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From: Door Behind the Door - September 2011 - Nico (posted review)



This is my second attempt at writing a review on my two visits with Nico. With my first attempt I got a bit carried away and before I knew it, it had become some kind of soft porn epic running to thousands of words, romanticising what of course were only a half hour and one hour massage with extras. When I realised the review could take longer to read than the punt(s) did to take place, I knew it had become a bit self indulgent, with way too much information! So I will start again and keep it brief(er). If you want the long version, just PM me.


So, as I said, I visited Nico on two occasions. The first a half hour $70 nude massage, the second: $140 for a full hour. Nico is a lovely attentive lady from northern China, in her early 30's with a very fine body. Our communication was limited by her English and my Mandarin, but it was clear she loves to chat and is keen to explore all kinds of topics. We commenced quite a few, but inevitably the understanding for one or both of us petered out pretty quickly.


Fortunately, the physical communication was great, so we kept coming back to that - no complaints here!


I knew when I went in for my first ever RnT punt that I would be keen to seek more than just a tug. I'd read reviews of WL's at this place were happy to share substantially more. And so it proved; I was definitely not disappointed.


Nico was initially a little shy. We went through the exercise of a soft massage, mutual flattery, but by the time we got to more than just teasing tackle touches, she'd become quite flirty and playful. We didn't discuss the cost of extras, she left it to my discretion to tip her at the end of my visit. For the record it was $30 and $50 respectively.


I've described the time shared as GFE, and that might seem a bit unusual for RnT and also when there's a communication barrier. But it does accurately describe the passion with which this lady engages you. She gives full beam attention. So different to some of the Tope Street K girls, more interested in doing their hair in the mirror while riding you...


No single thing Nico did was spectacularly out of this world, but the sum of the individual parts was just great.


During our first session, she initially teased me with 'look only' at her pussy. But to my great satisfaction, she seemed to delight in watching my increasing desire as she opened herself up and touched herself intimately, arousingly, till she ultimately asked "would you like to lick?" Would I f****ing what?!!!


So we dined on each other and it was delicious, full on and unrestrained, solos and 69. DATo is also definitely on the menu (not sure about her giving though if that's your thing). The orgasms were very satisfying. Afterwards she insisted on a head and shoulders massage til she deemed our time was up.


A week later when I returned and asked her for an hour she almost squealed with joy. I love that she's both sweet and charming and raunchy during sex.


We got into it pretty much straight away the second time. While I undressed her on my lap, she dove into the most exquisite DFK I've experienced full stop. Not solely tongue thrusting DFK, there were plenty of wet kisses with gentle lip nibbles as well. I smiled telling her I could taste her morning coffee, she blushed and apologised, but it was a very GFE moment.


When I went down on her, I was surprised to look up, through her lovely bush, over her belly and boobs to see her for once, not looking directly at me. She was actually looking across into the mirror of a large daggy 1960's dresser at the reflection of me going for it between her thighs. I decided I wanted some of that as well, lowering her left leg , raising her right and turning her slightly towards the mirror so we could both enjoy it. This seemed to turn her on incredibly and her climax came soon after. I was mmmming and groaning more than her (I admit, I was mainly doing that for her benefit) Nico is quiet and intense when she comes.


My reward was a nice BBBJ, but being the man I am, I wanted her again in a 69. I just could not get too much of her beautiful fluffy bush and silky labia.


For the first time in my life I had intercourse on a massage table. Then we moved to the floor and then the old lounge chair. I briefly contemplated the dressing table, but decided it looked a bit too fragile. My big O in mish was also intense, brought on by her kisses. I revelled in kissing her everywhere on her face except her ticklish ears and ran my fingers through her hair.


Later, going for a rare second shot in an hour punt for me (maybe I just need to train more ;-) ) she ground her pussy and arse into me as I sat up against the wall. DATo became full on rimming with her ooohing and aaahing just fantastically arousing.


Nico is generous with her time, her attention to you and is quite open to a lot of passionate extras. She works Mondays and Tuesdays. I plan to pay her more visits in future.


Source: Door Behind the Door - September 2011 - Nico


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