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Private (NSW) - XX/11/09 - Jasmine Curvy Cracker



Contrary to my current avatar, I thought that it was time for a bit of variety when I spotted this ad on Cracker.


"Curvy, Exotic, Indian, DD, 19 year old


Location: Sydney

Student looking for some extra $$$. Pretty, curvy, large breasts, long black hair, tan skin. Genuinely young - 19yrs. Speaks English, slight american accent.


I do in-calls in the CBD on Tuesdays, Wednesdays Thursdays and Fridays. I only do overnight outcalls ($900).


If you only leave me with a phone number, I will not contact you, so please email me ONLY.


****When you email, specify the specific day and times you are free****


I will get back to you within 2 days.





$50 extra for massage.


No anal, but everything else included in price including kissing, hj, mutual oral, spanish.


I posted this on the comment section too: I can't work by phone as i'm a uni student and don't know when i'll be free to take calls.


*****I'm not a professional so if you're looking for convenience i encourage you to visit an agency or someone who can afford to do this full time.*****


I'm doing this by myself, so i'd ask you to be understanding of this."


You begin to get a feeling about the genuine ads on cracker after a while. This one was certainly genuine. I found out after that she's been reviewed on MHG and the reviews on there are pretty accurate.


I eventually set up a meet. Booking is only by email so it can take some time. She only uses a phone on the day to sms directions, but doesn't accept phone contact any other time. It was a boutique hotel between Central and Town Hall. Knocked at the door, said hello and got the business side out of the way and she pointed me to the shower. I wonder what privates do about the supply of towels when working in a hotel.


She was lying on the bed when I came out of the shower, still clothed which was good. We got close and started with some kissing, soft and tender while she took off my towel and started a hand massage.


Jasmine is certainly not skinny. :) Probably a size 12 to 14, but solidly built rather than fat. Very curvy and Reubenesque and a pretty face. DD cups (natural, the way I like them) with very large areolae and small nipples, and she was trimmed down below.


We carried on caressing and kissing for a while (and she is a great kisser) as I removed her top and unhooked the bra to release the breasts from their confinement. She guided my hand downwards and pulled aside her knickers to give me access. She started to moan a bit so I pulled at the skirt and she removed it and the knickers.


"One pussy licking coming up

"What's your name, handsome?"

"Well Clyde, Miss Virginia. A pleasure seeing you. Oh my, you're all naked too,


"Sure Clyde, honey. Okay Clyde, now before you kiss my pussy lips.. Lick the insides of my thighs here and here, Yes, it helps get pussy warm"

"Yes, ma'am"

"That's it Clyde, Nice and slow... Oh, that's nice, Clyde baby!!'"


I didn't bother with the BJ as I was having too much fun. She charges $50 extra for BBBJ which is another reason I gave it a miss.


The twitching and moaning started so I went for a bit of digital massage. She pulled my hand away, and as usual I was happy to comply with clear directions. It was her losing out after all.


I continued licking and the twitching and moaning became more frequent. She convinced me that she was genuinely enjoying it. It's a bit difficult to fake some of the signs. She then grabbed my hand and pushed it downwards. Well I can take a hint, and this time there was no objection to some finger stimulation. On the contrary, she went off like the cracker she advertises on, stroking my head which felt great and moaning and shaking, until she finally came, pushing my head away with a nice smile on her face.



Cotton candy

Yeah, hey hey

Cotton candy don't get wet until it's in your mouth

She told me

"Go ahead and suck you bastard, Oh lick it, Oh fuck lick, lick more! Suck it, oh suck it.. Suck fuckin fuckin suck!!""


My turn and it was on with the dom and she climbed on cowgirl. Yee ha, what a sight. Flipped into mish and the breasts still looked great. I thought I was going to have trouble finishing so we got into doggie and a great sight of her curvy bum. A bit of light anal play on her which she didn't object to got me over the line.


A bit of post coital chat. For once, I'd taken the full hour with the sex. She seems quite reserved, or maybe she's just used to the wham, bam merchants, and not talkers like me. Maybe a better connection will come with time. I couldn't fault her though (apart from the extras maybe but that was no deal breaker), and maybe the evidence of a slight lack of experience, in that it was only when I got in the shower that I realised that the dom was still on.


A lovely, gentle and warm woman. It was great to spend an hour with her, but all good things must come to an end.

"Fare thee well my little dark eyes

Fare thee well my Indian star

In my dreams I will live forever

On the Coast of Malabar"


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Thanks Megan and clandestine. Unfortunatelt not long after thisshe disappeared off the scene, after saying she was going to work for an agency, but I've not been able to find her again.

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