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Review Information

  1. Sex Worker's Name: Julia
  2. Session Month: April
  3. Session Year: 2017
  4. Type of Service: Parlour Worker
  5. Advertised Hourly Rate (Pick closest): $250
  6. Location where session took place: Victoria
  7. Session Day: Weekday
  8. Session Time: Daytime
  9. Estimated Age: 21 - 25
  10. Estimated Ethnic Group: Asian Origin
  11. Hair Colour: Black
  12. Hair Length: Long
  13. Eyes Colour: Brown
  14. Skin Colour: Tanned
  15. Height: Short - Under 160 cm / 5'3"
  16. Body Shape: Curvy
  17. Kissing Available: Unsure
  18. Blowjob: Yes, CBJ (Covered Blowjob)
  19. DATY / Oral On Her: Unsure
  20. Overall Looks: Attractive
  21. Overall Personality: Fun
  22. Overall Performance: Out of this world!

Studio 466 - April 2017 - Julia

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I decided to go to Studio 466 one day. 


The first girl to walk in was a very dark Thai girl with a lovely big bum. She called herself Fanta.


Then a tall thin Chinese girl walked in.  She wore a bright sunset red bikini and had big tits spilling out on top.  She said she was Jasmine. She stood back and left without shaking hands.  She could go fuck herself. 


The last girl stepped out from behind the screen.  She had big hips and big thighs.  She had a tiny waist and the proportions between her waist and her hips were like a perfect caricature.  She had a pretty face and long straight black hair. 


“Julia.  Pleased to meet you.”


As she stepped carefully away in very high heels, her big beautiful ass came into view.  It wobbled in the nicest possible way. Everything was smooth and gorgeously brown.  There was something cartoon-like about that figure.  It was hard to accept that it was real. 


“Julia,” I said when the madam came back.


Julia came back and led me down the hall to the room with big mirrors on the far side of the bed and at the bedhead. 


I could not stop smiling with excitement and anticipation.  Julia looked spectacular from every angle.  She was a fantasy.  A dream come true.  It was as if the same artist who drew Jessica Rabbit had drawn a bubble-butt Bangkok whore. 


She took my $150.  “Take a shower for me, baby.  I get change for you.”


I watched her leave.  Holy mother of god. 


I was drying off when she returned.  She dropped $20 on the chair by my clothes. 


I got on the bed and she climbed on too without undressing.  She draped her shiny soft curtain of hair across my chest.  If felt nice.  She kissed my nipples.  Her big brown ass was beside me and I ran my left hand over it.


“On my god, Julia!”  I could not help chuckling in disbelief.  “Your figure is spectacular!”


“Thank you baby,” it was the unflattered polite response of someone who has heard it many times before.


I grabbed a big handful of her right cheek and passed my hand over the black Brazilian thong that cleaved her ass. 


“Oh my god.  I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.” 


It was big, but exquisitely shapely and very firm.  It had that rubbery firmness that I associate with Thai girls and Japanese girls. It was as if someone had taken the fat ass of a big African woman, pumped it up and put it on a tiny Thai girl with a tiny waist.  You could not make this stuff up.  Truth was stranger than fiction.  Real life was better than fantasy.  I had seen “bubble butts” on porn stars.  But nothing like this.  Seeing it and touching it was surreal. 


Julia took her top off and revealed small breasts with dark nipples.  The thong stayed on. 


I plucked her nipples.  They were soft.  She offered one to my mouth.  I kissed and sucked it.  She moaned. I clamped it firmly with my lips and felt it stiffen.


“Yes, baby.”  She climbed over me to sit astride my hips.  I ran my hands over her waist and hips.  Feeling the wondrous proportions of her improbable figure. 


I moved over to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment.  Finally, I held her nipple in my teeth and softly bit it. 


“Oh, yes.  Bite me baby.  Bite me.”  I bit her other nipple.  They were both now very hard. 


All the while I was grabbing her ass and her waist.  She felt like no other woman. 


“Can I take off your panties?”


“Sure, baby.”  My heart skipped a beat. 


We traded places and she got on all fours.  She arched her back low to push her gorgeous big ass in the air.  I gently grabbed hold of her panties and peeled them slowly down.  There were no tan lines.  Her skin was flawless and smooth. It was just perfect.  I giggled in delight.  I don’t normally giggle in the bedroom. 


“I can’t believe this.  I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.  Your ass is amazing.”  I was aware that I was repeating myself, but it needed to be said again and again.  I kissed her left cheek. 


“It’s all for you, baby.” 


I groaned in appreciation.


With her panties off she spread her knees to expose her anus and her pussy.  They looked exquisite.


I reached in tentatively to touch her pussy lips.  With no objections I gently separately her lips and searched for her clit with my finger.  Meanwhile I kept groaning at the sight of her ass and kissed it.  She let my fingers explore her.  I put a finger to the entrance of her vagina and gently pushed it in. I looked in the mirrors to see her gorgeous body from all angles and to see myself deeply engrossed in ass worship with my finger up her pussy.


Suddenly her hand appeared above her ass with a small bottle of baby oil and she squirted it over her ass. 


“Oh my god!  Julia!  I can’t believe it.  This is so good.  So good!”


I rubbed the oil all over her ass, slowly with both hands.  I used my thumb to smear it down her crack and over her tight little dark brown anus.


