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Review Information

  1. Sex Worker's Name: Rachel (ACT Tour)
  2. Session Month: September
  3. Session Year: 2017
  4. Type of Service: Agency Escort
  5. Name of Agency or Parlour (if any): Bedroom Eyes Escorts
  6. Phone Number (Please add area code): 0421 947 788
  7. Service Provider's Email (if any): [email protected]
  8. SWA Number if known (Victoria only): 7382E
  9. Photos Authenticity: Real, slightly retouched
  10. Advertised Hourly Rate (Pick closest): $650
  11. Location where session took place: A.C.T.
  12. Incall or Outcall: Incall to Escort's place
  13. Session Day: Weekend
  14. Session Time: Daytime
  15. Estimated Age: 21 - 25
  16. Estimated Ethnic Group: Caucasian / European Origin
  17. Knowledge of English: Very Good
  18. Hair Colour: Brown
  19. Hair Length: Medium
  20. Eyes Colour: Brown
  21. Skin Colour: Tanned
  22. Height: Tall - Above 170 cm / 5'7"
  23. Body Shape: Athletic
  24. Estimated Body Size: 8 to 10
  25. Estimated Breast Size: C to D (Medium to Big)
  26. Enhanced breasts?: Yes, enhanced
  27. Pubic Hair: All Waxed / Shaved
  28. Any Tattoos?: Several
  29. Any Piercings?: One or two
  30. Full Sex Available: Yes, intercourse
  31. Kind of Experience: Girlfriend Experience
  32. Kissing Available: Passionate Kissing
  33. Blowjob: Yes, fellatio
  34. DATY / Oral On Her: Yes, DATY on offer
  35. Greek or Anal Sex Available: No
  36. Handjob Available: Yes, handjob
  37. Massage Available: Yes, rub-down
  38. Extras Charged: No, all included
  39. Doubles and Group Sex: MFF lesbian doubles
  40. Overall Looks: Beautiful
  41. Overall Personality: Lovely
  42. Overall Performance: Fantastic time

Bedroom Eyes Escorts - September 2017 - Rachel (ACT Tour)

John Sköld

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Bottom. Line. Up. Front.


In an attempt to satisfy all possible review-readers, here is a new BLUF field. Specifically tailored for people who don’t want to know about the session context or conduct, those with ADHD, or for people who are REALLY time poor.


…Or those who might trust my judgement but not my literary ability.


BLUF: One of my best sessions ever. Rachel cast a spell as I walked in, and eventually returned me to the world, better for the experience; famished for a repeat even as I walked away from her door, yet somehow totally satisfied, also.


That doesn’t make sense, even to me, yet that is the best I can do.


It would have been my Holy Grail, once. That experience. This time around, no longer seeking it, I stumbled across it while simply pursuing a GFE with a beautiful woman.


Thus all credit goes to Rachel.


With a smile and manner that could melt the coldest heart; and a body and moves that could draw a rise from Michelangelo’s David.





{Review Preamble}


This was my first agency experience for nearly a year.


Though not for a lack of trying.


There had been a return with Brooklyn in November after this initial session. Longer and better, I couldn’t find the words for that repeat session – the longest booking I have made since the GFC.


…Other than to say it was really good. Improved, somehow, from an already high bar.


BRE have certainly not disappointed me. Though in the interests of thoroughness, further research is required. And crowdfunding options are being explored to support the effort.


I think I struggled with that review as I am now struggling for my more recent session with Rachel. Not that there were mixed impulses, or anything negative at all.


If there is such a thing as a perfect punt, I just had it.


The lady fit what would have been my ideal criteria, back in the day, so closely it was as though she’d been custom designed for the role. I only realised that fact hours after floating from her world, so spellbound had I been.


We all have an ideal, stored away in our subconscious and built over decades. Sometimes you see flashes of it come to life around you, though for me never before so comprehensively. Never before with sex to follow the discovery, either. And not once before exceeding that ideal.


Asks Rachel, “Why are you grinning like a loon*?” As she leans over me, beaming, and between sweet kisses.


JS (while grinning like a loon) replies, “Because of you^.” Kisses resume.




As with that earlier review, there are some coherent thoughts inside. Some. Not many. This certainly won’t be War & Peace. But I’ll try to get some impressions down, for those that need more than Twitter-level endorsements.


For those that don’t, simply put: #RachelRocks!



{Punting Preamble}


So, I mentioned about some failed attempts to connect with several BRE ladies.


…My phobia regarding agencies is now a thing of the past, it would seem.


At least for one. Alex at BRE has been patient throughout with booking requests, the information flow having been top-notch.


Rachel was slated to brighten our pre-winter gloom at the tail end of April but the tour didn’t pan out. Thankfully, the intent didn’t fade away with that first attempt. So instead, she brightened a brilliant spring day this past long weekend. And it was worth enduring another winter, in between.


