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February 2010 - Scarlet Lady (Destiny) - Cold Comfort



Finally up to date again with my reviews.


Called into Scarlet Lady for a little stress relief and was introduced to two girls. The first I can't remember except she wanted an extra fifty to raise the level of her service offering to what I'd usually expect in a standard service. The second was Destiny and in contrast, she included all the sought after things with no discussion of extras. I picked Destiny, 30 minutes for $135.


Destiny was pleasant to look at with quite a pretty mid-twenty year old face. Sorry boys, I don't remember all the details like hair length, shaven, etc. With my crappy memory I should've done the review straight away but I was very busy at the time then went away on holidays. It won't happen again, lol. Her body was quite nice, medium height and weight with c-cups or maybe d-cups.


I also recall that she was true to her word and was up for all the acronyms but I didn't enjoy the kissing for a couple of reasons. One reason was her lips were really cold like she'd been blowing a snowman. There was a second reason but I'm not going into that here. It's probably selfish on my part but I always enjoy it when the person I'm kissing has an equivalent body temperature or even better, a higher body temperature. Warm lips and tongue beats cold lips and tongue every time. This applies even more so if the kissing is moist, so if your motto is the wetter the better, you can probably see where I'm coming from.


Apart from that negative (which is a pretty big one in my book) it was an OK punt but just lacked enthusiasm on both of our parts. Me because of the reason given above, I just couldn't get into it and Destiny, I assume, could sense my lack of enthusiasm and reacted accordingly or maybe she's always like that.


During the chat afterwards she did seem like a nice young girl.


Based on my experience with Destiny, I couldn't give her a positive recommendation but I'm prepared to say we may have met on one of her bad days, we all have them.


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