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Private Escort - October 2011 - Jenny in Melbourne (posted full review, 2500 words)



Kisses To Die For.


Lately I’ve taken to posting a brief review summary of ladies I’ve enjoyed seeing, with a link to a longer more descriptive account on my PP blog. Well, I will break with tradition for this special young lady. Jenny deserves a full tribute. I cannot condense her like that. Apologies to those with short attention spans. Read every word, she’s worth it.


After a lovely exchange of messages and emails over a couple of weeks, the day of my rendezvous with Jenny arrived. She’s the first private escort I’ve seen for many years and I had high expectations of the experience. A parlour visit is fun, but all too brief. An RnT is a gamble: a bit hit and miss. I expected a lot from such an investment of time and anticipation and chose carefully. Jenny was everything I'd wished for and more.


We’d agreed to meet at ten o’clock at an inner city serviced apartment I'd arranged. Perhaps unusually I had desired her as a sleepy morning girl, still in her sleepwear. I had wanted my first look at Jenny to be a surprise. Sure, I can read and did read others’ words describing her. I’d looked at, though not scrutinised a couple of artful photos she’d sent, including my favourite: a picture of her feet with bright red polish on her toes. You can see it below.


So, I was still quite intrigued to see her lovely face for the first time. When finally we met, I thought her quite pretty with a stunning smile. She’d happily obliged me with the just out of bed look, greeting me in a cute Miffy T shirt and lovely girly pink silk boxer shorts. Her feet were bare save for the aforesaid red nail polish. I like that she wears her hair in a bob, it really suits her.


I’d bought coffees for us. I felt a bit strange being in a suit and Jenny in her... well her being so casually dressed. Perhaps I should’ve thought of that. We sat on the sofa and picked up where we’d left off from some of our written conversations. I love to write (who’d have guessed?!) and knowing she’d read some of my words, my alluded to desires and my exploits made me feel almost bashful when finally in her presence.


She’d teased me that she might well have been one of the lovely young Asian women I write about secretly admiring when I’m running about in the city. Perhaps sitting across from me on a Collins Street tram or breezing through David Jones.


As we appreciated the good coffee, we immersed ourselves in conversation about all manner of things – her life in Australia, my work, how China is changing. I delighted in listening to her voice. Her English is very natural and I smiled a couple of times when I picked up an Australian sounding vowel in there. Otherwise her accent is curiously almost British.


I’d brought her a small gift, which we later opened and a bottle of sparkling to enjoy once the sun was over the yard arm. Jenny is such a wonderfully sweet and charming girl. Well, a young woman really, as she’s in her mid 20’s. In the time we spent together I enjoyed every minute of being with her outside the bedroom, her smiles, and our conversation. She is generous, considerate and thoughtful. Of course I loved our time inside the bedroom too, but you’ll have to read on for that...


I can’t recall exactly how our intimacy commenced. Perhaps I put my hand on her shoulder while we chatted, or started to gently stroke her back through the T shirt. Maybe she placed her hand on my knee. But I do vividly recall when we leant into each other for that first delicious coffee tasting kiss. The first of many and the most memorable. Her lips were so soft and warm, her tongue so inviting. She was just heavenly and we embraced gently as our kiss went on.


“Shall we go upstairs?” Jenny suggested. Ohhhh yes. I didn’t need a second invitation. The room was perfect, just the right amount of light with a big comfortable bed. I did not miss being on a massage table one bit I can tell you guys!


Jenny helped me to get out of my suit, finding a hangar, carefully placing my clothes on it. I picked her up and carried her (all of three steps) to the bed. She’s light and felt great in my arms, against my chest. This girl is slim and petite, though definitely not skinny. She still feels lovely in that soft curvy womanly way with a wonderfully shapely bum and feminine legs. We discussed the many ways to describe a figure in English – slim, slender, svelte, slight and skinny. And that’s only the s-words.


