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  1. Sex Worker's Name: Brooklyn (ACT Tour)
  2. Session Month: October
  3. Session Year: 2016
  4. Type of Service: Agency Escort
  5. Name of Agency or Parlour (if any): Bedroom Eyes Escorts
  6. Phone Number (Please add area code): 0421 947 788
  7. Service Provider's Email (if any): [email protected]
  8. Link to Website or Online Ad (if any): http://escorts.punterplanet.com/profiles/116-brooklyn
  9. SWA Number if known (Victoria only): 7382E
  10. Photos Authenticity: 100% Real
  11. Advertised Hourly Rate (Pick closest): $650
  12. Location where session took place: A.C.T.
  13. Incall or Outcall: Incall to Escort's place
  14. Session Day: Weekday
  15. Session Time: Daytime
  16. Estimated Age: 21 - 25
  17. Estimated Ethnic Group: Caucasian / European Origin
  18. Knowledge of English: Very Good
  19. Hair Colour: Blond
  20. Hair Length: Long
  21. Eyes Colour: Green
  22. Skin Colour: Pale
  23. Height: Short - Under 160 cm / 5'3"
  24. Body Shape: Slim
  25. Estimated Body Size: 6 to 8
  26. Estimated Breast Size: C to D (Medium to Big)
  27. Enhanced breasts?: No, natural breasts
  28. Pubic Hair: All Waxed / Shaved
  29. Any Tattoos?: None, no tattoos
  30. Any Piercings?: One or two
  31. Full Sex Available: Yes, intercourse
  32. Kind of Experience: Girlfriend Experience
  33. Kissing Available: Passionate Kissing
  34. Blowjob: Yes, fellatio
  35. DATY / Oral On Her: Yes, DATY on offer
  36. Greek or Anal Sex Available: No
  37. Handjob Available: Yes, handjob
  38. Massage Available: Yes, rub-down
  39. Extras Charged: No, all included
  40. Doubles and Group Sex: No
  41. Overall Looks: Beautiful
  42. Overall Personality: Lovely
  43. Overall Performance: Fantastic time

Bedroom Eyes Escorts - October 2016 - Brooklyn

John Sköld

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{Review Preamble}*


Sometimes capturing the essence of a session is easy; communicating it fairly, though – that can be anything but. Still, things flow.


Other times, fingers poise idle, and the engine behind them loops through reboot after reboot, like a server room in the aftermath of a grenade attack. Scattered images, recalled sensations and sounds, and a thousand other details from a session – it can all be a little chaotic until these elements slowly reassemble.


To break my reboot-cycle, I thought I’d take a narrow focus and thereby build some momentum. Objectively, these sessions are about intangible things. You don’t walk out of a session physically different, unless something went possibly very badly wrong. It is all contained in the experience and the recollection thereof as carried forward. Leaving aside the weighty issue of causality – of why a session is sought at all – to philosophers, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Or the PP lay-equivalents.


So, with many misgivings, I’m going to get comfy on the couch talk about my feelings.


For those under time pressure: My hour with Brooklyn ‘felt’ fantastic. And I really ‘hope’ for another session.


…Nuff said.



{Punting Preamble}


Historically, Agencies just haven’t been my thing. At all.


There was no traumatic event associated with this aversion, none that haven’t been repressed at least. And other than the cheap antics that unscrupulous operators indulge in by default in whatever field they find themselves, of course. We know how these antics present in this field – from experience, from the grapevine, from reading right here at PP.


BRE, seemed to be a different kind of operation, different enough that I considered them. That may just sound pompous, but for me represented a tectonic shift in thinking. I’d tried to make a booking with them, too many years ago to divulge the number (or the distinctive name of the lady), but had to pull out several days or a week prior. Urgent surgical procedures wait for no man, and they don’t respect long-awaited bookings.


Then life moved on, with me in tow. A hiatus that beat the odds for longevity, though at least it was a break rarely felt as my face was getting pummelled in the ring daily.


Travels and a return to Sydney years later were more tease than opportunity, and that specific lady had moved on then out anyway. Since recommencing this pursuit, trips to Sydney have been fewer than you’d think – being only a couple of hours down the road. Sometimes we fall into a rut, or hunker down in the trenches and attempt to whether the storms.


Plus, Private choices there in Sydney are such that Agencies rarely made even the short list.


Still, I could be a little jealous when seeing tour notifications for BRE ladies, seemingly winging everywhere ‘but’ Canberra. Hard to begrudge people for avoiding the place, though.


