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Lindfield Relaxation Massage - 13/03/2010 - Cici



Lindfield Relaxation Massage - 13/03/2010 - Cici

Review by oldandbald


Shop details:

Lindfield Remedial and Relaxation Massage Centre

2/302 Pacific Hwy Lindfield

9880 7627

Hours 10 am to 6 pm 7 days


I have been visiting this place on and off since November last year. Usual service is a good massage and a tug, with the occasional bit of play (dependant on the lady of course). Paid another visit on Saturday. The door was answered by Yumiko (the normal Saturday receptionist and a lady that seems to enjoy a little extra play). This time she is wrapped only in a towel. I am a little taken aback. This has not been my previous experience here. Yumiko leads me to the room and asks if I would like to see the new girl Cici (Sisi?) or she could get dressed and massage me. Seems like my arrival interrupted her shower.


I decide that a variety is the spice of life so ask to see Cici. She is small (4’11”, maybe 5’) petite with nice curves. Breasts appear to be large B, but I suspect there is assistance from padding in the bra. She tells me that she is from Macau via Malaysia. Her English allows reasonable conversation. Age: mid to late 20s? She is wearing a little black almost see through dress. Apparently Saturdays only.


I pay the $60 for the 60 minute massage, strip off and lie face down on the table. The massage is firm, seems skilful. Lots of work on the neck and shoulders, then on to the back using her forearms. Cici then climbs on to the table and places one knee either side of my head. She continues to massage my back and buttocks in this position with her thighs rubbing my ears as she does so. Very pleasant. She then dismounts and gives my legs a form massage. Soon this becomes more sensual with light teasing fingertip work around the sensitive areas.


Turnover time and she places my hand on her buttock and begins to fondle my little friend. She then leans over and whispers in my ear asking if I would like a little extra. Seemingly typical of most places, the additional toll here for a tug is $20. I agree to the happy ending. Cici’s technique can be best described as adequate. It didn’t have the sensuality or the slow build up that some ladies provide. But certainly a long way from the worst I have had.


After the happy ending had happened, there was a little more massage, then the clean up with the warm towel. Overall, it was a pleasant, but not outstanding experience.


Return visit? Probably, but there are a couple of other places to research as well.


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