In all the time with Jenny, I was always drawn back to her pretty face, particularly her magnetic mouth. Our liaison was like companionship and sex interspersed between the most amazing, soft wonderful wet and long kisses. I felt like an addict. I’d enjoy doing something with her, towards the conclusion of which I was longing to feel my lips on hers again, knowing she would search out my tongue with hers. Never have I so wanted to keep kissing a girl, any girl. I could lose myself in her kisses, happily drown and never be heard from again.


On the bed our conversation continued through cuddling, caressing and a slow almost absent minded exploration of each other. I dared to trace my fingertips into her inner thighs, but otherwise, I wanted to enjoy the ecstasy of anticipation before touching her lady parts. I loved running my fingers through her hair, stroking and kissing her face. Kissing her eyebrows was nice. They are like two soft little downy black caterpillars that dance about with her changing facial expressions.


Then we said bye bye to Miffy and I said hello to her lovely boobs. Now, they are very girlfriend boobs. What do I mean by that? Well, just that they are not amazingly spectacular or large and her nipples are soft and understated. Yet when I eventually got to sharing, enjoying Jenny’s breasts it was a joy, just because they are hers.


I was kissing her belly, her sides, along the top of those soft silky pink girl shorts, carefully, teasingly avoiding zoning in on her lovely natural boobs. I felt Jenny slip her slim fingers into my jocks and release my straining penis through the leg hole. When I looked back, she was gently holding him and smiling her approval.


The gift I earlier referred to was a newly released fragrance of the Body Shop’s line of body butters. We opened it and for a few special minutes, I massaged this into Jenny’s feet. Not that she needed it; they were already delightfully soft and kissable. I slid my finger between each of her toes, rubbing the cream into her skin. I normally prefer unadorned nails, just as Jenny’s fingernails are, but on this occasion I quite liked the novelty of their bright Chinese da hong colour.


Doing this felt just so natural with her, as she lay back on a pillow or rested on her elbow as we continued to chat. It pleased me greatly that she found it soothing and enjoying. Soon my hands progressed up her legs. Just a little way though...


Then, yet more kisses. Oh so divine. I just love this girl’s lips and tongue. Finally I kissed her breasts, enjoying their fresh softness. I kissed her shoulders, her arms and inexorably like a starving man, back to her soft ruby lips.


When we rolled over and Jenny kissed me from above, her tongue broke free from the confines of my mouth and took off on a frolic of its own across my check to my jaw, my neck, onto and into my ear. Oh how I loved that. So wet, so warm and the feeling of her really sucking and licking on my ear. I hadn’t mentioned it to Jenny, but I was so glad she decided to explore this. I could have enjoyed it for far longer.


She kissed my chest, stroked its hair with her lips and licked my nipples until I again returned that favour to hers. A slow gentle sucking brought a slight breathlessness in her and a very subtle change in firmness of her nipples against my tongue. I continued down Jenny’s body, enjoying the smell and taste of her skin. The silky shorts didn’t come off as easily as I thought they would, requiring some wriggling to get them past her womanly hips and delightfully peachy bum.


And so to her pussy. The thing I’d told her I most wanted to do for her. I teased, kissed and licked the inside of her thighs before gently breathing on then wetly licking her fully waxed pussy. She was heavenly, so sweet tasting with a silky smooth texture. Very very enjoyable to be on my end of doing this I can tell you. We were thus joined for some time. I watched, listened and felt intently for every little nuance to follow her signs of arousal. Fingers were entwined, then mine traced her belly and boobs, hers my hair. I have to say that she was modest about it if she came, maybe she didn’t quite.


We had an impromptu Chinese geography quiz on Jenny’s chest at some point, just to add a bit of play and fun. I introduced a couple of props to play other games – one sticky and sweet allowing more licking pleasure, the other a bit of a hide and tease. The former I think was more fun for me, the latter resulted in an ‘oh wow’ from Jenny, being the first time she’d tried it. It always feels great to be a girl’s first at something...


Alternating between her glorious kissing and my cunnilingus took up much of our time, all of it just exquisite from my perspective and hopefully nice for Jenny too. There was a light talcum powder back massage in there somewhere too.