So, thinking that it wasn’t going to happen, the idea progressively dropped off my radar under the ever-growing deluge of new inputs. To the point where this advertisement and the image below (two further on) initially attracted no more than a passing glance and a reflection that blatant image theft was endemic in the firehose-flow of CrackPage adverts. BRE didn’t tour to Canberra, or so I thought, so it had to be something dodgy. CrackPage had no shortage of dodgy in the ‘Adult’ section – or alternatively Canberra possibly has more porn stars and models than LA.




A little later, I received a PM that caused me to pause and actually consider the situation after initially having thin-sliced and discarded that input. Not a PM from BRE mind you, if they have a presence here, but from someone I now owe a beer to – from principle if not agreement. Without that tiny nudge, I’d have missed out on one of my best sessions from 2015/2016. On second thought, I might make it two beers, if I ever get the chance to pay up.


I’d seen Brooklyn’s images before, of course. I’m not sure if I have a ‘type’ in this pursuit, or more than one; likely the latter on reflection, and the BRE mould seems to be in the sweet spot of one such type. Size 6, platinum blonde, early 20’s, natural & sexy body. Lots of ticks, no crosses; however, I’d likely never exclude a possible match due to hair colour or minimal augmentation. I’d seen her name on numerous reviews here at PP, also. Not sure if I ever read them, and indeed more recently still have not done so, but I recall comments scattered around the traps. Positive comments that when combined with those images were sufficient to place Brooklyn’s name on a BRE short list, should the improbable ever occur. Honestly, I think almost every BRE lady is on that list, so it isn’t nearly as short as it sounds.


So after applying some thought there was no need to over-think it. Due to something of a sabbatical on my side, the schedule was wide open; so a factor that usually eliminates 95% of options before even leaving the gates, wasn’t a factor. Quite novel, really.


I still had the booking process to navigate, but Alex made that swift and painless for me. It felt a little different, a little strange, arranging a booking with someone other than the lady. Usually that first reply speaks volumes, and there have been times where had I listened I would have avoided a disappointing experience. Alex communicated everything quickly and clearly, and within the span of a day the booking was locked in. There was a bit of background provided also, so I wasn’t as blind as I felt at the time.


The CrackPage advert was rather brief so I’d read up a little here, plus the profiles here and here at PP.


In the booking correspondence I hadn’t touched on session particulars such as clothing requests or service inclusions. For the latter, the links immediately above are quite comprehensive; for the former, I was still a little reticent. I’m not really one to go for a roleplay out of the box, so there wasn’t a detrimental impact to the session, and thus no driver sufficient to push me past the reluctance I felt.


…And as I get used to using BRE, I’ll probably modify a template or two, to cover those bases.


More importantly, the clothes weren’t so important. Brooklyn looked lovely in them, and when she unwrapped herself on the bed it was quite delicious – but those clothes didn’t make the session.


The lady did that, quite skilfully.


Sometimes, after making a booking a week or more out, things can feel a bit…odd…on the day of. Booking too far out can probably be as sub-optimal as booking too late (or trying to). Maybe this (for me) is because a statistically significant number of private ladies have cancelled sessions when 0-2 days out – after booking weeks in advance. Cancelled tours, truncated tours, sleeping in, and other miscellaneous issues.


The vagaries of punting.


…No other field in the span of human activity carries nearly as many vagaries.


So perhaps I was expecting the hammer to fall? And improbably, it didn’t. No need for the contingency plans. No significant changes, with emails giving way naturally to SMS as the booking time approached. All communications clear and timely.


Couldn’t ask for more, really. And a nice contrast to the pulling of teeth sometimes required, and of the ultra-late notifications that sometimes seem the norm. More vagaries, you know. Though none here, thankfully.


Still, after getting the final directions – and still without having communicated with the lady herself – I knocked on Brooklyn’s door feeling much more nervous than usual at that stage while still relieved it was happening at all.


Usually I’d have some feel for the person about to answer that door, some idea of not just what they might look like – which obviously I did have – but their character/persona/demeanour.


Those nerves lasted a second, or perhaps two, after I stepped through that doorway.


Brooklyn obliterated them, seemingly without effort, as she guided me through to the lounge.




A very impressive young lady, for a host of reasons.



{Session starts here}


Here, what momentum I’d possibly built is lost. What style of review to use? Conveniently, I only have one, with just two variations: chronological or scattered-snippets. And the sole choice is obvious, not a choice at all. Much more time consuming, though – and not used often, for that reason alone. How to get to that first snippet from here?


I’ve found in a really good session that things blur. Poor vision and a failing memory exacerbate the effect. Mapping out the session becomes difficult, and even if possible it would be a huge task – the result of which no-one would read and thus no-one would benefit from.