…Though in hindsight, a simple drive or flight to Sydney would have been more pleasant than months of cold.


Emma toured down in early July but our days were just out of alignment, timings inflexible on both sides, so a mark made to try again next time. A shame, for she looked amazing in whatever that black outfit is called.


This time around, as soon as I saw the tour for Rachel the email virtually willed ‘itself’ to Alex. A little back and forth, and things were locked in. That meant forgoing other opportunities, something that is not generally a factor here in Canberra. Touring schedules and my availability rarely align, and that factor alone eliminates 90% of advertised tours. Rates do the rest.


But for this weekend Talisa was returning. The dilemma was resolved by default, the BRE booking having already been set before I knew about the former. To cancel one for the other would be crass, even for me. By chance, Selina was touring also – a lady who Toga had reviewed recently, and whose images were as outstanding as the review verdict also.


…The list only ever grows! Next time.


Speaking of terrific images, Rachel had completed a new set very recently – as had Chloe and Candice I believe – so there might be a mixture of new and old here. The new ones are definitely representative of the lady you’ll meet. So were the old ones, in hindsight, after close inspection.




Usually here I would reflect on nerves, having not communicated with the lady in this still-novel agency process, and that particular fact still not sitting easily with me. I like to get a vibe, from the SMS or email. You can tell a surprising amount with even a relative few characters. Talisa was fantastic. Some have been atrocious. Most are in between.


But in this case it would be false. From some robust email communications over the months of those failed attempts I had some inkling as to the lady I’d be meeting. Clues dropped here and there. Nothing private, of course, strictly professional and just the kind of details you’d hope to glean from a profile or initial email communication with a lady. And from the first experiences with actually seeing Brooklyn, I knew Alex wasn’t one to blow smoke.


…Though there were still nerves. For different reasons. For more routine reasons.


Alex ensured I knew where to point the car that morning, final details flowing immediately prior to the session as you’d expect/hope. Everything ran like clockwork. Given the time of day I was thankful for that. It might have been spring but the mornings were still crisp.


Back to those nerves. It had been a hectic few weeks. Draining, and not in the good way. Distracted, depleted, I wasn’t on autopilot but hadn’t reflected on much of anything while preparing at zero-dark-thirty. I hadn’t mapped things out, hadn’t dusted off the checklist – couldn’t even find the damn thing – and hadn’t really considered anything beyond the door knock.


…I had faith we’d work something out.




Still, I wasn’t sure if I was about to meet a sporty babe in tracksuit pants and a polar fleece vest, or a sexy succubus clad only in lingerie and heels. Or more likely, a sexy babe in more standard attire for the intro phase. Truthfully, the attire hardly mattered – it wouldn’t have made a difference to the session if she’d worn Christian Louboutin or a pair of clogs. Might have made the initial kisses a little less effortless in clogs since there was a height disparity. A small one in this case. Rachel’s heels – from whatever source – put our lips close enough that those effortless kisses flowed early and often.


You know when a face is blurred, your mind automatically does that thing where it fills in the blanks from the available details? Sometimes the reality hasn’t quite measured up to the auto-fill function. Not that those ladies didn’t look good. Most looked fantastic. Some didn’t. But there was a divergence, jarring in the moment as the mind adapts to the reality and scrubs away the draft copies.


The door hadn’t opened yet but [spoiler alert] I have to say before she casts that spell, Rachel was more beautiful – her body/face/the person/all of her – than the images indicated and my mind had auto‑filled.


Distracted, as described above; increasingly nervous as the distractions melted away, I knocked on Rachel’s door. Without a plan – happy to be without a plan – and just glad the session had arrived.


Those resurgent nerves lasted for a single step into her realm. Slapped in the face by her beauty, warmed by her presence, finally calmed and spellbound by something she did. Or was. Or how she did it. I don’t know. I only recall the effect.


All in the space of a step.





{Session starts here}


The awkwardness that presents so often at the beginning of a session, didn’t. For me it didn’t, that is. Following the theme above, Rachel would probably use: #SuperAwkwardIntro!


Seriously, I felt comfortable with Rachel right away. To a degree I’ve never experienced before. I realise that is part of the job description; and Rachel did that job so very well from beginning to end. In fact, there should be an award, and she’d be taking it home.

What more can one say?


I’m not sure how much I want to share of the session itself. Or how much I can recall of it. After reading this far you (both of you) deserve something, so I’ll intersperse my comments with images of the lovely lady.


Sessions. Without a plan. Certainly without a checklist. Ideals realised. Exceeded.


The vibe. Throughout. Positive. Warm. Sensual. Open. Generous. Trusting.


Kisses. Interspersing conversation. While coupled. And everything in between.


