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Naree Massage Hornsby - 24/03/2010 - Shian Ming



Naree Massage Hornsby - 24/03/2010 - Shian Ming

Reconnaissance report


The Executive Summary:

Very pleasant oil massage. Cute lady, but remained clothed for the entire time. No tug or happy ending. The price was $100 for the hour. This is about $40 more than the service provided was worth.


The details:


Naree Massage

Shop 1 16 Hunter St Hornsby (Southern end of the mall)

Website [now nonexistent]


Background: In another thread, Majic asked about the service at massage places in Hornsby (this place and one on the Pacific Highway). I must admit I knew nothing of either. So I had a look over this place and it showed some of the characteristics of an R&T wink.gif place – ie open late and the price of $100 per hour. So I thought I would try it out.


The lady:

Shian Ming (that was how it sounded)

Height: 5’5” or so, size 8-10, nice curves. Probably Thai, but don’t hold me to that.

She is dressed in black: black shorts, black tights and a black V neck top.


I arrived here and was looking at the sign in the window refreshing my memory of the prices when Shian Ming came out and asked if I wanted a massage. So I said yes and was lead inside. There was a computer printed sign saying closing time was 8:30 PM. The place is a converted shop. The door is to the right of the place (as you enter). In front as you walk in is the reception counter. To the left is a raised “platform”. There are two massage areas here – each with a mattress in the floor and surrounding curtains (in purple). Further towards the back of the place are a couple of small rooms. Reception is a large older Asian lady in a yellow top.


I choose the 1 hour oil massage for $100. I am directed to the first of the small rooms, and it is small, barely 8’ by 4’. There is a foam mattress on the floor and a couple of small fans to keep the air circulating. Shian Ming directs me to undress and lie on the mattress. I comply but leave my underpants on. The oil massage begins – legs and back – it is soothing rather than hard. Part way through she removes my underpants and massages my buttocks.


Turn over time and the oil massage continues. She massages my thighs and goes temptingly close to my privates. At times she rubs my thighs and as she progresses to my stomach, her wrists stroke either side of my best friend.


However, I did not attempt to “ramp it up”. There were hints that more may be available, but I did not pursue them. At the end of the session, Shian Ming brought out a dish of warmish water and washed me down. No shower in the place. I got dressed and before I left, they gave me a cup of tea. I sat on one of the chairs in front of the reception desk while I was drinking it and Shian Ming sat opposite. Her pose would have been much more interesting had she been wearing a skirt rather than shorts.


After I had finished the tea, I wandered off home, but cast a glance over my shoulder and saw Shian Ming collecting another punter from the seat outside the place in the mall. This was at about 9:15 when the nominal closing time was 8:30.


The Verdict:

A pleasant experience, but poor value.

For $110 at the Thai places in Lindfield or Artarmon, or Butterfly in Gordon gets you nakedness, a bodyslide, a tug & happy ending (and a shower as well!!).


Since that review I made two further visits to this place, more out of curiosity than anything else.


Second Visit:


As a sucker for punishment, I paid another visit to this place (18 April), purely for scientific research purposes of course. A random sample of one is not statistically valid!! This time I saw Lisa. Cute, but a little curvier. The service was the same, but this time there was the offer of a tug towards the end of the session (additional $30). I declined - I had other plans for a happy ending that day.


As I was having the cup of tea and a bit of a chat afterwards, Shian Ming appeared and seemed to remember me: "Long time no see" she said. I was apparently Lisa's third customer for the day (this at about 3:00 pm). So, they are not being run off their feet.


The original conclusion still stands. Overpriced.


My "other plans" for a happy ending that day came to fruition - and is was indeed a happy ending.


Third Visit:


The things I do in the name of science!! The other day I was in Hornsby Westfield about to buy some groceries when I felt the need for a massage. So I called in here for a third visit. This time, I opted for the 90 minute oil massage package ($140), to see if that is any different (for the sake of rigorous research, you understand). The lady was Shain Ming again. Still all dressed in black, but with a skirt instead of the shorts this time. This time we were in the (slightly) larger room in the back corner of the place. The fit out was basically the same, just the thin foam mattress on the floor, but because the room was a little larger, I didn’t have to leave my boots outside. There was some quiet Thai (I assume) background music, but whatever soothing effect it was supposed to have was negated by the rumblings of the clothes dryer in the next room.


So, the same drill as previously – I disrobe, lie face down and she massages. Again, I would describe the massage as medium. There was not a lot of pressure there. When she massages my thighs, there is some brief “accidental” brushing of the sack and crack region. Time to turn over and the massage continues with head and neck, arms, chest and then to the legs. She works her way up my thighs, then begins to caress my balls before rubbing the underside of my little friend. Additional oil is then applied and the tug proper commences. No additional toll is discussed. It appears that it is included in the 90 minute package.


I am able to reach under her skirt and grasp a buttock, however the more interesting bits stay out of reach. I move a hand towards a breast, but am met with a polite smile and a shake of the head. The tug technique is good but I have had better. However, as I approach the edge, something causes her to stop and ask if I am OK. I suppose it was some involuntary response of my body she saw. I assure her that I and, so the tug continues. Then the same thing happens again, and again. So the happy ending does not happen!!


Again, there is the cup of tea and a bickie afterwards, with a little chat.


So, I think my research here is complete. I do not think this place warrants my further investigation.


Recommended Comments

A cuppa, a bikkie and a pretty reasonable massage as well. So it was not a dead loss, but as I said, there are better ways to spend the money not far from here (and a new shop has since opened about 4 blocks away a couple of months ago). But this Naree place is still in business, so maybe they get a lot of passing shopping centre trade for the shorter, cheaper treatments. I think this one goes down as a totally legit place ...

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