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Door Behind the Door - September 2011 - Nico FULL LENGTH, two visits 8000 words



This was my first R n’ T punt and my first since using these forums to gather intelligence and plan where to go and who to ask for. So, I suppose it wasn’t strictly a ‘punt’ on whether I would get more than just a massage, though I approached it having no direct personal experience of how RnT’s work or which ladies would be there.


I hadn’t actively sought out massage + extra places prior. Funnily enough, after I commenced reading about them, I was at one of those $40/40 min shopping centre places. You know the type (maybe you don’t?!) with curtains separating half a dozen small massage tables. I became almost convinced the MILFish 40+ Chinese lady was taking every opportunity to press her fully clothed breasts and belly onto my back and her groin into the back of my hand! All this with a Balwyn matron almost visible through the fabric less than a metre away. I was more scared than aroused. I digress...


I learnt of the existence of this place on PP, and with both a bit of sleuthing and some help from punters who’d visited, I located it.


There is indeed a door behind the door. And moments after I pressed the buzzer, it was opened by a very attractive young girl who quickly ushered me in to a front room. She was dressed well up in designer clothes, plenty of make-up and attitude.


Sha-Li, I think she said her name was. Classic northern Chinese, early 20’s, with teased hair dyed light brown hair, pretty round face, high cheekbones, eyes made up, enhanced lashes and high heels. Certainly an attractive package, but not the GND sounding one I’d read about and had bowled up that lunch time hoping to meet.


She told me it’s $70 for a half hour massage and waited. “Are there any other ladies working today?”


A little miffed, she flitted out and soon a more mature woman in her early 30’s, shorter, less pretty, in a sensible plain black dress and flat shoes came in and greeted me warmly. Her English was limited but better than Sha-Li’s. Nico introduced herself, we chatted for a bit, then after a little awkwardness I realised she was waiting for me to say “Oh now I’ve seen you, bring back the cuter younger chick please.” Except I didn’t...


Instead I weighed it up. The prettier younger girl might be nice to look at and I could write about a girl potentially more punters would seek out. But all the warning signs were there from my experience. The pout, the make-up, the clothes and an already apparent communication barrier.


The mature woman was likely to be more experienced, more comfortable with what men will request of her and know how to please them, I considered. And I came to this punt planning on much more than a clothed happy ending. In the minute she’d been standing with me, she’d engaged me much more than Sha-Li. So Nico it was. My choice seemed to surprise her. I privately hoped that might lead to an extra special time...


Some comments on the place. It is warm, clean, fairly well lit with comfortable sized rooms. A communal shower is available. I was there a bit before midday on a weekday and it was quiet the whole time. I never saw another punter and mercifully there were no interruptions with answering the door or phone, or time buzzers going off.


With all my gear off, I laid front down on the massage table. For some reason I placed a towel across my arse, subconscious concession to modesty I guess. Nico returned, quickly went to a chair in the corner and undressed. I watched, taking it all in. You may have the impression from my introduction that she was unattractive. Far from it.


She has a lovely smile, long dark straight hair and a fine slim figure. As she disrobed, I took in her delicate movements, toned skin, slender form and terrific legs. She left nothing on, apart from those plain black flat shoes. When removing her underwear, I noticed a modest tattoo of a flower on her lower belly (not really my thing), but then a beautiful natural bush (very much my thing) as she discarded her panties.


She came over to me, not shy at all of letting me look at her birthday suit, happy to make eye contact and with that warm smile. “Hard or soft?” she asked. “Getting harder” I joked, but it was lost on her. However you like, I don’t mind – hard is fine by me.


“Oil?” Sure OK. She pumped skin moisturiser onto her palms and proceeded to rub it in, moving over my back and shoulders, periodically returning to get more cream as she went. The massage was perfunctory, she was really only rubbing the cream in well. But I don’t get a naked lady doing that every day, so I’m not complaining.


We commenced a light banter, limited a bit by Nico’s English. She said she is 33, from Beijing, been here a few months. Sees a few caucasian men. Another girl, Kelly is popular (PP reviews at work?) Quiet morning, first guy she’s seen today. Asked my age, flattered me by guessing it as 5-10 years less. Then she asked me if she could remove the towel covering my backside. Like telepathy I just smiled and off it came


I knew that the communication and/or connection was going to be tough. Why would I seek it in a half hour RnT? Maybe I hope to make the experience a little more memorable or interesting, or at least less unpleasant (!) for the lady. And I genuinely like to learn about each woman I meet. It contributes to my decision to pay her a return visit, or not.


