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Review Information

  1. Sex Worker's Name: Imogen
  2. Session Month: July
  3. Session Year: 2015
  4. Type of Service: Massage
  5. Name of Agency or Parlour (if any): Bliss on Crown
  6. Photos Authenticity: No photos available
  7. Advertised Hourly Rate (Pick closest): $225
  8. Location where session took place: New South Wales
  9. Incall or Outcall: Establishment's Venue
  10. Session Day: Weekend
  11. Session Time: Daytime
  12. Estimated Age: 21 - 25
  13. Estimated Ethnic Group: Caucasian / European Origin
  14. Knowledge of English: Very Good
  15. Hair Colour: Brown
  16. Hair Length: Long
  17. Eyes Colour: Brown
  18. Skin Colour: Olive
  19. Height: Tall - Above 170 cm / 5'7"
  20. Body Shape: Athletic
  21. Estimated Body Size: 6 to 8
  22. Estimated Breast Size: C to D (Medium to Big)
  23. Enhanced breasts?: No, natural breasts
  24. Pubic Hair: All Waxed / Shaved
  25. Any Tattoos?: None, no tattoos
  26. Any Piercings?: None, no piercings
  27. Full Sex Available: Yes, intercourse
  28. Kind of Experience: Sex Buddy Experience
  29. Kissing Available: Yes, Light Kissing
  30. Blowjob: Yes, BBBJ (Natural Oral)
  31. DATY / Oral On Her: Unsure
  32. Greek or Anal Sex Available: No
  33. Handjob Available: Yes, handjob
  34. Extras Charged: Yes, additionally
  35. Overall Looks: Pretty
  36. Overall Personality: Fun
  37. Overall Performance: Pretty good

Bliss on Crown - July 2015 - Imogen

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 I have been frequenting this place a bit lately, after a gap of many years. I stopped going here because the service dropped. I came back because the standard of girls at my regular haunts RPM and At Michelle's, has suffered a substantial decline IMO


Bliss has certainly sharpened up the quality of the talent.. I have seen some very very attractive girls there. BUT.. some of the pricing for extras is ridiculous. For example, in a 30 minute booking I have been offered FS at $400 and $300. With 30 minutes rack rate standing at 160..that can take a short full service thing, on a table, with covered BJ, over $500


Whats more the negotiating leverage in some cases has been minimal. Which is a pisser when you are standing there with a raging hard on and a gorgeous pussy literally open.. but at a price


Anyway. I digress.


Imogen is tall, athletic, smooth dusky skin. She looked Mediterranean to me, but said she was Aussie, with a Hawaiian mother


She has a tight figure, nice real tits (very sensitive nipples. Go easy there)


She acknowledged she had the biggest hangover of her life, which was a bit disturbing, and she lay on the table while I showered. She tried to jump up when i got out, but I kept her there and started to stroke her torso and tits. She responded by stroking my legs and flicking the cock and balls very nicely


She has a gentle slow touch,which is a nice change from some of these girls who attack your cock like they are trying to rip a wing off a KFC Chook


I stroked her puss, was told there was a charge. I took the 50$ hit and started to work my magic. She moistened noticeably and the breathing increased fast.  As she really started going, she checked herself and jumped up. " Are you trying to a make me come" she gasped., almost in accusation.


"Well, yes, actually" I said, thinking this may not be the worse things that could happen to her that day


But it turns out she can't allow that because, .. well just because!


I lay down and she went to work. Great cock technique including some little kisses an nibbles of the shaft, which was a welcome and very erotic surprise


It was agreed that FS was possible, but BBBJ was not.. I declined the FS even though the freight was "only" 150.. because there was 3 minutes left. I suspect FS is not available to all comers, so go slow on that front


The rest of the massage was very sensual, she knows her stuff, very well paced and the finish was highly satisfactory


I have rated the service "good" and it was, but I probably won't go back..mainly because of the "don't make me come" thing. Thats her prerogative, but its hard to get focused when you know "pleasure" is not her goal


That may be harsh.. she is a nice girl, cute and good at this

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I thought Imogen left Bliss?


Have seen her a few times in the past. She certainly has that "raunch" factor

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I met Imogen last saturday... Very nice girl. Her massage was perfect... Very sensual and erotic. She knows her job. Nice sense of humour and very sexy... Was just a massage what I was for... Hope to see her again, before I leave Sydney

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