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May 2010 - Tender Touch (Yuki) - Better Than Coffee




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Had to go into the office yesterday (Sunday) but fortunately around noon there was a long break in activities. I though to myself, this is a good time to get some fresh air and a coffee. Once out in the lovely, warm sunshine it became apparent that coffee wasn't going to satisfy my need. I skipped the coffee and found my way to Tender Touch instead. I obviously have no self control.


There were only two girls available. The first was Ashleigh (20's) who looked very attractive but had little to no personality. The second was Yuki (30's) who was not quite as pretty but had a great nature. Also, I remembered some of the positive reviews, in particular a recent review by welcome1 was fresh in my mind. I love a punt where there is lots of laughing involved (as long as its not directed at lil Flexi) and Yuki was definitely a funny, teasing, tactile woman. It was a very demonstrative introduction. The booking was for the regulation 30 minutes for $115.


As soon as Yuki had stripped off she climbed up and stood on the end of the bed so we were about the same height, only then I realised how diminutive she was. She put her arms around my neck and jumped onto me with her legs around my waist. She was light as a feather as I cupped her soft cheeks in my hands. Yuki is about five foot nothing, has B-cup breasts with nice nipples and a trimmed bush. Her Japanese face is quite round and quite attractive without being beautiful by any definition.


I lay back on the bed and Yuki started an amazing BJ, it was perfectly weighted, warm and wet. There's no such thing as a bad BJ but this one was just excellent. I could have finished off there and then and been a happy man. Instead Yuki swung her body around into sixty-nine.


The rest of the booking included the usual TT bits and pieces and they were all very pleasant. Yuki's kissing style, while OK, was unusual, in my view. She offered plenty of tongue but didn't open her mouth very far. When her mouth wasn't otherwise occupied (and it mostly was) Yuki made little jokes and laughed readily. The half hour seemed to fly. In fact, I remain a bit sus about it TBH.


I'd definitely recommend Yuki to someone who would enjoy a not-so-young, petit, pretty Asian lady who offers a most incredible BJ, tonguy kisses and has a pleasant personality. I'm very glad I had Yuki instead of the coffee.


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