I decided to try my secret weapon, such as it is. Looking over my shoulder into her face, I told her I thought she was a very beautiful woman – in Mandarin. Stepping back, she broke into a laugh, loud and hearty. Unselfconscious. She made me think I’d said something different, embarrassingly silly, getting the tones wrong. But her rapid response, way beyond my comprehension told otherwise. Time to come clean. That I’d visited her country only couple of times, had learnt just a few phrases and that her English is far better than my Mandarin.


Exhausting the possibilities of “thank you, you’re so kind, don’t mention it!” and “Do you like Australia?” we returned to my native tongue and discussed in her homeland. Which places are nicest etc. Chinese women always want my opinion on which city has the most beautiful women. How the fuck would I know? “Definitely the northern cities” I returned her flattery. I could have my pick of women in China she countered. And so we flirted like acquaintances in a social setting rather than two nude people planning to share a sex experience.


Nico had rubbed every part of the back of my body with the fragranced skin cream. Then she eased into a caress, tracing her fingertips across my back, up and down my legs. Up to this point I’d only stroked her calves and thighs as they conveniently came within range of my comfortably relaxed dangling hands. Her legs felt amazing. I enjoyed exploring them with just my sense of touch. If she has imperfections, I didn’t find them. Gradually her nimble fingers narrowed their focus to my butt and then... ah yessss, that first almost imperceptible brush of my balls.


Moving my legs outwards to help access she lingered for a while, keeping it light, delightfully teasing me. “Flip over?” I did so with little Johnno standing to attention, or rather, waiting for it. Commenting on my size, she again flattered what I know to be a completely average sized, normal circumcised penis. I wondered if this is done for the benefit of a punter’s ego. Frankly I couldn’t care at this point if a lady thinks it’s a joke or a trophy of a cock, because I know she’s going to work with it anyway. And for me, it’s just one part of my anatomy I employ in a sexual encounter.


She continued the massage while increasing her pressure to my balls and introduced my cock to the party with her other hand. Her hands are lovely, both in technique and feel. Her nails are short and natural. Not for this lady artificial claws or gaudy colour. Such things could not make them look more feminine anyway. I drew my gaze away from deft graceful fine fingers and looked into her face. Nico gives very good eye contact, smiles and likes chatting. Yes. I was glad I chose the more mature woman who is happy to focus on me. I couldn’t fault her attention to her client and her job the whole time we were together.


I’m a bit vague on what we were chatting about now, my thoughts being distracted by the nice feeling I was experiencing southwards. Something about western men being more hairy and what Chinese ladies think of that. She assured me she found a (slightly) hairy chest interesting and demonstrated with a brief excursion of her hand up to my nipples and the area between and around them. I was just glad the man boobs I am trying to keep at bay would have been less obvious in my prone position.


Leaving a comment about, if not the image of, smooth Asian men hanging in the air between us, Nico and I left talk behind and started communicating in a more mutually intelligible sexual language. Damn she’s happy to look at her punter (prey? :-O), smiling with warm hazel-brown eyes and a just a glimpse of perfect teeth. It could have been unnerving if she wasn’t such a natural at it. Full beam attention. I guess she didn’t need to look down to manage a ball sack and cock, because her ministrations were working a charm without it.


I motioned her to come closer with a movement of my neck. She obliged by bringing her hips closer to my head for an intense visual appreciation, obvious to both of us. I admired her natural modest breasts, the subtle curve of her waist and roundness of her hips and the crease where her legs met a womanly belly, running tantalisingly down to her groin which was obscured by her closeness to the massage table. In China she perhaps would be considered to have only an average figure, at least against younger women. Such is the idealised image held up to women there. At that moment she looked anything but average.


The tattoo seemed incongruous. ‘What’s its story?’ I thought but didn’t ask. I perhaps unfairly or naively associate them with other body art, enhancement, extensions, porn stars, unusual body piercings, wild girls and clean shaven pussies. All as different as I could imagine from the 1980’s country corn-fed girls that I fumbled and groped with who laid the bedrock in my formative sexual subconscious.


A completely natural female body always takes me back to those first sweaty palmed tentative probes finally allowed by girls I’d spent so long encouraging to give into their lust, or mine. Stealing away from HSC school camp, a Uni party or a mate’s sister behind the hayshed, fearful her Dad would any minute come out of the dairy. I knew I’d always discover a soft thatch of pubic hair once the elastic of cotton panties was broached. Enough in itself to satisfactorily excite me, long before the moist nirvana that I knew the curls and tendrils heralded the presence of needed to be explored.


I didn’t come across (or inside) a shaved fanny til I was 24. A tattoo shocked me at 30. Could I really have been so sheltered, given the extremes of my fantasies since adolescence? I didn’t do any big smoke punting in those days. Now I take it all as I find it. But a woman straight out of the pages of the 70’s and 80’s Playboy magazines I’d sneak from my father’s wardrobe is always my ideal.


