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Albany Massage St Leonards - XX/10/09 - Wendy Plus Mina



Wasn't sure whether to post this as a new review or just tag on to one of my other ones, as I've reviewed Wendy before, but this place just keeps getting better as I establish a better rapport with the staff there.


I'd seen Grace here recently, who is new. Very nice, but nothing outstanding. English is poor but she may improve in time.


More recently, given a rather stressful time for me, I was in need of a really good massage to try and relax me and get some of the knots and anxiety out of my system. I went for 1 hour with Wendy ($100). I may have been slightly misleading in my earlier reunion post with Wendy. She does a great massage, really hard if you like it, and working the tension out right down to the fingers and toes. After about half an hour I was starting to doze off <_< , but was instantly awake when Wendy started stroking me with very light touches, and a voice whispered in my ear "Hello Darling". :wub: It was Mina. I rolled over and Mina was obviously telling Wendy how to prepare me for the next stage.


Contrary to my usual habit, I am not going to supply any more details (for what should be obvious reasons). More details are available for the privileged few and long time contributors to this forum. Suffice to say that I had a great time. After they had finished doing what they are both good at, I got the hot towel treatment, followed by a lot of chat, flirting and teasing. Candy also came in for the last 5 minutes, and said she was jealous, so I guess I'll have to give her the pleasure of my company next time.:rolleyes: The things I have to do at times to bring a bit of sunshine into a woman's life. ;) . It was all a bit crazy at the end, and I seem to remember wearing a woman's knickers on my face at some stage.


Better and better. I'll have to take a box of chocolates with me next time.



P.S. No women were harmed or subjected to conditions of slavery in the making of this review. :P


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