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Bedroom Eyes - August 2010 - Holly

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I arranged an appointment to see Holly last night. I've been wanting to see her for a little while now but she just never seemed to be available whenever I was free.

Anyway, I finally found a date when we were both free and as per usual, Macy made it very easy. I've gotten very used to the hotel which BRE uses and it's very convenient taking into account where I live.


Walking into the room, I was very pleased to note Holly was a real pretty thing. After a quick chat, I headed for the mandatory shower and on my return, the dress came off very quickly to reveal Holly in her lingerie. Wow, I was impressed! Holly has a beautiful tight little figure, Just how I like them!


As per usual I'm not really into the blow my blow account of the appointment. Suffice to say that Holly kisses very enthusiastically, responds incredibly well to daty and really gets into it. Like all BRE girls, she's very accommodating with what you want to do and I had a great time. Overall, a wonderful encounter and probably about the best one so far for me with a BRE girl. I love the way she looks and for me, she's a definite repeat in the future.


She's 19 and I didn't feel guilty at all!!

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thanks for great review Quackman.


Holly sounds like a hot little WL.


Just curious, was the BJ covered?



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