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Bedroom Eyes - August 2010 - Cara

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I’ve never had much to do with agencies, usually preferring to deal directly with the lady. But there are advantages. Objectivity is one of them. For instance, I notice there are many independent escorts who talk of their virtues and qualities, but going by their statements and photos on their website I am afraid I cannot always agree. And there are some Working Ladies who are not entirely aware of what their strongest and most attractive qualities are so they don’t speak of them. With others, modesty might cause her to be reticent about the very thing I am looking for: she might not think that a gentleman would find her unique features attractive or interesting: (you’d be surprised Darling, you’d be surprised).


A good agency can safeguard against this. The qualities of the lady are not asserted directly by her but by someone who has chosen to represent her and made an objective appraisal. An agency is a business: If they get it wrong or make the wrong claim they are obliged to fix it! To that end a smart agency would be careful about the girls they choose to represent them. Like any business, customer satisfaction is everything. Bedroom Eyes certainly got it right with Cara. She exceeded my most optimistic expectations . I’ll tell you about her in a minute.


Although an Agent works to assure you, they also work as a buffer between you and the girl, which is a blessing and a curse. When booking an independent private on-line you have an exchange of emails, sometimes photos, and sometimes frank talk about expectations, person to person. So you end up with a reasonably clear idea of what to expect before she arrives. With an agency it is they you communicate with rather than the lady. But at least you can be frank about your expectation without any ambiguity. Lastly, the Agency also acts as a buffer in other ways by shielding the lady, protecting her privacy and freeing her from time-wasters. Indeed, it is probably the very reason why some girls choose to work through an agent.


So because of all this I hadn’t had any direct communication with Cara. All I knew was her age and vital statistics. Bedroom Eyes have photos of her on their website but her face is pixelated of course. Fortunately, the photos proved to be exact in regard to her incredibly beautiful body.


I had been up-front with Bedroom Eyes telling them that I expect sex to be sex, so don’t send me some girl who thinks a condescending choreograph will be acceptable. They didn’t. They told me that they felt Cara would be the right girl for me and to be honest I could not have chosen better myself.


I’d booked a hotel in the CBD and asked that Cara meet me at two-thirty. I checked in at two and texted them the room number. At exactly 2.30 Cara knocked on the door. She was tall, brunette, early twenties, really nice looking. She dressed with style: tight, tight black pants, black heels, a sleeveless black top and a grey jacket. She looked great. More importantly she wore a very positive and confident attitude. What an excellent start.


She removed her jacket to reveal perfectly toned, tanned beautiful arms. We had a glass of red wine and a bit of a chat in the lounge area of the suite. As usual, I’d booked a room with a balcony because I find that a huge percentage of working girls smoke. Cara doesn’t. She is fit and interested in staying that way. Her body glows with health. We shared a little insight into each other. We didn’t talk about “the industry” at all which is the way I prefer these initial conversations to go. We didn’t even talk about the Agency that had sent her. It’s all too easy to talk about “How long you been doing this? How often do you work?” One should be able to do better than that. So we chatted for about half an hour or so and shared a bit of personal history and then I suggested we continue our communication in the bedroom, which fortunately Cara enthusiastically responded to.


Cara adjourned to the bathroom and I to the bedroom. I’d only just removed my tie, my shoes and socks, and my suit coat, and was sitting on the edge of the bed when she re-emerged - still dressed! She knelt behind me and slipped her arms around me, invading my shirt. She kissed my neck. Okay, I’ll go with this, I thought.


I laid back to look at her. So beautiful. She kissed me. Kneeling beside me she removed her top. She was wearing a bra which would have to have been created by some designer of class and prestige. The garment and the wearer complimented each other in visual perfection. I was quite fascinated by her shoulders, her arms and her midriff. Her body was all so utterly perfect. Her skin was silken and tanned – though I think that is her natural skin colour.


We kissed for a while (such beautiful deep sensual kisses) and then she removed my shirt. But with trousers and other items in limbo I decided it would probably be better (and more comfortable) to remove the lot. So I got up and did that. I’ve never been shy with Working Girls. They’re going to see you naked anyway, so you might as well get on with it. So here I am now butt-naked and Cara still dressed in slacks and bra. But this wasn’t because of any wariness or hesitation on her part. It was just the way things were unfolding. I liked it actually. We knelt on the bed and kissed a while and then I removed her bra to reveal what would have to rate amongst the most perfect breasts I have ever seen. It was impossible to look at her flawless skin without wanting to kiss it: so I did – a lot.


I helped her wriggle out of her tight slacks and found that her undergarment matched her bra. This girl knows how to choose (and wear!) classy lingerie. But of course it paled into nothingness compared to the wearer; so after admiring the way she looked in them I helped her take them off to see how she would look without them. Perfect tanned naked body. I went down on Cara for ... oh.... an awful long time. And she had an orgasm or two. And she was fine about me going down on her from behind: her on her knees, her head on the bed, her gorgeous arse raised. After a while it was my turn to receive. I found that Cara was as keen to adopt as many positions to give oral sex as I was. Including sixty-nine and kneeling/standing... oh just think of a position and we probably got there.


These days I shoot once – it takes a few hours to reload so I always ask the lady to help me hold back until the final part of our time together. Cara was great at making sure we paced it right. The oral continued. And then we played a few other games including a bit of light bondage. She is adventurous and open minded. We took a break and talked about that and other things. Then we went back to more oral - and eventually we put a condom on and she fucked me beautifully and energetically and when I came she pulled me closer and held me.


When you call an agency they will send a girl who will come and have sex with you. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you will get what feels like a GFE. At least, all the actions would suggest that is what you have experienced.


About eight months ago I asked myself how much longer can I keep writing about sex with Working Girls without each one sounding like the last: “Then we did this, then we did that, then she did this, then I did that. I kissed her, she kissed me, we had mutual oral”. (No wonder I gave up writing about these encounters). For even though these actions inform you of her involvement and participation there is something else. And perhaps, after all these words it is the unspoken.


There is no map. No routine. No choreograph. What circumstances brought us together don’t matter. The consciousnesses of our respective roles dissolve. It is a man and woman willing to accept from each other and give to each other.


Cara knows this already. She has the confidence and belief in herself to be in the moment: beautiful, adventurous girl. She shares sex rather than serves it. She takes what you wish to bring rather than simply giving what she thinks you might need. Her attitude is as faultless as her unforgettable body.


I am grateful to Bedroom Eyes Agency for introducing Cara to me. If I have one complaint it is that they also took her away again. But one must be realistic. That, unfortunately is another feature of an agency. Time is watched a little more carefully than with some independent escorts and two hours is two hours.


I cant wait for her to come to Melbourne again.

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Thank you Mr Purple for providing us with an insight into Cara. I had intended to see her when she toured Perth but the tour dates clashed with my work so I couldn't make it. It appears I may have to do my best to rectify that if she visits Perth again.



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