At the other end, Jenny’s oral attention to me was great. I enjoyed watching her little bob bob up and down over my covered penis. I played with her hair, parting it to feel a surge of pleasure while watching her mouth on my shaft. Her lips kissed and gently sucked my balls, before she returned to the main job at hand. I particularly enjoyed her swirling strong tongue at the end, circling around and around the head of my cock. She certainly puts in a good effort.


When we finally made love we started in her favourite position and ended in mine. In Jenny’s I felt her horniness and arousal. She was the most vocal I recall her being and I got a thrill from watching her looking at us in the mirror and my sight of her thighs spread wide and her gloriously beautiful arse. Looking along her smooth back to her swaying head, her open mouthed, closed eyed face was just so wonderful.


In mine I enjoyed yet more of her incredibly passionate kissing, tongue dancing with tongue. It was altogether more personal, intimate, reverent and tender. For the most part much slower, though I did introduce my fingers to our coitus at one point to heighten the excitement for her and increased the tempo, as she raised one leg in the air.


After I’d come, I loved how Jenny wanted to just lay with and embrace me. Her head laid on my shoulder was a special way to hold her after such intimacy. She had no fear of the stickiness of my come on her skin, on our hands. Neither did she allow my mouth any rest from kissing her. I wouldn’t have had it any other way...


One more time - the fourth I think - I licked her little pink labia and clitoris, this time from underneath her. I also gently nuzzled her bottom, feeling perhaps the most noticeable excitement and aural recognition yet from her from my oral efforts. Perhaps I was hoping I might feel her experience a more definitive, noticeable orgasm this last time. I’d love to spend more time gently coaxing Jenny from her shyness of communicating how she enjoys being licked. Either that or just spending a lot of time down there persevering until I hit just the right note for her. There are few ‘jobs’ I’d rather do more!


I am so glad I saw Jenny now, rather than say a few months ago. I think at that time I would have been a bit more shy, both in conversation and sexual confidence. I think Jenny’s a girl who responds well to being gently and respectfully led. She has, as others have written an almost innocent purity, so graceful and demure. The experience of losing my inhibition to be conversationally relaxed and sexually comfortable with a lady the first time I meet her, helped with our encounter. Any improvements that I could think of would be at my end. Such as my patience, endurance, technique and gentle encouragement of her.


We showered together and it was blissful. I adored cuddling her from behind and running my hands over her warm body and wet skin with, oh joy of joys, a bar of soap! I really can’t get used to bath gel in showers. I washed her all over ;-) and she returned the favour. There was lots more wet unrestrained kissing as well. Oh such lovely kisses, my cock stirred again as she squeezed it, with her mouth locked onto mine. Afterwards we dried each other. Then, hungry and thirsty descended the stairs.


Here I made a doofus of myself in popping open the wrong bottle of sparkling! Well I didn’t realise there was more than one in the fridge. I think the one we drank was a better accompaniment for Jenny’s prepared light lunch snack platter anyway. She’s so sweet and polite, “Oh thank you .....” each time I put some of the condiment on a cracker for her.


Jenny had slipped into a very sexy little bright red nightie, playfully revealing her modest cleavage and beautiful legs. The colour matched her toes. Despite the fact that we’d just spent the best part of two hours naked doing all those things together, I found it incredibly arousing having her next to me like that. Especially when she did little things, she may not have even realised, like resting her hand on my knee, the brushes against my arm. She probably also didn’t realise that I got quite hard again, hidden beneath the bunched up bath towel I had wrapped around me for modesty.


We talked about so much in our morning and lunchtime session. I was glad some of the Chinese pop culture stuff I was aware of amused her, though I hasten to add Jenny’s probably the most culturally adapted Chinese young woman I’ve met.


She’s also extremely generous and a pleasure to be with. We said goodbye with one last lovely long kiss and as I walked up the street, I was already thinking of the next time I could be with her. That’s pretty smitten I know. I confess that I’ve imagined holding Jenny while she sleeps, watching her face in the morning light when she wakes. Kissing her, making love with her and showering together before each going off to our day. Now does that sound like the ultimate girlfriend experience or what?

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