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October 2009 - Butterflies (Miss Carly) - A Touch of Class



"a new FIA beauty"

Carly's first post was on 11 Sep 09 and it stuck in my head. It was quite impressive but got edited due to "advertising infringements". Her avatar looked hot and her words sounded exciting. She sounded cheeky. Tempted by the initial post, I put out an exploratory PM and promptly received a detailed and seductive reply. In the reply Carly sounded self-assured and enticing (and still cheeky). It was evident, she knew how to appeal to a man's brain. A new FIA beauty walks among us. Unfortunately my next few weeks were accounted for. Also, as Carly works days in Blackburn and I work days in Melbourne we were up against it. Over the following five weeks we exchanged a small number of message without success until Carly finally wrote "...give me a call and we'll work out something that suits us both...". The person who answered the phone was friendly with a slightly husky voice. She sounded sexy. She was just about to go on holiday but agreed we could meet on her last day and she'd wait back. We settled on 29/10 at 6:30pm.


"elegant and beautiful"

I booked for an hour and opted for the GFE package which sounded like a necessity. A recent review by thedon, a man of unquestionable taste in such matters, vindicated the decision. At $260 ($210 plus $50) it peaked out the puntometer but as my punting budget had already degenerated into little more than a theoretical mockery with not so much as a toehold on its original intent, I rationalised to myself, chill and enjoy the ride. After almost two months of anticipation and several positive reviews later, the day had arrived. OMG I love Thursdays. I left work early and made it to Butterflys at about 6:10pm. Sitting in the car in the car park realised I was as nervous as a school boy. I went inside and there was a lot happening at reception, the lady said sit down there on the stool for a moment and we'll get things sorted (the only things missing were my shorts and a blazer). Meanwhile, I was having a nice optic at the milling W/Ls. There was one in particular, a very tall, darkish lady (not Ruby), young and very pretty who will definitely be getting a follow up - forgot to get her name. I snapped back to the present when I saw this gorgeous creature walking towards me. "Flexi", "Carly" and we shook hands. Carly then leaned against the receptionist's high-fronted desk trying to get things organised while I soaked up the side and rear view. She was an elegant and beautiful lady and I'm quite certain she could feel the warmth of my stare. Paid the receptionist, got the elephant stamp on the FF card and we headed off upstairs.


"free-falling hair framed her beautiful face"

Strangely, as we scaled the stairs, my next thought was Carly's recent post which mentioned she'd be sun bathing in nothing but a smile in FNQ the following week. We then spoke a little of her impending holiday. My nervous energy was peaking. We went to the end room with the large round bed. I kept thinking to myself what a gorgeous looking woman, as thedon put it, "an exquisite creature". Carly is about 170cm tall, probably a size 12 with perky natural D-cups. Long, wavy, brown, free-falling hair framed her beautiful face. Deep blue eyes, olive skin and full, ruby lips finish a delicious package. Carly has a small tattoo on her shoulder and no piercings that I could see. I'd say she was in her early thirties.


"soft, warm and moist"

During the shower my mind wandered back to FNQ where I saw Carly brushing dry sand from her full breasts to the delight of the happy beach goers. With these lascivious thoughts I found the nervous energy being offset by a sexual tension. I sat on the bed while Carly removed her clothes seductively. Slowly, she revealed ever more of her soft flesh, large-pert breasts capped with generous, dark nipples, gorgeous Kylie Minogue ass and knock-out face which embodied a air of sophistication. She reminds me of someone and despite trying, haven't been able to think of whom. She has the prettiest little overbite. She is a classy babe. I kept picturing her in the micro shorts and long over-the-knee boots she was wearing when we met. Then she flashed to my imagination in her in skin-tight jeans show casing her very edible butt. By then Carly was naked, deliciously naked. I only hope I wasn't drooling.


"uses her tongue skilfully"

A lot happened in the next little while and it could occupy pages but in the interest of us all, let me summarise:


Carly's kisses, like her lips were soft, warm and moist. She uses her tongue skilfully and her kisses range from fleeting brushing kisses, to sexy lip-licking kisses, to deep penetrative French kisses. They were all quite excellent. Not to suggest her kisses weren't plentiful but in hindsight I would have liked to have spent even more time engaged in these activities.


Her dark run-way guided me to a receptive pussy. Carly seemed to like DATY both in the form of a tongue fucking (the pressure of her strong legs over my shoulder, dragging me in, had me gasping for air a few times) and the more traditional clit licking form (quiet build-up with a very shuddering finish).


Carly then positioned herself high on the end of the circular bed and poked her scrumptious derriere in my general direction. There comes a time in ever man's life when you just instinctively know what has to be done.

A great CBJ and a lot of ball licking and sucking had me on the edge a couple of times.


During CG we took turns in who made the thrusts until we got synched then we both did. Dancing breasts and lean-over kisses kept the cogs oiled.


Into mish with Carly's ankles resting on my ears. She had sensed early my interest in her feet. She'd read the play well and then got this big burst of deja vu as I was nuzzling her toes. During the thrusting she used her feet to tease my face. It wasn't to long before I was all out of restraint.


"more than a pretty face"

There's a lot to this lady in addition to the sexual side. From what she was saying I could soon tell she's a lot more than a pretty face. She is such a happy person too, she never stops smiling but it's no wonder she's so happy when you hear some of her stories. I'd be grinning like a Cheshire cat myself under those circumstances. Another distinctive characteristic is her openness. It took me aback a couple of times. For example she said during our first minutes together "I assume from your user name Flexi, you like to play with guys." Well shit, you don't get asked that every day. Then she must've noticed my ring, so she asked about that as well. Not that I mind, in fact quite the opposite, I appreciated her frankness. The questions lead to discussion and the discussion lead to suggestions which were all tongue-in-cheek (well I think they were, hmmm).


"the woman loves sex"

In summary, it was a most enjoyable booking with and experienced and skilful, sex-loving lady. She's beautiful with a sexy body, she's intelligent and is an excellent communicator. The woman loves sex, what else can I say. There are a lot of things to like about Carly and she certainly keeps you on your toes when you're not on your knees.


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