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39 Tope Street - October 2011 - Honey (posted review)



A Taste of Honey.


At what point does a punter/WL arrangement mean you’ve become ‘regulars’? Twice? thrice? thirty times? Whatever it is, I reckon the half dozen times I’ve seen Honey in the past month or so constitutes that in my mind and hers, at least for now.


I’d earlier noticed Honey a couple of times in the blink and miss that constitutes an introduction at 39. I hadn’t chosen her but often thought about her later, usually randomly when I was doing other things. Perhaps it was her working name, her shy smile, her long brown hair or her full and lovely barely bikini clad boobs that made her come to mind like that. For whatever reason, it was some time and a few Tope trips before I saw more of her.


Actually another Tope St regular on PP told me to book her and report back for the team. Sorry it’s taken me so long RR! But I can now give a thorough review of dear Honey. This may well be her first review on PP. Princely saw a Honey about two years ago, but I can’t be sure she’s the same girl. The ladies come and go and names are recycled as we know.


So, about this Honey. She’s a bit taller than your average 39 K girl, perhaps 165cm, turned 25 in the time since I’ve met her and generally works there three or four days a week. As I said, she has long brown hair, always worn loose apart from when she showers. Extensions enhance the length of both her hair and lashes. She always wears make up and painted nails. I surprised myself in continuing to see past these ‘add ons’ that I normally find less attractive than a lady au naturel, but there you go. She is very pretty and perhaps it's her sweet smile, her kindness and my desire to have a regular girl to see at 39 that keep me coming back.


I actually no longer know her as Honey, having learnt and called her by her Korean name after our second meeting. We trade short little text messages: enquiring about getting together for a booking, talking about sunny days and hoping each other is well. The cute friendly exchanges mirror those we have when we are physically together. Communication beyond the basics is difficult. I speak no more than a few words of Korean and her English is very limited. Ultimately, I found this lack of ability to share, to understand unfulfilling.


Honey is a bit of a creature of habit. She likes to lay out her bits and pieces before commencing our play time. Condom open on a tissue, used tissue bag at the ready. She insists on showering separately beforehand, usually is happy together afterwards, but always privately washing her privates. I did get her out of her routine standard offering of ‘massagey?’ first up, encouraging her to kiss and cuddle to kick things off.


Her full lips always taste of mint, probably her mouthwash. Nice, but I find it strangely predictable and habitually clean. I found myself wanting to discover her tasting differently: of whatever she’s been drinking or even eaten for lunch... Where Honey’s consistency does change is in her willingness to kiss. Sometimes she almost reluctantly and very lightly kissed me. Other times she was happy to lay with me and engage in lengthy soft, almost DFK, with plenty of tongue on my lips.


I let her do the whole cat bath routine on one visit: down my front, onto my cock and balls. It was nice, but I think I’ve yet to experience the type of tongue tantalising that some guys rave about. Returning the favour gave me the joy of kissing and licking Honey’s beautiful natural full sized (C cup?) breasts. I’ve heard people talk of ‘inverted nipples’ but never really known or seen them. Hers seem to retract neatly into her areola when not aroused, making an appearance into modestly firm little buttons after lots of gentle licking.


Honey’s perfect smooth golden skin and lithe shape are magic, probably the main reason for my primal attraction to want to see her again and again. Between her legs lies the most delightful pussy. Pink, sweet and wet on the occasions where I managed to get her in a horny mood. It’s topped off by a lovely modest little patch of soft full length dark pubes, exactly what I enjoy. Like kissing, DATY with Honey varies. On a few occasions she seemed disengaged. Other times clearly into it, she urged me to keep going until we both enjoyed her orgasm with her juicy clit sucked deep into my mouth.


The best I recall was her sitting up on my face, close to the wall beside the bed, as I enjoyed the view looking up Honey’s body and seeing her face in the mirror. Her delicate small pink petals surrounding my lips, her sweet taste filling me, her hairs tickling my nose, her hips grinding a little circular rhythm. I didn’t want it to end. But it did of course in a way that made her (and me) very happy...


Once, I knelt beside the bed and demonstrated for her to assume the doggy position. After some wet kisses on her haunches and teasing breaths on her open orifices, I devoured her pussy and arse. Honey watched it all unfold behind her, lying her head low looking into the mirror in front of her. Her initial reticence with my tongue near her always squeaky clean starfish, I gradually eased through a combination of reassurance and pleasurable feelings. ;-)


Honey’s oral is delivered in the favoured Tope Street fashion. Very enjoyable and probably for as long as you wish. I did query her about what she does if she perseveres to the natural conclusion of such attention, but didn’t really find out from her. Perhaps she misunderstood, or was reluctant to hint at her limits.


