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November 2009 - Pickwood Lodge (Miss Hannah) - Mystery Girl



Thinking it was about time for another change of avatar, I clicked my profile but before getting to the avatar I noticed someone, whose name I didn't recognise, had recently paid a visit. I clicked back and as expected, nothing. Being a sticky beak, I sent her a message. Soon a reply arrived, witty and leaving the door ajar for further contact. We exchanged a few more messages, each one upping the ante. By the end of the exchange, a meeting had been agreed. Risky? Maybe, as there were no reviews, no website, nothing on the parlour website and I didn't ask for any details. Why would I do that? The truth is I don't know. I just felt like it at the time.


What did I know about Hannah? I knew she was female, blonde with blue eyes and had a sense of humour (by my dubious standards). It was all good, what could go wrong? I arrived at Pickwood Lodge just a few minutes before the agreed time of noon. After my eyes finally grew accustomed to the darkness inside Pickwood Lodge, I moved from the entry through the magic door to the reception/bar area. Firstly I notice Hannah who was standing near the receptionist's counter then I noticed Bambi who was sitting at the bar reading (well I knew she'd be there it was Wednesday) but on this visit my attentions were elsewhere. Paid the receptionist $150 for 45 minutes as I reminded her to fill in the FF card then headed upstairs with Hannah. The room had an excellent air conditioner and mirrors everywhere. Inspection and shower.


Hannah looks like a Hannah. She's about 165cm, size 12ish with good sized natural breasts, possibly a D-cup and shaved down stairs. Roundish shaped pretty face with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. I can't remember her dress except that it showed her breasts off very well. I'd say she'd be 30ish. I felt pleased when I saw her, after not knowing what to expect. Hannah works at both Pickwood Lodge on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and at Barabings on other days (not sure which). She's been at Pickwood Lodge only a couple of months. She's even newer on FIA and has yet to move beyond her first mandatory post. She seemed quite shy about a review. When we were discussing such matters, she requested that if I do a review, not to go into the nitty gritty specific about our activities, hence my lack of detail forthwith.


What I will say is we did all of the things I'd normally hope to write about and they were all pleasantly carried out and responsively received, including: DATY, CBJ, mish, doggy and a very nice lubey HJ to get me over the line. These were interspersed with some tickly licks. There was a nice amount of light kissing which on a couple of occasions turned into a little deeper kissing, stopping short of DFK.


I'm not sure the light hearted fun of the PMs fully translated into the meeting and maybe it's because I was a bit too focussed on the sex. All in all, I had a fun and a sexy time with Hannah and I'm pleased the outcome was good because the idea wasn't. Afterwards we had an interesting little chat, mainly about FIA, but there really wasn't very much time left for talking by the time we'd finished the sex. As always, YMMV.


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