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The longest punt !!!!!

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Sex and jazz !!!!

Taylor Alexander


So now I find myself in Rome , and I must say it is a beautiful part of the world...... Being I arrived from Venice my mind has been blown away by the grand opulence of history , art and culture I have enjoyed so far on this journey.


Mr magic certainly has extended the golden ticket of adventure to me.......To which I am very thankful and somewhat still pinching myself when I think of it,

Now for a guy who I certainly wouldn't have thought to be in a age category to have a love of jazz , he has travelled the world going to all the famous jazz clubs.

Now within saying this, I have a very diverse love of music..... So going to a jazz club wouldn't be strange for me and he has taken me to one in each destination that we have been too........ But here is where the story gets a little steamy.........


Last night mr magic asks me if I feel up to going to dinner at a jazz club in Rome , to this I replied of course I would.


So we arrive at this lovely warm looking place, and I notice that mr magic appears to know the owner.....

We go up these stairs to a room over looking the jazz bar below, there is this table set for two..... A private viewing/ dinner I guess.

So we have dinner.... Which was just Devine, washed down with a nice bottle of verve for I and a bottle of red for him.

After dinner we just kicked back on these deep lounges listening !!!!!!!


When mr magic whispers in my ear saying....... I put this together as a little surprise for you , as he slid his hand up the inside of my thigh running his finger tip along the edge of my lace panties , he then kissed me passionately.

Before I knew it my clothes were disappearing faster than I could blink in a jazz club that was packed....... If only the people and band below us knew the sexy little play that was going on up above their heads.


Here I was naked with saxophone music playing, mr magic running his tongue across my stomach.

I think this was ment to be his fantasy...... But I'm sure it was actually turning into mine.

The next moment I felt his hot tongue running circles around my nipples sending this tingling sensation down my spine...... This certainly felt like heaven !!!!!!


His free hand started to explore my pussy slowly and intently at the same time as he was orally examine my left nipple with his mouth.

My hand found it's way to the button on his pants undoing it slowly, then carefully unzipping the fly....... I wanted his harden in my hand.

I wanted so badly to explore him as he was doing to me........

I think this was all to much because the moment I touched him ,he was as hard as a rock.........he had a condom out as fast as possible I remember thinking " please take me right now"

Then I relised I must of actually said the words because he took me with one thrust filling that aching urge I had..... To feel wanted to feel like a woman.

He was in control...... Taylor wasnt ......... And I liked it.......


He told me to turn over and I did, he ran his tongue up my spine then thrust deep inside me, it was going to be hard to hold it together for much longer Long slow and deep !!!!!!!

You can only imagine the turn on it was knowing a lot of people were so close but so unaware of what we were doing.

The pace started to pick up...... And I knew I couldn't hold on any longer I came with this deep deep shudder, I was using my forearm to keep any noise from escaping my mouth.

Mr magic apon knowing I was coming let go too......... And we were both coming with such intensity!!!!!!!

Here we laid both in the deep after glow with live jazz music playing all around us.


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Mmm I like jazz music. I just wish harry connick jnr would do a movie where he is the bad murderer like in copycat but also write an evil jazz theme

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Great review too Taylor, live Jazz, good food and wine all capped off with uninhibited sex.

Life just doesn't get any better!! Nice Magic.

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Such an amazing city Rome. Taylor, what an excellent night to have spent in Rome, and kudos to your travel companion for organising a great night.

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