And so to intercourse. Once again, the experience varies. Sometimes Honey is dynamite in mish with lots of tongue kissing, tight hugging and wrapping of legs. I blew big in the bag after one dry spell of almost a week, after such affection from her. Then I collapsed in glorious sweaty exhaustion while she stroked my hair for a couple of minutes, before lovingly cooling me, giving me some water and wiping me down.


Other times she's been clearly uncomfortable. Her breasts sensitive to too much pressure beneath my chest, my hand under her bum distracting and a reluctance to kiss. I accept this. Make love to the same woman often enough, whether she’s your regular WL, mistress, girlfriend or wife and there’ll be times when she enjoys it more and others when her body is pre-menstrually tender, she’s tired or you’re just not doing her right. Whenever this occurred, I must say she always strived to see me come by other means.


We may have tried it with her sitting up. If we did, it wasn’t memorable enough for me to recall. In doggy, she enjoys slow deep thrusts and kisses on her back. Once some gentle stroking of her wet little clit in this position led to a small o from her, a surprise for both of us! The view and feel of her curvaceous butt and the deep cleft of her bum in this position is highly arousing to both the eyes and hands respectively.


I should mention one particular visit that was a little different. Honey had texted me to say she missed seeing me in the past week. Good for business sure, but if even only a little true it pressed my buttons. I squeezed in a flying half hour between meetings in the city, but left my clothes on for the whole time. It was the only time I turned up in a suit and Honey wanted to tear it off me. I was quite happy not to have sex, for a couple of reasons, including getting out of and back into a suit inside a Tope half hour.


She told me I looked ‘so clean’. Perhaps this is an insight into appearance association in the mind of a K girl. It was slightly amusing to deny her, apart from letting her wear my tie. Honey kept squeezing my erection through my pants. Maybe it was a novelty for her not to be able to get at it. Almost certainly an opportunity missed, I later rued. Her ardour and hotness had cooled by my next visit, perhaps as payback haha.


So fully clothed, I pampered her. Massaged her legs and back, moisturised her feet, held her and kissed her. A favourite sugary Korean love ballad came over the crappy in house music system. We danced close while she hummed the tune. Seeing the reflection of yourself cupping the bum of a naked Korean goddess while dancing with her is something everyone should do at least once in their life. We probably did the most talking we were capable of during this visit. It led to undoubtedly our most passionate kissing session. Then just after the first buzzer, she unexpectedly placed my fingers deeply and firmly between her legs and I stroked her surprisingly quickly to a very wet orgasm.


I wanted honey on my Honey. A honey threesome. We talked about it. I learnt that honey in Korean is gkuul. When I finally produced a squeeze bottle, she was a little scared and allowed it only on her nipples. Ah, well. I think the thought of it was more exciting than the reality. A bit too outside her routine maybe.


In conclusion, I’ve enjoyed many special moments and experiences with Honey. Most of the sessions were 45 minutes or 30 minutes, with one single hour long booking feeling positively indulgent. I learnt to dread that bloody buzzer. But I also stripped and honed down my game to fit it into a Tope half hour’s 23 minutes. Honestly those guys must have pinched a whole short time booking from me by now.


The key to having more of those special moments in between the frustrating routine and feeling of being rushed is communication and time I suspect. There must be such pressure on the girls there to hurry hurry hurry: to clean the room in the customer’s time, to be finished by the second buzzer. Perhaps I started to expect too much of Honey: to seek to break down her barrier of feeling for a punter, to wanting more than she could give within those red walls.


I imagine I may have annoyed her thus. Just as she would annoy me with packing my things to get me out the door, or chiding me if I was five minutes late for a phone booking due to traffic, or her unshakeable starting routine.


Once when showering together in the cramped fibreglass stall in the low Tope St light, after a satisfying session, I washed her all over including her feet. ‘Nobody ever do for me before’ she looked down and told me. Maybe she’s just lucked out in seeing foot fetishists, but for whatever reason it made me feel special.


Perhaps I’ve been spoilt by my recent foray into seeing a private escort, which left me feeling very special indeed. Maybe Tope Street is for altogether less intense encounters? Who knows? YMMV. All I know is that I’ve been pleased to try the experience of being a ‘regular’ with Honey.


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