The stem of Nico’s flower looks textured. I brought a finger up to it in curiosity. Nico moved back ever so gently, her first sign of shyness that I recall. It’s okay, I assured her. She relented and allowed me to trace a fingertip along the vertical length of the centre of her tattoo, from the top down, perhaps two inches long, not quite making it to the start of her pubic hair another inch below. There’s a definite cleft of skin rejoined long ago, unnoticeable unless you’re as close as she was allowing me to be.


Boy or girl? I asked, hoping she wouldn’t be freaked by a question about her private life. Or worse that it’s the result of something horrible, a violent boyfriend or a late termination. A girl, five years old. I smile, it’s a nice thought. I brought my arms around her waist to embrace her for the first time. I pressed my face into the soft yet firm warmth of her tummy and kissed the tattoo. It’s a simple act, an understanding of her wish to cover something up that guys might mark her down for. It only made her more womanly to me. I could knowingly imagine her breasts swollen with the milk of motherhood, a child coming from inside of her.


The nearness of Nico’s pussy heightening my excitement, it took some effort to pull away. I found her looking down at me, still smiling. My balls having been massaged enough in her assessment I gather, she had swapped hands and was continuing a slow, firm stroking of my cock, with her other hand cradling my neck, as I’d lifted myself off the table. Feeling blissful, I blew her a kiss, dropping the hint I’d welcome some real kissing. I wasn’t sure if she’d be open to it, but I was starting to feel comfortable with her and going into that zone where I hoped, just for this half hour she’d be into me.


To my surprise, she leaned down willingly and gently kissed my lips, nothing hot or passionate... yet. Her long dark hair draped down around my face, feeling delightful as it brushed against my cheeks. When I returned her kiss, pressing up, opening my mouth she played coy, allowing just her lips to be kissed. We soon found a happy medium of soft lips only kisses, as many as I wanted, eyes open, eyes closed, a laugh here or there and my hands moving up to frame her face. She allowed a sojourn of my lips to her cheeks, her eyebrows her neck but her ears proved too ticklish. I enjoyed what I could, inhaling her soft clean scent.


Perhaps I had found the edge of her intimacy envelope, for we launched into an exchange of facial nomenclature rather than facial kissing. What do I call this and that? Ohhhh, it’s called this in my language. Nico struggled with mouth, managing only ‘moowf’ several times before she gave up, giggling, despite my best efforts to demonstrate the theta sound with my tongue and front teeth. She really tried, but it evaded her just as much as my discernment of the x the j and the q sounds in Mandarin that she had learnt instinctively whilst still an infant, younger than her daughter now.


I picked up where I had left off, kissing down her neck, paying some attention to her throat, feeling the definition of her collar bone and the yielding of her skin as I entered the softness of her breast. I moistened things now, wetting my lips, opening my mouth, introducing my flattened but still soft tongue.


The first sighs escaped her, my fingertips sensed her pulse strengthening in her neck if not quickening. All the while she held my neck, saving my muscles from the discomfort of holding my head up off the table. I appreciated it. It told me she thinks about what I’m doing and is considerate. I like to imagine I am the same in return. Maybe I am to start with but as orgasm approaches, especially if it’s been a tough one to coax, I expect like most men I become less attentive to these things.


I told Nico she had lovely breasts. “Nooo, too small” she bemoaned, repeating the conditioning so many Chinese women seem to have that their breasts are never big enough. I’m hopeless at guessing cup size, knowing only that I can find boobs of all shapes and sizes both attractive or not MCOT as the case may be. For me, it’s all about proportion with the rest of a lady’s figure. I’m picky with nipples though, not sure why. But they’re the part when playing that can turn me on incredibly if to my liking.


Luckily Nico’s nipples are. Her areolae are well defined, a dusty brownish plum colour, the proud conclusion to her pale (for an Asian woman) petite breasts. A texture which can be detected just by brushing lips across her chest with your eyes closed, letting you know precisely where the colour begins.


I remember feeling an almost acute disappointment when a Venezuelan full figured lover revealed her huge pendulous breasts, (great!) only to find her nipples indiscernible from the rest of her plush boobs, with little definition and contrast (not so great). Perhaps I’m too harsh...


So I was kissing Nico’s breasts with her blessing. Alternating between them, ensuring equal time lest they get jealous of one another. Eventually I got to licking her nipples with a soft whorling tongue, leaving them wet from my labours. I wanted to feel her breathing sharpen, real or not, needing to believe I elicited pleasure from my attentions to the most feminine parts of her.


