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Review Information

  1. Sex Worker's Name: Bailey
  2. Session Month: February
  3. Session Year: 2015
  4. Type of Service: Massage
  5. Name of Agency or Parlour (if any): Bodyrotic
  6. Establishment Address (Only for brothels): 136 Paramatta Road Camperdown
  7. Link to Website or Online Ad (if any): www.bodyrotic.com.au
  8. Advertised Hourly Rate (Pick closest): $250
  9. Location where session took place: New South Wales
  10. Incall or Outcall: Establishment's Venue
  11. Session Day: Weekday
  12. Session Time: Daytime
  13. Estimated Age: 21 - 25
  14. Estimated Ethnic Group: Caucasian / European Origin
  15. Knowledge of English: Very Good
  16. Hair Colour: Blond
  17. Hair Length: Medium
  18. Eyes Colour: Blue
  19. Skin Colour: Tanned
  20. Height: Average - Around 165 cm / 5'5"
  21. Body Shape: Full-figured
  22. Estimated Breast Size: C to D (Medium to Big)
  23. Enhanced breasts?: Yes, enhanced
  24. Pubic Hair: All Waxed / Shaved
  25. Any Tattoos?: A lot of them
  26. Any Piercings?: One or two
  27. Full Sex Available: No
  28. Kissing Available: No
  29. Blowjob: No
  30. DATY / Oral On Her: Unsure
  31. Greek or Anal Sex Available: No
  32. Handjob Available: Yes, handjob
  33. Massage Available: Yes, rub-down
  34. Extras Charged: Yes, additionally
  35. Overall Looks: Very pretty
  36. Overall Personality: Outgoing
  37. Overall Performance: Great service

Bodyrotic - February 2015 - Bailey


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So having read many great reviews of the place decided to give Bodyrotic a try.  Had some time in the middle of the day when I expected it to be relatively unrushed.  After tooling about the back streets of camperdown for a bit on my motorbike I managed to find the back entrance, park and head on in.


Friendly receptionist asked me if it was my first time and was very informative when I said yes.  Sat down with their menu on one screen and some softcore porn on a bigger screen and got to meet something like 8 girls. Having had a quick read of reviews I was hoping Danni or Tatiana were available but no dice.  Ended up most being interested in the friendly smile, awesome tattoos and lovely tits of Bailey.  Paid for an hour and had hte pleasure of walking up stairs behind her thonged ass to the room.


Stripped off and quick shower before jumping onthe massage table as she returned with some warm oil.  Had a quick chat about touching and extras (happy to touch  everywhere except pussy, which wasw +$50 for fingers and +$100 for tongue.  I ended up going for the former).  She started her massage standing at the top of the table, massaging all over my back, shoulders, upper arms and even giving a scalp massage.  At eh same time she specifically placed my arms so it was very easy to wrap around and give her rear a good feel.  Conversation flowed okay, just slightly forced at times but not to the point of being unpleasant.  Shes a freelance hairdresser with a background there so she does a great scalp massage.  Apparently she gets (normal) massages twice a week herself so her technique was quite nice.  using hands and palms and forearms was very relaxing.  She climbed up on top so she could give my lower back more attention (i'm quite tall) whilst I enjoyed feeling up her thighs.  Eventually moved to eh floor as she massaged my legs, which was nice.  Glad that part didn't last too long since that was the only time i wasn't able to have a hand on a part of her or have her on a part of me.  She moved up again, now kneeling between my legs oiling them up and also slipping  a hand down to say hello to little mike.  Over the next little while the massage became less and less about my legs and more about alternating hands in warm oil going for little mike and his posse.  Who was pretty swiftly at attention. Enjoying this immensely i was almost disappointed when she stopped, until she asked me to roll over. 


More warm oil over my nethers as she started that massage again, now able to smile up and enjoy her lovely face and tits.  She moved on up to let me experience some warm oiled breasts against my face.  Life is rough sometimes! At this point i had wandering hands all over the lovely rear and teasing at her lips.  She then spun around to get to work in a 69 position with her having a hand wrapped around me whilst i worked on her.  After asking what she liked I had one hand rubbing against her (pierced) clit as a finger on the other slowly worked its way inside.  Started to get some subtle heavy breathing from her, which was a lot sexier than any fake moaning. Also she seemed to be getting a trifle moist down below too so thinking she wasn't having the worst time.


In the end couldnt hold out forever and spent my load.  She was slow to dismount doing a slow cool down at the end and then a cleanup with a warm towel.  Great feeling.  Let her shower first.  By the time i was showered and changed 55 minutes has passed and i wasnt going to begrudge that so paid for my extra and made my way out. (interestingly she let me pay for the extra touching at the end and via debit card)


All in all a good time


[[[ IF you wanted to nit-pick - had been a little while since she shaved her legs so just a hint of roughness on her legs.  Also quite a few tattoos (though in the process of lasering off a few) on her back, left leg, right arm, and probably elsewhere.  Would of liked to have had a bit more of a chat during the massage portion.  ]]]


However great time.  Would recommend and return.  I might try someone new if they intrigued me but if nobody else caught my eye I would definitely give her another round.  Was really glad i didn't pick Emily as she was my second choice but the review lately didn't paint a great image.


Attached some images cause bodyrotic's website is being weird atm




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Thanks for the review mate. 


I will share my interesting experience with Bailey...

She is someone I booked after her being at Bodyrotic for just a couple of months.  Her photos caught my attention, but I didn't read the full description to find out that she has several tattoos and body-piercings.  A few too many for my personal liking... I met her on her final shift before she went on an extended overseas holiday.  I didn't write a review as it was unclear to me if she was returning.  She was quite in-my-face about offering extras, and trying to tempt me to change my mind throughout the booking - pushy is probably a better word.  She also made reference to not being able to wait to go home and that she was going to be bumping off work early... 


I appreciate your detailed review.  I would have posted one myself, but thought I may be wasting my time in case she didn't come back.  It was an average experience.

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ah bummer thenamesbond sorry you had a dud experience.  I was in at 11am so bright and early so she might have been in a better mood then. 

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I can definitely recommend Alexi. Anyone else had a super hot time with her like I did?

I suspect that with repeat visits, mileage increases.

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Alexi may not welcome you back with open arms if she reads your comment Chunky. And I can assure you that the girls often check the feedback about them.

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So many of the comments made are totally unnecessary and just so untrue . Good for you Kevvie and I'm sure any of the girls at BR who may know you will appreciate the respect shown .

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