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The longest punt !!!!!

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Sexy fun with a view !!!!!

Taylor Alexander


So it's now in paris......... My apartment has a view of the Eiffel tower right outside the bedroom and bedroom has these huge opening French doors that have a verandah attached to them. The apartment in on the second level but is very open to the public and traffic.


After having a little sleep whilst Mr Magic was attending meetings, I awoke just before he got back. Feeling frisky I had thought to myself ......hmmmm we have been having sex all over two countries but I want something more!!!!!!


He arrived back and had a shower....... Walking around the apartment in a towel, I in nothing but a black silk short robe.

I decided it was risky business time, I opened up the curtains and the French doors stood against the verandah ....... Untied my robe, which slid down my shoulders to the floor........


Mr Magic looked over surprised, as I said I want you to take me now.......... (yes at anytime people walking along and traffic could have had a full view)

He walked over with a cheeky grin on his face, he picked up one of the condoms off the nightstand . And casually walked over and started to kiss his way down my body whilst he applied the condom to his hardon ...........The crisp air on my back and the contrasting feel of his warm lips and tongue were electric on my skin.

The next thing I know was he had picked me up and sat my arse on the verandah railing ....... I was inline with his pelvis , I wrapped my legs around his hips as I kissed my way up his chest......... He whispered I'm in ear ..... "you naughty little thing" as he drove himself into me.


Any woman can tell you those first few seconds , when a man enters her is pure sheer bliss........


I think the fact that at any moment people walking and traffic could be watching us...... Maybe even other people in apartments as well. Had us both so aroused and so horny it wasn't long before we were Cgoing to town on each other......


Eventually I whispered in his ear....... " take me from behind" ..... I slide down off the verandah , turned around waited for him to fuck me......

Just before he did, he ran his tongue up my spine....just before he entered me........ This was to much for me to bear as I exploded inside, and I felt that warm explosive glow flood my body, I was in heaven.


Moments later......he lowered his mouth to that curve at the base of my neck and stifled his gasps as he came hard inside me.......

As we were both regaining our breath I took a look around outside and relished that a silhouetted figure in another apartment was watching us.


Mmmmmm we had an audience after all, I had gotten what I wanted !!!!!!!


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Just love reading your blog Taylor...waiting for the next chapter :rolleyes:

Such a lovely trip for you.




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Hey sexy lady,


Just reading your post is getting me excited about our session when you get back. I can't wait to get upto some naughty fun with you. Your escapades are stimulating to say the least.

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Femme, that is fucking hilarious, and dare i say it


Legen....... wait for it ........DaRY


All we need now is a pic of lil ttt

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Taylor Alexander


ohh ohhh ohhh... Let's play a game of spot taylor!!!!!f88e73797f.jpg



Lmao .....good one !!!

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As we were both regaining our breath I took a look around outside and relished that a silhouetted figure in another apartment was watching us.
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