And then to sucking on the actual centre of her nipples. They are small, not particularly proud of the areolae and firm without feeling hard. She pressed on my neck, increasing the force of my mouth on her. I felt her warmth, tried to swallow as much of her as I dared, sucking her into me. It was hot and sexy, but lasted only briefly, as I skipped about wanting to kiss her other boob, and her mouth again. Yes this time her kisses were wet and full, now she is warming up.


A quick exhalation of breath through puckered lips on wet nipples got her immediate attention. She chided me playfully and our shared smiles widened. Sex should be fun and filled with surprises. Her rhythmic stroking of my manhood had finally waned, perhaps signalling a distraction with her own sensations, which I didn’t mind at all. I wanted to focus all my efforts into my mouth for a while now. Little Johnno could wait.


I’d been running my hands, alternating palms and fingertips across Nico’s shoulders, through her long hair, over her back and firm bum. Her skin is smooth and taught, so much finer than many women her age. It felt wonderful and my manual roaming proceeded almost without me thinking about it as I took my leave of her boobs, feeling them graced with enough kissing and licking. I give her belly a cursory nuzzling, having commenced the playing there with that almost innocent kiss several minutes earlier. I didn’t care how the time was going, I was entranced.


There was still so much of Nico to explore, to see how far she would allow me to go.


She laid my head back down and stepped back a little. I looked up at her and smiled, looking into her eyes, letting her know where my gaze would settle next – on her pussy. It was about 18 inches from my face, a perfect distance to study it.


Her pubic hair is lighter, brown rather than black, and I instinctively knew it naturally grows that way. I’ve seen this on several Asian women and I like it. She doesn’t have a wild Amazonian forest down there, but a tasteful grove. Soft yet the type of hair that can be playfully and compliantly made into a mohawk shape, brushed up or down as desired. It thickens noticeably above the opening of her vulva and continues down between her legs when they’re pressed together.


I knew she was looking at me looking at her little treasure. Your pussy is nice, I told her. She thanked me softly, neither offering or denying it to me yet. I decided to go for broke. Can I kiss you on your pussy, your bottom? My voice sounded strained to my ears. She half smiled. “Look only?” I couldn’t tell whether it was her answer or another question.


While I contemplated if I should have just dove in anyway, she resolved my dilemma for now by parting her legs, slowly bringing her left up and placing her foot on the edge of the table. I looked up at her in gratitude. Her eyes were alive, sparkling, showing me she’d allowed something forbidden. My cock strained with arousal and I hadn’t even let myself take a look at her vulva yet. While locking eyes I instinctively had been stroking the calf of her leg that was raised up onto the table. I stroked her foot, near the pillow and she jumped – shrieking with laughter. Ticklish there then, so I desisted and she settled again.


I wanted to take this moment in, exercise self discipline in moving my eyes down her body, her neck, over the rise of her breasts, the hill of her belly, her tattoo, her scar and to her opening. Through her hair I could see it’s a soft pink, a hue completely complimenting her skin complexion and the wispy brown pubes. I can see one of her labia minora, peeking over (under?) the shoulder of its hairy bigger sister. Her hair does taper towards the back, ceasing around where I know her vagina will be, with none making it down into her anal area.


Without realising it, I’d grabbed my cock and had settled into a slow stroke, feeling pleasurable, knowing that I could come in 30 seconds if I went for it, or just keep him hard for ages until my balls ached for release. I flashed a look up at Nico, for once she was not looking at my face, but at my hand stroking my cock. Perhaps women find this as arousing as guys do watching women masturbate.


I shot a glance down myself. I was surprised how distended and angry it looked, precum clearly visible oozing from his one eye. “I will do it” she said finally, taking over, leaving me wondering what to do with my hand. We managed to synchronise looking at each other’s face again. With a seductive look, lips parted she slowly brought her other hand down to between her legs as I followed it with my hungry gaze.


Making her index and middle fingers into an upside down V, she spread her vulva for my viewing pleasure, finally parting her bushy curtains, revealing her folds, her lips and her shape, the infinitesimal differences that make all pussies unique. She started a subtle curling motion, allowing her fingers to press and almost disappear between her outer and inner lips. She made the hood of her clitoris more prominent, rudely squishing it between her digits. She applied a gentle up and down motion, making her clit appear to grow and shrink as she did so. All the while wanking me in fine fashion. She was doing both of us I realised. How hot!


