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The longest punt !!!!!

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Playing by the river Nile ........

Taylor Alexander


Ok so for the last week I have travelled from Cairo to the southern part of Egypt. The best place in my mind would have to have been Luxor at the sheridan.

This hotel is right on the Nile with beautiful water views and very comfortable settings.


One afternoon mr magic and I were kicking back looking at the beautiful view drinking and just relaxing.

We had been having a laugh over some of the stunts we had pulled off over this journey...... I said to him " you know our trip has pretty much come to an end"


He said " yes I know it's gone way to fast". I said" I think I have a little plan for us , do you think we could pull off sex on the river Nile banks"?

He laughed and said" maybe we could"


I scanned up and down the Sheridan garden and river bank area, thinking about how we could pull it off without being arrested and stoned to death.

I finally found a place just out of view of where the garden lights would be illuminating the lush green grass area on the river bank.


Not to soon after we went back to our room to shower and have dinner.


After dinner we went to our room, I grabbed a couple of big blankets , mr magic grabbed the bottle of wine and some glasses.

We walked down to the spot I had earlier scoped out, the sun was low on the harizon casting a lot of things in a shadowed apricot hue.


We made ourselves very cosy sipping wine and being snuggled under a blanket watching the sunset.


Be it the water, the warmth of the blanket or just the wine having a soothing impact on me, I was so relaxed .


I had a long black dress on, in Egypt one can't wear what we wear in Australian being it a muslim country.


This gave me the chance of wearing no under ware under my black dress.

Before to long the sun had set and hands started wandering, and my dress was pretty soon up around my hips.

Long deep kisses in between the discovery of each others bodies.


I had decided that the best position to pull this all off in would be the spooning position, incase we were interrupted .

Mr magic ran his fingers softly down the side of my body from the tip of my shoulder down past my hip and thigh, then coming back up around my arse cheek. At the same time as kissing the side of my neck.

It sent a shiver down my spine...... It felt so good !!!!!



He was playing with the inside of my thigh, I could feel his hard on pressed against my butt.

Before too long his fingers were exploring further inside of me!!!!!!!!

He stopped for a moment to pulled a condom on..... I'm glad he had remembered.

Before to long he had slide his raging hard on inside me .

He was moving slowly and deeply, I could feel every inch of him inside me.

I wanted to slide myself on top of him , to take as much of him as I could, but this would have been a bad position in light of where we were


Before too long he was thrusting faster and deeper, one hand on my hip controlling the speed, and his lips and tongue going to work on the tip of my shoulder and neck....... This was sending my nerve endings into overdrive as well as other parts of my body.

This went on for a while and I could feel that familiar ball of pleasure building up inside of my body....

Mr Magic must of known or maybe my labored breathing gave it away........

He said" that's it honey let go" with these words whispered in my ear I couldn't hold back and that golden pure endorphin rush engulfed my whole body.

At this he to let go and I could feel him explode inside of me, we both laid there in pure bliss watching the last rays of the sun dipping into the horizon.............


This is where my story ends, the longest punt has come to an end, I have had a wonderful time now in a day or two I will be home........ Back to my life and mr magic back to his life as well.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my cheeky adventures !!!!!!





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Yes Taylor, thanks for a most enjoyable read

Sounds like you have really enjoyed yourself, You lucky girl you :)


Still waiting for a lovely lady to take me away on that type of a holiday

Me thinks i may be waiting for a while, though :D

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Floppie (fka Hardon)


Thanks for the travelogue of your sexy advertures, makes me want to travel more!

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Thanks for the most enjoyable travelreport.

Loved reading your adventures in exotic places

Hope to meet you one day :blush:

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Thanks for a lovely set of blogs.It is too bad more punters and escorts do not have these opportunities. The whole experience reminds me of my younger and wilder days.Thanks again Taylor and MR for sharing your experiences.

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