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Albany Massage St Leonards - XX/09/09 - Candy Plus a bit of Wendy



Albany just getting better......


I thought that I'd give this place a go again. I'd finally remembered the name of the pocket rocket I used to see at Redfern, Cindy, and I wanted to ask Wendy what had happened to her.


I was met by Candy. Shoulder length hair, fairly pretty face, and a bit of extra meat on her bones, which is fine with me. Probably B cups. Wendy and Mina were both busy and there was one other girl at the desk, Grace, who was new. I decided to go for a $60 half hour body massage with Candy.


Her massage was pretty good, and lasted quite a while. I was stroking her legs, and she started on the fingertip work round the back, sack and crack. Mmmmmmm. I turned over and she oiled me up and started stroking. She was sayin "you want jig-a-jig with Grace, or Wendy?". I think that this wasn't meant in the usual sense that I would understand, but referred to the HJ. She asked how I knew Wendy and I told her. She said "Do you want Wendy to join us?, silly question really. She called out, and Wendy came in. Her face lit up as she beamed at me and went for a quick pash.:) She wasn't in uniform, but in jeans, a tight top and glasses with black frames. Love that sexy studious look. I said "Foreign devil, very big trouble" in Cantonese and they both just cracked up. By now, Candy was still stroking, and Wendy was going for the gentle touching around the thighs and boy bits. I managed to get Candy in position on top of me, gently inserted a finger in her bum and was smacking the head of the man in a boat with my tongue, while Wendy took over the tugging details. I was having some trouble getting across the line and Wendy was getting a bit too vigorous. I think I will have to see Wendy again, just to try and educate her a bit more. :)


I took over with Candy still in position, Yummm, and Wendy fingering my bum. I closed my eyes and dreamed of the delectable and delicious Hannah. Job done. The three of us collapsed in a heap of laughter and kisses.


Chatted with Wendy for a while. It seems like Cindy is married now, I think to a Gweilo, and is back in China for for a couple of years. I tried to give Wendy a tip for the finale, but she wouldn't take it. She gave me a towel and took me downstairs for a shower, telling me to take my time. (yes there is a shower here).


I hung round for a bit as they seemed to have hit a slack time, and chatted with Candy, Wendy and Mina for a while. We had a lot in common. All three of them are great lovers of the opera and ballet. These ladies certainly know their arias from their recitatives and melismatic arioso, and they are fully aware of their fouetté jeté, and the difference between first and second position. :P


I told Mina that I'd read about her a bit on the internet, but she didn't believe me. I also made a proposition to her, but she said that she already had a husband and two boyfriends, and couldn't manage another. :lol: I said I'd be back to see her.


I didn't take note of the time, but I'm pretty sure my session was quite a bit longer than half an hour.


It was a great fun time, and helped to relieve somewhat my post Hannah heaviness of heart.


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