Without realising it, I must have slid across sideways to have my head on the edge of the table, perhaps eight inches from her. I could see her colour, her texture, and I told myself her wetness as well. Whether or not she was wet, I made myself believe she was. I gingerly moved closer, keeping my lips closed, so as not to alarm her. She ceased her unusual self massaging and removed her hand. For a brief moment I feared she was going to stop me, but she made no move to do so, allowing my face to be so close to her that my vision was blurred. I was then thinking of another sense I wanted to enjoy her pussy with.


I gently started to circle my nose around letting it play with her soft hairs. I couldn’t smell anything yet, there wasn’t the unmistakable smell of horny pussy, of sexed up woman. I gradually pressed my nose right into her, and she’d not made any attempt to recoil from my closeness. I parted my lips, allowing a slow warm breath from deep within me to waft over her opening. A gentle shudder – good!


I continued this, hoping it was to Nico’s liking. It wasn’t light hearted like the cool blowing on her wet nipples, but purposeful, showing intent and desire towards her most intimate place. She couldn’t mistake it for anything else. I twisted my neck around, more underneath her, feeling my hair press between her upper thighs. I sensed her allowing them to yield to me, as she widened her stance.


Through one eye I could see her looking down at me. Her eyes were transfixed. Expectant? Hesitant to


tell me to stop? Only one way to find out. My lips were brushing her labia lips. That first touch was like an electric shock. There was no going back now.


“Is this okay?” I enquired, breaking the spell for both of us perhaps, but necessary to let her know I was serious and understood she wouldn’t normally offer this as part of the standard massage price. She smiled, nodded and asked “You like to lick Darling?” Oooooh yes....


She hopped up onto the table, getting into a 69 position. The descent of her silky labia lips and bush onto my face appeared as if in slow motion to me. All the anticipation was about to burst into a wet luscious connection of my tongue and her sweet genitalia.


I started off gently with long slow, soft licks, feeling her achieve a kneeling position that was comfortable. I was in heaven. I only existed to pleasure her in this place and at this moment. As I allowed my tongue to become more adventurous, I lapped at the centre of her vulva, gently probing the opening of her vagina and searching out her clit. She soon was sighing and cooing, just audibly and definitely without theatrics.


She’d started a slow stroking of my cock again, which was very pleasant, but I was fully immersed in my task between her legs. Nico’s arousal gradually grew as I tried all manner of oral gymnastics. Figure 8’s, long slow and soft, short, flicking and hard, sucking her gorgeous labia, quite likely the nicest I’ve seen, and clit as deep as I thought she could stand it.


Her tugging became erratic, then stopped as she bent down, her head on my thigh and started trembling, I craned my neck up further to follow her movement, lest I lose the ability to pleasure every part of her as she leaned her upper body over. When her climax arrived, it was quiet, dignified and refined. Like so much else about this graceful woman. A tremor, a squeeze of my knees with her hands, a long slow gasp.


I eased back to gentle soft licking, then kissing with my lips and more deep warm breaths. Catching my first glimpse for a while, I silently took in the lovely vision of her wet open pussy, flushed and so recently climaxed. Is there ever a more vulnerable time for a person than just after orgasm? The shape of her labia is really quite amazing. Not bunched or wrinkled or folded, just two, smooth long flaps, tucked discreetly between her protective outer labia and hair. I nipped at them with my lips, drawing them out with firm pressure just to satisfy my curiosity about how flexible and stretchy they would be. Quite a bit I discovered.

While contemplating the intricacies of her pussy, I realised she was putting a condom on my cock. Suppressing my normal tendency to ask questions, I decided to say nothing and see what she had in mind. A very warm mouth engulfing me was what! I enjoyed the pleasurable sensation. I am no expert on BJ’s, it’s not a mandatory thing for me and I very rarely reach orgasm from them. Maybe I just haven’t persisted with them enough, and I should learn to. Anyway, I was happy to lay there for a while and enjoy the sensations.


We changed positions to give Nico a rest. She laid on her side on the table, I stood beside it, giving me the opportunity to watch her beautiful mouth and tongue playing with my manhood. Being a shorter bloke, I needed to stretch up and aim high to make it possible for her to take a bigger mouthful from the raised table. Deep throating, had she been inclined to do it would’ve been tricky in this position.


As nice as this was, I told Nico I wanted the condom off and for her to make me come with her hands, while I again enjoyed her pussy on my face. She agreed, but asked me to be gentle as she would still be sensitive there. So we resumed the position, with an extra pillow for me. I explained to her that I wanted her to sit up a bit more, forcing herself onto me. I gently nuzzled rubbed, kissed her pussy, periodically gulping for breath between her pubic hair by pressing my chin on my chest.