The bottom line, for those losing patience: Brooklyn immediately set me at ease upon entry, was true to her photos and profile, is a lovely genuine young lady, and was fantastic in bed in every way we shared.


I walked out with a smile, and it lingered a long time. Might still be lingering, in fact. So are a few muscle aches, in these days after, due to this workout the spritely Brooklyn put me through.


Definitely worth it, though. And definitely meriting a return if the stars align once more.


With this second wind, I thought I might just leap in and start the scattered-snippets, conveniently at the beginning, from there it might just flow;


‘…Brooklyn opening the door and greeting me warmly before guiding me through to the couch in the surprisingly large apartment, her blue(ish) dress in delightful contrast to her pale complexion and long loose platinum blonde hair. I’d later register that the dress, some sort of denim-like material, had a full length zipper at the front, and some kind of sash or belt at her waist…’




‘…Feeling at ease right away, on that couch with the lady, nerves quelled so swiftly that it didn’t feel real. Or that it did – probably the highest praise possible from me in a paid session, and so rare…’


‘…Definitely the lady from the pictures, or maybe an identical twin. The face I imagined from them and the face across from me different in that way I’d almost come to expect, my brain having pulled tricks and sketched in unknown details from the visual repositories in that mysterious way it works. Me, not disappointed with the warm, welcoming reality – not at all…’




‘…No physical contact to speak of as we sat there and caught up, but said absence not a harbinger of doom as it sometimes is, the vibe too positive, some intangible quality infusing the tableau. With that last barrier, mere centimetres of air, heightening my anticipation and need…’


‘…Someone initiating a move, a shame and yet simultaneously overdue – the curse/contradiction of meeting a seemingly real person in that unreal place – and ultimately necessary, the timing really quite ideal. An envelope and token passed, and a trip to the bathroom for me while wondering about what was under that blue dress, and whether it will be adorning the floor when I return…’




‘…Brooklyn, still dressed – as hoped – and possibly still wearing her black heels, kneeling on the bed, beckoning me forward. Posed a little like the image below, without the bra straps askew, expression inviting. I smiled, if only to myself, feeling or even knowing that the session to follow would be a delight…’




‘…Both of us kneeling on that bed, height imbalance somewhat reduced, warm skin and fabric pressing against me, soft platinum blonde strands tickling and teasing, lips meeting for a gentle kiss. Just lovely. So sweet. Me blown away by that first kiss, warm soft lips, agile tongue, hands in motion, my data-logger offline as I lost myself in the moments…’


‘…A warm blur. Storslagen. Brooklyn skilled and yet sweet, an intoxicating combination. A trend repeated throughout the session, in different ways and combinations, the overall performance balanced like few others have been. Combining youth and maturity in an alluring, irresistible package…’


‘…This is where that other reticence crops up, as Brooklyn started unwrapping herself by unfastening the belt and inching the zip fastener down, down, down. Exposing both porcelain- and very slightly tanned-skin on her lithe frame, fabric panels parting and exposing curves, navel jewellery, and lingerie – black and with minimal materials or concealment though a lovely effect. Kisses before, during, and after. I’m not sure if she’d read my mind, but it was close enough to make the question academic…’


‘…The reticence. Overcoming my hesitation as it pertains to the recounting of a fantastic session; almost as difficult as picking up and recommencing a work that had sat idle for years. A different field, of differing purpose, yet similar threads connecting them. Similar internal challenges, even before factoring in external considerations that make review writing here a minefield…’


‘…Even if graced with an eidetic memory, I’d be hesitant to spell it all out – a reluctance I’d felt before with several other lovely ladies. And honestly, I wish I’d felt it more often, had been lost in more of my sessions…’


‘…I recall running my hands down along her flanks and onto her back, through the dress and after it was discarded, over silky smooth warm skin; recollect cradling her head and neck, and running my fingers through soft tresses as those sweet kisses continued…’


‘…That’s my longwinded way of saying that this phase felt amazing, better than I’d hoped…’


‘…If a session could be freeze-framed with an image and sensations looped to infinity, firstly there would have been many loops, and secondly kneeling with Brooklyn on that bed would have been one of them. Storslagen, without having sought it or even thought about it. Not something that can be pursued, not successfully as it remains stubbornly out of reach as long as you grasp for it. Sometimes it just happens, and sincere thanks rather than selfish future expectations are the only authentic and fitting response. Thank you, Brooklyn…’


‘…Here, I lose momentum again, and fade to black while marshalling my thoughts. Please enjoy this image while you wait…’




‘…The dress was discarded, possibly joining her heels on the floor, perhaps falling in the same moment. We went from vertical to horizontal on the big comfortable bed, and Brooklyn asked a rhetorical question then uncovered her breasts. Very nice, in balance with her figure, tan marks so faint I needed to get much closer to investigate.…’


