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The longest punt !!!!!

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So the longest punt begins.

Taylor Alexander


A few months ago a regular punter of mine asked me the ultimate question....... Would you go on holidays with me for a month?????


At first I thought it was just a laugh or joking request, but no he was very serious... I asked....." and where would we be going"?

To which he replied about four countries , and I know you would love to go to France and Egypt , all your expenses would be covered ..he added.


You can imagine the silence on the phone as my brain tried to digest the information it was being given !!!!!!

Because I love to travel........ And on my bucket list at number one is Egypt , as I have a love of Egyptology .


At this stage I was thinking to myself , could I spend 24hrs a day for thirty days with a punter...hmmmmm????

Could I live up to those expectations...... ????? Could it be a great thing or a total nightmare ????

After many many phone conversations, a dinner or two and some thought ,I agreed......how could I not????


So is this a punters planet punter your wondering? ........ The answer is yes he is !!!

But he would like to be a silent and modest player in this little blog of mine so for those purposes I'm going to nick name him...... MR magic


21st of October ...... The adventure begins......



I met MR magic at Melbourne airport, after for the first time in my life.....missing my flight( omg is this a hint of further drama to come I wonder)

I missed check in by 2mins.....due to being in traffic for well over an hour (Sydney traffic).

I sat in the bar area waiting for him to arrive, eventually I saw a familiar smiling man walking up to where I was sitting......

And he said to me" I must admit I was a bit nervous you wouldn't be here".


No fear on that front.......everyone knows that when I commit to something , I'm fully engaged and committed !!!


So we casually sat back and had a nice drink at the bar...... I must admit , I did take a look around and thought to myself..... I wonder if any other of the couples around me....Had this type of friendship... Was any other woman there.... in the unique position I had found myself in...(I doubted it).

So fast forward .......... We boarded the plane just before midnight.... (previously I had hinted to him, about becoming mile high club members)

As we boarded , I whispered in his ear, reminding him of the naughty little scenarios we had discussed before the trip)He had booked first class tickets........(.there was no holding back with this high rolling punter , who is known to have classy tastes)

This big cheeky smile spread across his face !!!!!!!

Could I find a way of pulling this off without getting us kicked off the flight, I had to make it happen.....

About two hours in too the flight...... My sneaky chance came, and I was going for it....(it was now or never)

I whispered to MR BIG......."it was time"....... I told him to walk past the bathroom,pushing past the curtain....then to turn around and knock on the bathroom door four times lightly


If felt like a thousand years, when I was waiting in there for him, then finally the four little taps on the door came.

I unlocked the door and waited, he slide inside the room fast, I could tell he was turned on, his hardon was stretching the denim in his jeans.


I unbuttoned his jeans and slid to zipper down, his hard dick was bursting to get out, at this I couldn't help myself........

I ran my tongue up the shaft of him, and rolled my tongue around the head of his dick, I heard him sigh deeply.... I could feel the shiver run through his body !!!!

I slowly slid my mouth down the length of him....very very slowly and deeply.

At this he grabbed me, spun me around and firmly placed my hands above my head up against the mirror . He ran his hands down my torso,

To my hips, sliding my skirt up over my hips. He slid my panties to the side ........ Slid his hand up and down between my spread legs , sliding one finger inside.....pulling my hips toward him, bending me over slightly, I was so wet with anticipation. I heard that familiar sound of a condom packet being torn open (he must have prepared whilst I was waiting for him).

He then started kissing the nape of my neck, and thrust himself deep inside me......taking my breath away.....we went like this for what seemed like ages, but in reality it was only moments........

It was the taking the risk ...the sexiness of being naughty, that was a major turn on . Being vulnerable and controlling all at once, a sexual roller coaster ride with the risk factor attached !!!!!!!


I watched his expression in the mirror, heard his low gasps and moans and this took me over the edge to which he soon followed after me,both slightly sweaty and fulfilled .

At this stage I must admit, I had a grin on my face wondering if there was anyone busting to use the toilet , waiting outside !!!!!!!

It was time to pull it off, Mr Magic.......slid fast out the door, I fixed myself up a little bit ( I could hear my heart pounding in my ears) then I too unlocked the door and followed.

I thought for sure I would find a flight attendant standing outside with a filthy look on her face, but it was quiet and no one was waiting.


I returned to my seat to find Mr Magic with a big smile written all over his face.


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Wow.....Taylor this is epic! So dirty, so horny, yet this is the dream of all men!! I hope there is more to come!! Enjoy the rest of your trip!!

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Taylor Alexander


I will post as I go......... Have had some very sexy fun so far !!!

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2 hours into the flight :lol: which state? Taylor they can't kick you off the plane, maybe kick you down to peasant class :mellow: the hosties are all members of mile high club anyway, I'm surprised they weren't waiting for you to open the door so they could give you your wings pin :D

t6954.jpg pin_mileHigh_m.jpg

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PS: Tank, if she even considers that, then I think YOU WIN again. :blush:


YMMV : Jumbo Toilets not big enough for Tanks + 1

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