“Ohhh, bay-bee!” she purred. 


I rubbed the oil over her ass and into her pussy and fingered her again and it was much nicer with oil on my finger and she moaned again. 


I kissed her ass, moving closer to her anus.


“Can I lick it?”


“Sure baby.  Lick my ass.  Lick it for me.”


I was giddy.  I put my face between those big rubbery cheeks and licked her anus.  I tried to delve inside with the point of my tongue.  She squirmed at the sensation.  It was nice and tight and closed and there was no chance of breaking in there with a mere tongue, but it was nice to try.  Her hole was as clean as a whistle, but the taste of baby oil was bitter on my tongue. 


I drew back to take in the view and catch my breath.  Julia took the opportunity to reach around and slap her own arse, in the slow stylised way of a porn scene.


“Can I spank your beautiful arse?” 


“Sure baby.  You spank me.  I’m a bad girl.”


I gave her four well place smacks – two on each cheek.  Her dark skin did not colour.  I didn’t hit her too hard, but it was hard enough.  It was fun.  I’ve never done it before. I had the delightful feeling I was in my own porn movie. 


I was sitting back on my heels after the spanking, with my knees spread and my erection standing proud.  Julia wobbled her bubble butt for me and then backed it into my lap.  I pressed the tip of my cock against her tight anus, smearing the pre-cum leaking from me and then used the slippery fluid to surf the length of my cock over her anus. Julia placed her open hand over her crack and I fucked the space underneath, pressing against her crack. I held on to Julia’s little tits and pinched her nipples while I fucked her butt cleavage. 


“That’s it, baby.  Fuck that big ass.” 


With her ass all oily and my cock oozing pre-cum it was as slippery as an ovulating pussy in there.  I groaned.


Julia must have felt my fluid on her hand because she decided it was condom time. I kept watching her beautiful big ass in the mirror above the bed head as she applied the condom. I let her suck me a few times, but in this kneeling position I could not resist the temptation to fuck her face.  I held her head and gently pushed my cock into her mouth.  She held her head still and let me fuck her face. 


After a few minutes she came up for air.  “You want to fuck my pussy now, baby?”


“Yes please.  Doggy.”


“Of course, baby.  Doggy is the best.”


She turned around on all fours and backed up.  I slipped in easily. Her pussy was at the right height, I was hard and I clutched big handfuls of her ass in my hands as I pumped her hard. She lay with her shoulders and face against the mattress and her arse sticking up in the air on the end of those long fat thighs.  I was enjoying it all and I wanted to prolong it.  I could have kept going for another ten minutes or so, but after about five minutes Julia had other plans. 


“I want you to cum, baby.  I want you to cum inside me.  I want to feel your cum inside me.” 


Her dirty talk got me going.


“I want to cum inside you, Julia.  I want to cum in your pussy.”  My pelvis started to bang harder into hers.  I held on to her arse to steady myself. 


“Fuck me baby.  Fuck my ass.  Slam your bones against me.  I want to feel your bones.  I can take it.”  She was good at dirty talk.


“I’m gonna hold on to your big beautiful ass, Julia, and pump your cunt full of cum!” 


That did it.  I’ve never dropped the C bomb in dirty talk before and it pushed me over the edge.  I was true to my word and it all came spurting out.  It was a wild, bone jarring ride.  My thighs were shaking and I think we were both relieved to see that the condom was still in place and full of cum when it was finished. 


“Your thighs are all shaking baby!” 


“I know.  I got a bit carried away.”


I gave her the $20 change.  “This is for you.  Thank you so much. I had so much fun.”  She was polite and embarrassed and made to decline, but I insisted. 


I’ve never tipped a girl before.  I’ve never worshipped an ass like that before.


You need to see Julia’s figure for yourself to believe it. 



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The term "baby" is usually used by vietnam people, 2 examples being my vietnam radio operator and scotty nguyen 2000 world series of poker champion. Thanks for a shorter review and remembering all the "baby" quotes

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Asshall the punter

Sat in the corner

Eating his favourite whore

He stuck in his thumb

While giving her some

And said, "Oh what a sexy back door!"

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This review grabbed the big bad booty daddymacs attention


Mite have to make a visit to the ol hunting ground 466 


Havent been there since the brooklyn...ebony...stella days


This ass is too good to be true

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16 minutes ago, daddymac said:

Mite have to make a visit to the ol hunting ground 466 

This ass is too good to be true

She's based in Sydney and flies down for a week or so each month.  Check that she's in town before you head down there. I've seen her a few times over recent months. Same big beautiful ass. 

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Great review!

Just returned from a booking with Julia after reading this earlier.

Julia is a great bubbly girl in all kinds of ways (boom-tsh) and a smart young lass to boot. 

Nice find and thanks for sharing, Asshall.


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Anyone know if she has any regularity in terms of working weekdays/weekends, days/nights??

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On 13/05/2018 at 2:32 AM, Stiffi said:

Great review!

a smart young lass to boot. 


Thanks Stiffi.

She tells me she's studying business management. 

I wish I had a boss like Julia.  

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10 hours ago, weapon50 said:

Anyone know if she has any regularity in terms of working weekdays/weekends, days/nights??

I see her on weekdays during the day.  She tends to come for a week and work all week. I've seen her mostly on Mondays and Thursdays. 

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