As I got close, feeling the volcano boiling up inside my balls, I stretched my neck around to breathe through my nose from behind her. I started kissing her little hairless anus. It was so clean and sweet. I ventured a lick, not worried about the practice of doing so, more concerned that she might not like it. No worries on that score. She not only allowed it, after a few seconds of increasingly adventurous licking, feeling the texture of her puckered wrinkled little starfish, Nico pushed more purposefully down onto my mouth. She quickened the pace of her jerking and told me how nice it felt kissing her there. That was it for me, I came in great globs of jism over her hands, my cock, her wrists, my belly. Luckily I didn’t get any in her hair.


The next minute or so was a bit of a haze. She elegantly managed to dismount me and the table, and as I lay heart pounding with my eyes closed – I snuck an occasional glimpse of her – she expertly cleaned me and herself up. I wasn’t sure how much more time there was, but Nico suggested a shoulders and scalp massage for a couple of minutes before we showered. Great I said, and it was pretty good, very relaxing.


You have to make a dash to the shower past any waiting punters in this place, towel held around your privates. We did so like a couple of giggling kids. We washed each other. Nico tried to tell me a bit more about her daughter, it was very uninhibited and friendly. She dried my feet and we again ran the gauntlet. As I said earlier, I saw no other punters there during my visit.


We dressed and I offered her a $30 tip, really just the change she’d brought me from $100 earlier. It was touching when she came over and asked me to help her finish the zip up the back of her dress. Of course I obliged. A soft kiss goodbye and I bounded out into the street with a renewed spring in my step.


The Sequel: First RnT full service. (Warning: contains explicit descriptions of analingus)


A week later, I had the chance to visit in the morning, not long after the place opened at 10am. I met the mammasan this time as she opened the door for me. She called for Nico. “You come back?!” Nico exclaimed, as if that rarely happened. Yes, I want to see you again, I said, for an hour this time if that’s OK? I swear she clapped her hands and jumped on the spot a couple of times. Waaaah, you such a good man...


We used the same room again. When she returned Nico was puzzled to find me sitting in the armchair in only my jocks. She arched her brow as if to ask what I had in mind. I indicated she could sit on my lap if she liked. She is a light little thing, fitting snugly onto my thighs. I embraced her warmly, pressing my face to her neck and her long hair. She returned the cuddle, then moving her neck around, looked me full in the face before giving me the most passionate, long warm and wet kiss I think I’ve had in years. It was truly an all bets are off DFK, but done with style and genuine intimacy. When we finally broke off, I asked if she’d been drinking coffee. “Yes”, she blushed, “Sorry.” No, it’s nice, I assured her.


Nico let me undress her. There is something nice about undressing a woman you’ve been with before, the familiarity, no surprises. Sure, a new lady is exciting, but the knowledge of the proven attraction and skill of a good woman will always keep me coming back. Nico wanted to keep kissing between removing her clothes and who was I to stop her? Eventually we were both completely naked, standing up holding each other.


Can we make love? I asked. Perhaps not sure of the term, she clarified by asking if I wanted sex. I assumed she meant intercourse and nodded. “Of course Darling, let me get a condom.” She moved to go over to the old dresser. Plenty of time I told her, holding her back to me for more kisses. I laid her down on the table and gave her a full body talcum powder massage. I enjoy doing this. Both the giving of a relaxing soft massage and the private pleasure I derive from being able to feel and admire all of a woman’s body. She sighed and mmm’d as I journeyed along her beautiful skin, thanking me several times.


I was desperate to eat her again. I suggested she roll over onto her back, and there I had the chance to see her in all her naked glory. Her perfect small boobs, her slender waist and her natural bush. I’d remembered her nude loveliness in my mind several times in the last week and at that moment I was finally seeing her with my own eyes again. We kissed again, warm, wet, passionate, soft. I gently kissed all over her face, ran my fingers through her hair. I was careful to avoid her ticklish ears. I kissed down over her shoulders and briefly her breasts, licked playfully along her sides, her belly button, making her titter.


Despite my incredibly strong desire to just dive into her sweet muff, I passed it by and kissed the shapely length of her legs, lifting each up by the foot to caress the back of each calf again as I did so. Nico watched me the whole time. This time when I got back up to her pussy, I could see she was wet, and ready. Parting her thighs, I planted a big wet kiss right on the centre of her sex. She reacted with a little whimper and then her eyes slowly closed. She tasted sweet, more natural, more of her own taste and scent. Delicious. I dined again, as last time, the only difference being that I was facing her from the front, or rather above. As I lapped, licked, sucked and nuzzled away, time seemed to disappear. I was so engrossed in what I was doing, picking up on any sounds, movements and signals she made that I had not been looking up.


