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The longest punt !!!!!

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Tied up in knots !!!!

Taylor Alexander


One thing I'm known for is being a little cheeky.......

And if you hang out with me you get a chance to see that I'm the type of person who is not one dimensional.


Mr magic was lying on the bed yesterday looking so innocent ( this will always get my naughty side going) I had just had a shower and had a white towel wrapped around.

With this I couldn't help myself, I bent over and whispered in his ear to close his eyes and trust me, to this he did.


I had bondage tape and a blind fold in my bag , I got both of these out and applied them to mr magic lying there......

So I had his arms bound together above his head with the blindfold on... Mmmmmmmmm this got me excited.


I ran my tongue down his body, making sure I hit all the places that would make him react. My towel slid off whilst I was doing this ..... So I thought what better way than to tease the hell out of him than to slide my naked body up his.


Mr magic asked "are you naked"? I said " you tell me?" as I slid my body up his......


Well this certainly made him get very hard very fast, just the way a girl likes men to react....lol


He then said..... "Mmmmmmm I'm so glad you came on this trip".



I remembered that there was some ice in the fridge....... It was surprise time for mr magic.......

I got the ice out and placed some in my mouth, I wanted to see if he was going to get harder for me.

He had no idea what I was going to do as he was blindfolded.

I ran my tongue up the outer side of his dick..... To which he let out a gasp!!!!!!

Then I moved my mouth to his chest and ran my tongue around his nipples, at this mr magic was straining against the tape that was holding his hands bound together.....

I ran my icy cold mouth all over his torso........his skin was boiling hot, the ice was melting fast.

I said to him " don't you like my naughty little games?" he said " ohhh your such a little tease,wait till I get my hands on you"


I thought to myself..... I won't be that much of a bitch, and I surprised him by sliding down on top of him from top to bottom in one clean move.

This made him yell out, so much so I thought everyone in the building must of heard......lol


I said " I'm going to unbound your hands but I want you to keep the blind fold on the whole time until after we have finished, mr magic kept it on !!!!!

I started to ride him slowly, deeply so he felt every move teasing but fulfilling at the same time........at the same time I put my hand around backwards playing with his balls..... I could feel him grow harder and he let out this deep groan, I knew he was getting closer !!!!!


He grabbed my breast with one hand, his other was gripping my hip driving me hard even though I was on top of him.

He was going harder and harder........ I could feel the muscles in his body tense up....... Then all of a sudden his whole body shuddered, this went on for what seemed like ages.........

He was done I had taken him !!!!!!

I then removed his blindfold and kissed him deeply.


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Wow, looks like you. Are having so much fun.


Giving me some great ideas.

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