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February 2012 – Ladies for Gentlemen (Rani) – Hot Babe



I wrote off LFG after a very poor experience last year but after reading a review by kiril on Friday 3/2, I spent the rest of the day considering reconciliation. Not wanting to cut of my nose to spite my face and having wanted to go Indian for a long while, I went back to LFG last night.


Rani Is a 21 year old Australian born lass with Indian ethnicity. I can confirm she has a very pretty face with generous lips. Her face, not surprisingly, has a very pretty sub-continental look, her skin is soft and she has a little nose stud. It is very much a 21 year old, youthful face.


Her body is sweet. She is delectably curvy and her skin is nicely dusky. I'd say borderline BBW.


I loved her F-cup breasts with huge dark nipples about 3 inches diameter. She also boasts a neatly trimmed bush and soft feet. Her dusky buttocks are generous but firm. She enjoyed a good rimming.


I had no intention of punting this day but what the hell, you only live once. I figured I'd drop in, make my peace with LFG and check out this awesome sounding chick, and probably stick around for a half hour booking. As soon as she entered the room, I figured it would be worth at least a 45 min booking. By the time she confirmed passionate kissing, mutual oral, rimming and she seemed like a bubbly, easy going young babe I decided on the hour for $230. You only live once right.


We started with a relaxed long spell of kissing. Her lips are warm and very soft, she was a good kisser. It stopped short of DFK but it was lovely and the exotic aesthetics came into play as well. I'm getting old and forgetful and can't remember the order of things but I know we ticked all the boxes. She was easy going and liked to be lead.


She doesn’t think it’s appropriate to charge extras for what we’d classify as standard services. She likes discussing cricket which is good but she barracks for India which is bad :P especially after Friday night's effort.


She only visits here from Sydney 1 or 2 long weekends per month. I’d recommend her highly if you like young, curvy, dark skinned, pretty, kissy, huge breasted Indian girls with a healthy attitude to this business.


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