When I did so, I was surprised to see her not looking at me but across at the wall. I glanced sideways to see the reflection of my head between her legs and her admiring naughty grin. I loved it. She was getting off on watching us in the mirror. I decided I wanted some of that as well. So I lowered her left leg, raised her right and turned her slightly towards the mirror so we could both enjoy it. This seemed to turn her on incredibly and her climax came soon after, her fingers squeezing my head through my hair. I think I was mmmming and groaning more than her (I admit, I was mainly doing that for her benefit) Nico is quiet and intense when she comes.


I climbed onto the table beside her, and despite it being precariously narrow, we managed to lie alongside each other and cuddle. Nico didn’t seem to mind me kissing her after I’d been at her pussy for so long. I did get in a quick drink of water between the DATY and the cuddling so as to cleanse my palate and lips.


We engaged in some conversation, such as we could for a while. Nico’s delicate fingers teased my chest hair, my belly hair then my pubes before wrapping themselves firmly around my hard cock. Then her lips and tongue followed the trail blazed by her hand, as she progressively lifted herself up off the table. Somehow she managed to balance on the edge with just her knees, until she had finally turned herself around into a crouching top 69. Then I felt her warm wet mouth swallow my cock, her tongue on my skin, her lips tightening around its head.


I don’t think Nico’s blow job would be right up there based on the description of some connoisseurs of the craft whose writing I’ve read. It wasn’t deep, she didn’t suck really hard, or exercise the flair of technique I’ve seen described. Of course, from this position I could only catch glimpses of her efforts through her legs. However it was perfectly nice for me and I again lay there happily, enjoying the extra intimacy of it. I caressed her bum cheeks and again admired her pussy above me from a different angle, her gorgeous inner lips falling slightly from her vulva with the force of gravity.


She fellatioed me for a few minutes until I think she thought I was going to come (it wasn’t imminent, but could have been if I was really trying to) then moved to get a condom. She applied it quickly, and held little Johnno as she lowered herself onto me. We started in cowgirl, though she was resting on her knees rather than her heels. I enjoyed her riding me, watching her little boobs jiggling and her facial expression. She leaned back, placing her hands on my shins giving me an incredibly beautiful view of our coitus. She leaned forward, enveloping me in a curtain of her apple shampoo smelling hair while kissing me or presenting her breasts for me to suck on.


We got off the table, keeping my cock inside her, and moved over to the chair for a legs up fuck. I had to crouch down to get to the right height. She was too high for me to kneel, too low for me to stand. I knew I couldn’t hold that position for long. I slid Nico down the chair, lifted her groin higher and held her legs wider apart. We both got a great view of my bright pink coloured covered cock sliding in and out of her cunt. I took her hand and placed her fingertips on her clitoris. She played half heartedly with it for a while, but it was apparent that she was worried about her neck getting sore, being as it was wedged in the base of the seat.


We disengaged; I got a towel and lay on my back on the floor. This time she squatted on her haunches and took me back inside. I felt her muscles different, tighter and was incredibly aroused by watching her fucking me this way. She took a rest, so I thrust up and down from the floor for a while, struggling to maintain an even tempo. She didn’t seem to mind – in this position with me thrusting into her, she gasped and winced the most I recall.


I asked her to turn around so I could do this from behind. She laughed when my cock (or her fanny?) made a slurping sound as she lifted off of me. Turning around, I had the most incredible view of her lovely little arsehole as she rode me again. Her petite buttocks were splayed wide, my pink cock disappearing into her unseen pussy. Her tight puckered anus was like a bullseye in a target. I gently stroked it with my finger and thumb, reassuring her that I wouldn’t put them inside her. She didn’t make a comment either way, so maybe she wouldn’t have minded if I did...


I sensed she was getting exhausted and I knew I would need to think about getting to my orgasm soon. I picked her up and laid her on the table, climbed on top and entered her in the missionary position. With her legs close together, I ploughed away. Nico kissed me passionately again, fingers from one of her hands running through my hair, the other hand’s grasping fruitlessly for purchase at the top of my bum. I ran my own fingers through her silky black mane.


When I finally came, it was one of the longest and most intense orgasms I can recall for a long time. The type that you can deliciously savour building up for maybe twenty seconds before it occurs. I think I must have made quite a bit of noise when I blew, because Nico laughed and gently placed her palm over my mouth. Whatever, I was fucked for a while, so just lay in her arms letting her wipe my brow with a tissue and kiss me while I nuzzled into the warm sweet softness of her neck.


