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Roxanne Wilde


I recently read a blog entry by a very winsome young WL, who was bemoaning the tendency of many celebrities to become overnight wankers when they find fame & success. Having a vested interest in this subject, I feel compelled to reply:


I'm friendly with a 'minor' (never in my eyes!), very grumpy Australian music celebrity, who has since introduced me to some more widely-known musicians. Having moved in circles with writers & artists for most of my adult life, I can honestly say that how a person reacts & changes with career success & fame depends on the individual.


I personally have found my 'arty friends' (read musos, artists & writers) to be the most accepting, & even in awe, of my occupation. As my grumpy friend says, "We're all whores. We just have different prices". They also have infinite patience for my mercurial twists of mood, infamous upswing & sexual aura.


'Straight' women fear me, & will never let their unsuspecting partner stand next to me at the bar. I must give off a 'I'm here to fuck your man' kind of vibe. WLs, on the other hand, have problems getting past their professional jealousy of me, OR kiss my ass. Either option is deplorable.


As for personal life men... Well, I think my luck on that front has been well & truly documented, workshopped, dissected & memorialized enough times to justify never going there again anytime soon!


Only career artists seems to be able to handle me on my terms outside of work. For that, they ought to be congratulated!


I suppose the upshot of what I'm trying to say is that there are shitty people in every walk of life, in every circle, & on every corner. There are a few high profile WLs whom I consider as abrasive, indiscreet & obnoxious as the very celebs you're blogging about. Then again, I've met a few wankers in the office as well. Hell, I even remember the odd prefect at school who could've done with having her pigtails pulled HARD...


Fans can be just as arrogant, demanding & rude as the celebrities they're hounding. Going out for a drink is an exercise in frustration. Seriously, why can no-one get the very polite (in my opinion) hint before they need to be told to FUCK OFF? Even worse is when they follow you to the car ark or the train station...


... Where it's no wonder several Sydney musos regard the public transport system with abject horror. It's one thing to minimize your carbon footprint on the earth, & another when you're risking your sanity & wellbeing in the process!


My favorite Gumpism applies here - "Life is like a box of chocolates. you never know you're going to get". All you can do is take each person as they come, & sort the wheat from the chaff accordingly. Nobody's perfect, & we ALL have a quirk with the potential to annoy others. Some of us just wear it better than others. ;)


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As always with you Roxanne interesting. It is difficult how celebrities will be effected by their situation. My experience with the breed is more in the non-artsy world. That world of course requires great egos if only to survive. Anyway keep up the blocs.

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