would never, ever, ever, EVER tell an untruth about this laugh.gif.


We then move to the massage table and there follows a pretty good massage (maybe she is actually studying massage!!). During the massage, I could feel various muscles/tendons/etc clicking into place. This was good. The massage was followed by a brief massage under the hot towels.


Then came the bodyslide. Started on the back and was nice and sensual, then turnover time and more of the same on the front. All very pleasant. A little bit of a cat bath also happened. Then the tug began (no CBJ here). Miho had a technique that is best described as adequate, and I achieved a suitable happy ending.


We then had separate showers. This was a little disappointing.


So, the verdict:


Miho is a “would see again” lady rather than a “must see again” lady. Fun at times, but lacks some “connection”.


Return visit?


Maybe. If I were to return to Midas and Miho was in the line up, I would see her. But next time I am in this part of the City, there are other place I may explore; there is 143 and 271 Marrickville Rd a few blocks up the road, and 28 Vincent St around the corner and a couple of blocks to the North.


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