We took a break, had a drink each, cleaned up and then it was my turn to enjoy a massage. It was more firm than I recall from last time. I almost drifted off to sleep it was so nice. Nico would sneak in a kiss when I least expected it, just to keep me guessing I suppose, or to keep me awake. Onto my back, and she continued, really working my thighs well, perhaps they needed it after fucking in so many positions. Eventually her tender and gentle stroking of my balls and penis got him hard again. She kissed and blew on him to get his attention. I was surprised at his resilience and started to think how I could put him to good use again.


I asked her to rub her boobs over the little fella, which she thought was funny, but happily, readily did. The soft tenderness of her nipples felt great against the still sensitive head of my cock. I got up off the table and asked Nico to kneel while I crouched again and rubbed my dick more firmly over her boobs. I started to stroke it pretty energetically, then she had a go at it as well.


I’d closed my eyes while doing so, leaving the image of my cock on her breasts behind, remembering the sensation, the taboo of licking her arsehole during our first encounter, recalling her response to it. I thought of the image of her arse while she fucked me in reverse Asian cowgirl on the floor, not half an hour earlier. Yes, I knew what I wanted now.


Getting the towel again I placed it down, right up against the skirting board and sat down on the floor, my back against the wall below the window. I beckoned for Nico to come over and bring some tissues. She did so. With her pussy just above my eye level, I gently used the tissues to wipe away any residual lube from the condom from her pussy, then dabbed at her bum for the same reason.


Then I asked her to do what she did last week, when she rubbed her pussy and butt hard onto my face whilst on the table. Only this time, I asked her to do it standing up. OK, she said, I’ll try that. So, as I commenced a vigorous hand shandy on myself, she backed herself onto my mousch. I thought I better at least pay some lip service to her pussy first, some gentle kisses, a lick here and there. But pretty shortly, I stretched my neck and planted a firm wet kiss on her coit.


Nico got the idea, and shifted her angle to lower her arse for me and provide better access to my tongue. Ahhhh she sighed, I like you to lick me there. You’re such a naughty boy, but it feels so good. With such an unambiguous blessing of what I was doing, I just went to town, savouring her smell, her flavour, the texture of each wrinkle as it started at the edge of her little winking bum starfish and deepened into her most taboo orifice.


Then she reached around with both her hands and placed them on her bum cheeks, spreading herself wide, opening that puckered little hole for me. I paused, almost overcome by dizziness or loss of blood as it must have all flowed to my cock. Undeterred, Nico took over, starting a kind of boobing, pushing movement against my face and my flattened tongue. Fantastic. I transformed my tongue from its flat wet licking shape to a hard thrusting engorged protuberance, letting it gently probe into the pink centre of her bum as she ground away and pushed back onto it. She was fucking my tongue with her arsehole and loving it.


Seemingly simultaneously, slowly, I slid down the wall onto the floor while she eased down into a squat. Presumably this was easier on her thighs. Either way, in this position her pressing, her thrusting, my slaverish licking and devouring meant that now I was buried deep inside her poo hole. Feeling the tightness of her ring, her sphincter, the warmth, wetness and texture of her insides was just overwhelming. I lost track of who was moaning, me, Nico, both of us. I didn’t care.


It’s rare for me to get two shots away during a punt, and I suppose I must have been trying to now, otherwise, why would I be thrusting my tongue up her arse while giving myself an aching arm while flogging my sausage for all I was worth. Well I did this time, although unlike my first long slow building up climax, this one kind of snuck up and surprised me. A pathetic amount of watery grey spunk splashed onto the polished wooden floor boards as my arm finally gave in and I collapsed, still joined to Nico in her most private place, her hands spreading her butt and stroking my cheeks.


I extracted my tongue from her tight sphincter with a sloppy pop. I was well and truly fucked this time. I just lay there as she got the bits and pieces to clean me up, some water, wet ones, tissues. This lady is a mother, she knows what to do. She even helped me to get up.

I didn’t care who saw me starkers this time as she helped me stagger to the bathroom. The shower reinvigorated me. I brushed my teeth. Nico commented how smooth my chin was. I was glad I’d taken extra care to shave well that morning just for the purpose of not irritating her during oral sex. Five minutes well invested I thought. Back to the room, still kissing and caressing while dressing each other. We’d gone well over the hour, but Nico didn’t seem to mind. I offered her $50 for her full service, which she gratefully accepted.


Nico told me she will be returning to China soon for a brief holiday. She’s lived here for some time and with her child being raised in Beijing by her parents, she misses her incredibly as you’d expect. As I headed to Errol Street for my own coffee rather than the taste of hers, I thought about her life. About her estrangement from the daughter she loves. Her desire to make money to give the child a better life is most likely the only reason she does what she does, so far from her home. Perhaps I felt a bit guilty at consummating my lust with her, but for the time shared, the intimacy and the pleasure I was incredibly thankful to Nico.

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