‘…Lots of contact, lots of kissing. Hands exploring in all directions, soft supple skin, sexy curves on a warm lithe frame. Brooklyn exploring me actively, with finesse. Another loop. Several more, in fact. It felt good, really good. Genuinely happy in the moment, yet knowing things had to progress – the true curse of this hobby…’


‘…Brooklyn, teasing down my torso; me, kinda knowing where she was heading but in no rush to accelerate the pace. A real blur setting in here, with still images locked away but the specific flow too dynamic, her pretty face over my pelvis and platinum tresses clear. Brooklyn going down on me with skill and energy, taking her time and mixing things up. An image or two of her lips around my base, the visual vivid – along with the sensations accompanying the excursions. In a better world that loop would be playing on the infinity setting, too. In real-time it was enough, though, enough to know it was one of the best blowjobs I’d received…’


‘…She crawled up and over me as we kissed with greater passion. Before, it had been sweet and gentle and tender; this now was more heated, more consuming, and more fitting to the moment. I couldn’t get enough of her youthful supple body, sharing her energy and just wallowing in the moment…’


‘…Here, a decision point appeared, and while I didn’t make the wrong decision since what followed was great; however, if I could do it all over, I’d take the other fork, so I could taste the lady for longer…the sample I managed, after, merely whetting the appetite…’


‘…I was kind of heated by this point, and in the back of my mind near the inoperative data-logger was the thought bubble that we could manage two rounds in the session. Had I looked at the clock I would have realised that wasn’t ever going to happen this session, time having vanished somewhere as we shared those lovely kisses, and rewinding further, as we got to know each other a little on the couch.…’


‘…In short, at that moment, I really wanted to progress things with the sexy young lady…so after preparing Brooklyn sank down slowly in cowgirl…’




‘…Cowgirl with Brooklyn, her petite form above me, wrapped snugly around me, with my hands free to explore while having face-to-face contact to continue kissing in an almost unbroken manner, her hips working slowly as we each got used to it, as we found what worked best – that might have been my favourite position of the session. They were all great, though. When she started bouncing and moving in other ways I can’t recall, torso upright, the pace almost startling, with my hands cupping her breasts or gripping her narrow waist – when that gear was reached and her vocalisations matched it, my doubt was erased…’


‘…Quite inspirational, really. And I thought I’d pop in under 5-seconds. Glorious snapshots still retained, regardless of how long it lasted…’


‘…Eventually we rolled over, still coupled, into missionary…the flow so smooth. Also very nice, and thankfully Brooklyn didn’t tumble to the carpet. The pace was a little more relaxed, still with lots of kisses, lots of little variations as she showed off some of her flexibility. Another sexy snapshot, energy balanced, delighting in the act of sharing in that other way with this tireless talented nymph…’




‘…But the rhythm wasn’t quite right, from me; as I’d get into a groove I’d immediately falter, slow, and possibly stop. The culprit? 1. Brooklyn’s lips, drawing my body down until mine could meet them, the magnetic pull irresistible – and each kiss only making me hungrier for the next. 2. The whole of Brooklyn as she lay there looking up at me, such a lovely vision – a vision which I simply wanted to savour. On reflection, it was all quite right, and couldn’t have been better…’


‘…Based on what I’d experienced thus far, I figured spooning would work well. Repositioning was so smooth, pieces fell together as though we’d practiced – and I guess we had, separately – and kisses resumed promptly. Just right, for me, though my pace was reduced and was likely a little too slow for the moment. A warm slender torso against mine, my hand alternately cupping a breast, plus kisses. Overall, very nice. Languid and warm. Like an intermission after the vigorous beginning and the finale…’




‘…Nice as it was, spoons wasn’t going to get the job done – and at that point I still thought a second round would follow. It was time to ramp things up a little. Thus, we moved to something Brooklyn had mentioned (in an online interview here) that she liked…’


‘…‘I’ really liked her initiative as she had us face the sliding wardrobe mirrors, and I donned my glasses in response so the reflection would be more than a pair of pale blurs…’


‘…Very nice. Brooklyn’s petite form in front with my legs inside, the reflected images, my hands free to explore and caress her responsive body, running along and across her narrow waist and gripping or caressing as they flowed over soft supple skin. Things heated back up, quickly…’


‘…A small change, converting to something like the turtle, something I’d thought to be some yogic pose at the time. Whatever the origins, in this session with this lady, it was perfect. And with me possibly getting carried away once settled, though Brooklyn not discouraging the increased tempo we shared. Quite the opposite, and rather effective…’


