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September 2009 - Pickwood Lodge (Bambi) - Afternoon Delight



A second meeting with Bambi was arranged almost immediately after the first. Using PM, we agreed a time and date which was about three weeks out so there was plenty of time for the build up and anticipation. Same deal as last time, $190 for the hour and $30 direct to Bambi for DATY. Bambi took care of the booking without any direct involvement between me and PL, as she did last time - a nice touch. A fine review by thedon recently, added to the anticipation. It reminded of a couple of points I'd completely forgotten about [My Memory - Luv:30]. Check previous reviews for detailed descriptions of Bambi.


On Wednesday I arrived at a few minutes to 11:30am and Bambi was running just a couple of minutes late. When she arrived it was evident she was the same lovely, bubbly, giggle girl I remembered [My Memory - 15:30]. We headed up the stairs.


Shower, scrub, rinse, gargle, dry, wait! On her return we hugged, then she move off to set up her bits and pieces.


To get rolling it was a thorough rubbing. Bambi put some heated oil on my sensitive parts. It was really warm oil, almost hot and it felt great. With slippery hands she rubbed my cock and balls to get the party started.


She moved into second gear by smearing more oil over her generous tits and rubbing them over the same sensitive parts. I was able to touch her shoulders and feel her face with my finger tips as she continued the breast massage. Each time Bambi felt my fingers touch her face she instinctively beamed a lovely smile.


Then it was into third gear for a CBJ. I asked Bambi if we did that last time as I couldn't recall [My Memory - 15:40]. Then with some prompting it came to me that we had but somewhat briefly. This time was longer and very deep. It was a very skilful effort.


Then it was Bambi's turn to receive. As she lay back on the bed I was recalling how much I'd enjoyed DATY [My Memory - 30:40] the last time and hoped for more of the same. Slowly I nuzzled my way from her ears, down her throat to her lips for some little kisses, down past her breasts to her perfect pussy. I could happily stay there all day especially with her very exciting, and very demonstrative acknowledgement of my presence. I can still hear her sexy sounds like a song that stays in your head [My Memory - 40:40]. It was however, time to move in to reverse for some sunny side up, and I could stay there all day as well.


With Bambi in that position it was a simple transition into doggy which felt great if not a little hard on the legs [My Body - Luv:15]. Then we moved to mish. I took the opportunity to nibble around her neck and cheeks again as well as a little more, light kissing. Bambi does have lovely lips and tends to pout when she's concentrating but I know and respect her limits.


We screwed for quite a while enjoying subtly different angles and positions (all mish based). Bambi increased the pressure by using her fingers around Little Flexi as we screwed, it felt just right but I couldn't get over the line. Eventually, I rolled onto my back and asked how we were going for time and Bambi responded with "no problems". She removed the wetsuit and with some more oil began a great hand and breast workout. Even though it was very stimulating it still took a while to kick a goal, a very enjoyable while. With all the build up, the ending was very intense. I stress though that my tardiness was in no part due to anything Bambi did or didn't do. In fact, it's the second time it's happened in as many weeks and in both cases the sex was great and the person was someone I really enjoyed - so go figure [My Body - Luv:40].


We lay together for a while and chatted about FIA, Uni, The Cats (nice touch - and no I didn't bring it up), mutual acquaintances, etc, etc. It was an open and pleasant conversation. We seem to be yakking for ages when Bambi jumped and said "I think the receptionist has forgotten to call". She must have been right as it was after 1pm when I finally went out the secret side door.


In summary, another memorable and excellent hour spent with a sweet, pretty, funny, open and skilful young lady. Bambi gets another High Distinction from Flexi.


My memory [40:40] and body [Luv:40] on the other hand need a plan.


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