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Dear Guest,

welcome to Punter Planet! Since you've made it this far, you may as well go all the way and become a member, provided you're over the age of eighteen. It is absolutely free to join and as a member, you'll be able to read our reviews on escort services and brothels. And hopefully, you'll be able to tell us about your own experiences too.

Step 1 - Register

Just click on the Register link and follow the instructions. You'll be prompted to agree with our Terms & Rules; pretty standard stuff but if there is anything which you don't agree with, just go back and don't complete your registration.

You won't be asked for any personal details, just a valid email address, to which a message will be sent in order for you to validate your membership. So, be careful, make sure it is the correct email address, otherwise you'll never get our automatic message and you won't be able to complete your registration.

You'll also be asked to choose a login name and password, plus a display name, which is the one everyone else will see on the forum. Your display name will be the one you'll be known by. However, considering the adult nature of this forum, please choose one which does not link to your personal life, if you think this may be a problem eventually.

Step 2 - Validation

After you've registered, you'll receive an automatic email message with a link you'll need to click on (or copy and paste into your browser's address bar) to validate your membership.

Once you've successfully done this, there is still one more thing to do before you can access our content and be able to post.

(Please make sure that our email message is not trapped by your anti-spam filter. So, if you don't receive it in a matter of minutes, that's the first place to check for it.)

Step 3 - Making your Hello post

In order for us to be sure you are a human being and not a spam bot, we need you to make your first post in an area you'll be able to see after validation called "Introductory Posts". You'll find the necessary instructions in said area.

After you post, you'll be leaving your UFO status behind (by the way, that stands for Unidentified Forum Observer, a condition also known as Lurker on other forums). You will receive a welcome message from one of our efficient Androids confirming your mutation into an Earthling, and as such you'll be able to read our reviews, blogs and galleries. You'll be able to post too and move up through the forum's ranks.

Please bear in mind that while you are an Earthling, there will be a few rookie restrictions and you'll only be able to post a maximum of 4 posts a day. But as soon as you've made a total of 10 posts, you'll move up to another group which has no posting limits and with much fewer restrictions.

That's it! Now go on, and become a member! :)

Note to Service Providers - Punter Planet is primarily a forum with a consumer-skewed focus. If you work in the sex industry in any capacity, you are most welcome to join us but please make your status known to us by selecting the right occupation (or the closest one) you'll find as part of our registration form. After you've made your "Hello" post, your membership group will be changed manually by us. The 4 post a day cap does not apply to industry members but you won't be able to reply directly to reviews (unless you really have to, and in that case there's an indirect system in place, about which you'll be able to read once you are assigned the correct status by us). However, apart from the reviews area, there are other discussion areas where your participation is encouraged. You'll be able to open your own blogs and galleries, and you are of course welcome to buy one of our advertising packages here.

If you need to contact us regarding the registration process, please do so through our Contact Form.

Have fun!

Punter Planet Management

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