‘…At the beginning of this session, or in round 2, I’d have been able to maintain it for a while. By this point of the session, the 46kg Brooklyn utterly ruined the 100++kg JS in what felt like seconds. Fantastic seconds, perhaps tens thereof…but the edge loomed far too soon, before my heart or muscles felt overly strained…or perhaps I just wanted to savour this additional highlight of the session as long as possible...and I finished, with a prolonged release, and feeling deeply satisfied…’


‘…Added up, we’d been going for a while. Longer than I’d appreciated at the time…’


‘…After a quick clean-up we collapsed down into a comfortable mass, chatting and for me at least, revelling in the sensual/energetic session and the continued contact – as with virtually everything else the balance reached was just right…’


‘…The chat while relaxing and resting was very nice also, getting to learn a little more about this delightful lady…’


‘…A little later, and mindful of what I thought the time was, I expressed hope for another round – perhaps only of mutual oral. Then I became aware of the actual time, and rather sought a taste of what I’d missed earlier…to miss it entirely would be to kick myself thereafter – also at the infinity loop setting…’


‘…There was still time, though not much, and I took a little just getting my bearings between her slender thighs. Enough time to cement the idea of a return booking, to taste Brooklyn, and while admiring and sampling a feature perfectly befitting the petite young lady…’


‘…Another loop, right then, would have been beyond sublime…’


‘…Alas, this intro was coming to a close. A little later, we started to move. A shower beckoned, and we chatted a little at points between activities…her lovely body still uncovered and her comfort in that state rather…something good for which the word remains elusive, my scattered thoughts still not unified, the act of writing this having helped at least a little…’


‘…The inexorable pull of the real world as this one fell upon itself like a collapsing star, the hour for which it existed just fantastic for me – with all credit due to Brooklyn…’


‘…Just prior to departure, Brooklyn standing on the bed as I faced her while standing on the floor. An uncommon angle, but the resulting height difference less than it became when she hopped down and pressed in close, sans heels. A thought for next time, of how to nullify the height difference – on the couch, and maybe in other places…’


‘…A final kiss, chocolate infused, Brooklyn still naked. Still delightful. A sweet farewell, looking forward to next time even before reaching the lobby. Or the door. Or even turning away. Needs well sated for now as I trekked to the car in the mid-afternoon spring warmth at the beginning of the weekend…’


‘…A new name right near the top of my “return to if able” list, a list not written anywhere, and a list yet to fulfil its purpose even once – now newly energised, a corner hopefully turned as a chaotic 2016 draws down…’



{Punting Postscript}


This first foray into an Agency booking was about as low-risk as possible, which is the only reason it happened. BRE is a well-known and -reviewed quantity. As is Brooklyn. Still, you never quite know how a session will unfold, and the one guarantee in punting is that there are no guarantees. We’ve all likely read here at PP of very well reviewed ladies seemingly going to pieces, and the last subject review was close to two years ago. Plenty of time for things to change.


Brooklyn comfortably exceeded my hopes for the session across the board, and was an absolute pleasure to spend time with. Perhaps I should have written that sentence first, and thus saved me the weekend and you persistent dew all this time. There might have been some reservations about her age, initially, by me – reservations that as mentioned earlier, along with the other nerves, didn’t last many heartbeats.


The bottom line? It was a quintessential GFE: soft, sweet, and tender in the beginning; layered with heat, energy, skill, and hunger as things progressed. It was exactly the kind of session I was hoping to share for this introduction. That it was shared with a lady so much younger than I, was the biggest surprise – with that age difference having not bothered me even once during the session.


Would I recommend? Yes. Very Highly. I doubt you could go wrong with Brooklyn. She seemed like a genuinely lovely person, skilled and energetic in the bedroom, accommodating and generous, and she made the session a lot of fun. About as good as it can get, IMHO, in a paid encounter.


Would I return? Yes. Most definitely. There are things I wanted to try, to taste, and to savour – but the clock didn’t allow it. Inevitable in a one hour booking, and sound reason to try for longer next time.



Live Well & Happy Punting (by whatever name you call it),




* - As ever, YMMV.

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Based on that review, its with certainty you will be back to experience more of Brooklyn.


great review John, like qlderc, reminds me of the old review days  :)

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thanks for the comprehensive review.  i always get confused about BRE's pricing - is it $650ph CBJ + $150 for BBBJ, or is the BBBJ included in the $650?

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Great review John. Reminds me of the good old days of reviews :)


great review John, like qlderc, reminds me of the old review days  :)


That's what I call a review John. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing it with us cheers. :)


+1... Certainly a style and length not that usual in these web 2.0 days. ;)

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