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Albany Massage St Leonards - XX/09/09 - Wendy. Pleasure revisited



My first encounter with the "bags of fun" Mina, at the same time as rediscovering my wife again.


I had hoped for something more auspicious for my 1000th post, but I'm not a great one for events and milestones and this one turned out to be a real pleasant surprise, so here goes.


I used to be a regular at a place in Redfern a few years ago (the name was The Red Apple at one point). It was a typical Chinese massage place, and I ended up seeing a girl there called Wendy fairly regularly (along with a little pocket rocket whose name I can't recall). As with all these places, FS is a bit of a covert operation, but I very quickly graduated to it with her. Money was never mentioned but I'd always tip her generously. Wendy was slim, with long hair and A cups. Not the prettiest girl, but she had a great smile, where her eyes would crinkle and her whole face seemed to be beaming, and was always willing to please. She even noticed once how long my toenails had become, so got out the clippers and finished the session off with a pedicure.


Her English was really poor, and I used to worry a bit about her, especially working at a place in Redfern. She must have had some lousy customers there at times. She also seemed pretty naive which didn't help. She met me a couple of times on the street and waved, smiled and said hello, which could have been awkward. :blink: Because of the poor English, I didn't manage to get the message through that this wasn't a good idea. :lol:


Fade to the present.


I've been going to a few more RnT places recently. Some of that is because it can be easier on the pocket, but I also find the additional adventure a bit more interesting. Yes, you never really know what you are going to get with a FS punt, but there is an added uncertainty with RnT. It's a bit like your first girlfriend and wondering how far you can go with her (yes, all you young guys on here, it really was like that years ago).


I decided to try a new place, at least a new place for me, and ended up at Albany Massage in St Leonards. I went in the front door, and true to the descriptions of the place on here, I was met with the sight of a woman in a short white uniform with a zip down the front, walking down the stairs. Her face suddenly cracked into a smile, and the mutual recognition between me and Wendy happened. I must admit to my shame, that her name had temporarily escaped me (too many years and too much alcohol are to blame). She was really pleased to see me and dragged me into one of the curtained off areas and asked how long I wanted to stay. I went for the $60 30 minute option. I should have stayed longer, but I didn't have a lot of time.


She was really pleased to see me (have I already said that?), and we got a few kisses in and she then dragged me to the cubicle next door. This cubicle was 'better' apparently. Probably about 5cm more space on either side. :lol: She started with me face down, and the massage was a non-massage, but she knew that I wasn't there to iron out a knot in my shoulder muscles. :) Lots of finger tip work, dragging her hair across my back, blowing on me to cool me down and then the touching of the inner thighs and boy bits. I was in heaven with the light and tender touch which made me shiver with delight at times. Flipped over and she was too busy catching up over old times to pay much attention to the trouser python. I gave her a quick scolding, and she said "would you like me to suck you?". I said "I'll lick you, and you can suck me if you like" She said "you pay more for me to suck you". I declined. Well, times have changed. :P Not only has Wendy's English improved a lot, her business skills have also undergone some refinement. I'd been caressing her all over, sucking her nipples and fingering her vagina as she massaged me. She climbed on in 69 and gave me a great hand job while engaging in a bit of digital anal stimulation while I teased her clit by licking and engaged in a bit of tongue fucking. Spurt away and a hot towel clean up.


She then carried on with a leg and foot massage. She said I had a young face and a kind face, and also said that I had beautiful feet. She was genuine, and beaming with pleasure all the time. She may have improved her English and business acumen, but she is still naive enough to be very genuine in what she says. It's a far cry from how I would describe myself, but hey, there's no accounting for taste, and I believe that age in a guy is not as important to Asians as it is in Western Culture.


Conversation continued. She is here pretty much every day with Mina(Nina?). At one point during the session, she tried to upsell the last 20 minutes as a double with Mina for an extra $40. Watch out for this girl as a future Captain of Industry. :lol: Mina(Nina?) poked her head around the curtain at one point, the rude girl, and from the brief glimpse, she looks cute. There was some banter going on across the curtain about me between Wendy and Nina, so I called out "she's my girlfriend... she's doing it for free". :lol: She also said that they do get women customers for genuine massages.


Did I say that Wendy was pleased to see me? :) . Well, although she's not the best looking girl, there's something about her attitude and smile that I love, and I was also pleased to see her again, looking happy and content with what she is doing, and in much better surroundings than she used to be, which I am pleased about. I think I will definitely be back here, and may go the Wendy/Mina double the next time.


Well, I guess that this will sink without trace very shortly, like a lot of my reviews on here, But I wanted to add it as a record of a pleasant surprise, both for me and Wendy.


It was great to catch up with an old acquaintance, even for just half an hour.


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