Rachel’s smile. Worn so often. From cute to sexy, from superheated to just smouldering, and containing a palpable warmth. Not just her lips, the way her eyes smiled too. Before and after kisses. Not a thousand-watt poster-smile, but no lesser for it, and a sliver of something…warm and real…that made it better than any billboard bombshell. The kind of smile you want to bring to a woman’s lips, her face, to see it expressed in her eyes. Transforming her face from beautiful to something greater again.


Her infectious smiles triggering mine, hence the quote above. The mood indefinable, yet almost magical in some way. Pixie-dust, along with the initial spell, perhaps? Not real, but the illusion so convincing that it could have been.


…Hence my comment about the award.


This stream of consciousness was disgorged to get me over my reticence, else my fingers would be frozen above the keyboard still. And it worked, so it is staying. Of what followed, some snippets should paint the picture clearly enough;


‘…Welcomed into Rachel’s realm…struck by the aforementioned…something…feeling a really good vibe, like unbelievably good. Rachel NOT clad in tracksuit pants, her sexy lingerie concealed for now, sensible heels placing her lips within reach. There was some reaching, brief but so sweet! After I left I couldn’t recall what she’d worn in the beginning. A dress?  A hessian sack? Wings & halo? As scattered neurons coalesced I came to believe Rachel was in some dark pants, fitted, possibly black, and a shirt – also fitted and dark though probably not black – which revealed flashes of tanned midriff as she rested back on the bed while we chatted freely…’


‘…And as mentioned, a face more beautiful than I’d hoped. Expressive. And a body true to those images taken just days before…’


‘…Best of all, Rachel wasn’t holding herself apart; in body language, our communications, the tactile elements – the overall vibe was such a refreshing relief. It felt…normal…real. She wasn’t a forbidding marble statue, beautiful but untouchable, cold and harsh. Beautiful, yes. But warm, and soft, silky smooth, and simply a sublime delight to be with…’


‘…On the bed, after the exchange, reclining. After or between kisses. My statement that I’d be happy sharing those kisses for the hour. We didn’t, of course. But the sentiment was true. There was just something about them, from the first to the last, some special quality emanating from this lady. The sentiment later revised as each step flowed like it wasn’t even there, the gradual unwrapping of the session so seamless and perfect…’


‘…A decent portion of the session spent getting to know each other, the time not feeling like a waste for even a second. Clothes staying on, fingertips exploring over them – though nowhere you’d expect. Me, realising that I wanted to devour this woman; the feeling not a thought, but rather a consuming need…’


‘…Rachel’s engaging personality, some indefinable yet amazing quality to it, not seeming to be a mask at all. The transparent material, its micro-thin layer, imperceptible to me even before my glasses came off…’


‘…Another phase I could have enjoyed for the hour, if interspersed with kisses. And it was. Sitting there with Rachel, fingers lightly exploring, talking, and listening. And kissing…’


‘…At the point where I was ready to make good on my need, residual better judgement breaking things off before I got carried away. A shower, then a resumption, seemed the best way forward. In execution, the flow not quite as seamless…due to me either blathering on or returning to Rachel for more kisses while half-dressed. Or possibly both. Repeatedly…’




‘…The bathroom diversion finally over, wrapped in a towel and curious what would be on the other side of ‘that’ door. Rachel, almost like the above…or so I would learn as I stalked towards the human-shape near the bed…yep, it was her, same top and a G-string, no less sexy. The difference between image and reality less than an afterthought, and this ensemble meeting my hopes just fine as I drank in her curves with increasing clarity. Tanned olive skin, black (or really dark, for the bra, the G-string was definitely black) lingerie complementing the overall package that was Rachel, medium-length hair loose. Everything balanced. And that smile! If I wasn’t spellbound from earlier that vision would have done me in. Sublime, again…’


‘…This is where the other kind of blur kicks in. I recall some moves, many kisses, some contacts, fingers entwining so sweetly, random words, wrapping Rachel up in my embrace, etc. But the neat flow becomes choppier. Not in the session but certainly in the memory banks…’


‘…We got onto the bed, towel discarded, and with some delicious contact, if memory serves…’


‘…And here I remember why this part is hard…’


‘…The session wasn’t judged by harsh East Germans, move-by-move, scores painstakingly tallied until they revealed the verdict…’


‘…It wasn’t an alphabet soup of acronyms, as we sought a triple-word-score with the most improbable combinations and contortions…’


‘…Simply put, we had sex. Slow, sensual build up. Intense spikes. And a conclusion that flowed as seamlessly as everything before it. No map, no checklist, and no concerns (in my head at least). Energy passing back and forth as we took and yielded lead by turns. Rachel accommodating my requests without ripple to the illusion, the requests nothing risqué but the lady again proving the truth of her profile…’


‘…The kind of sex you might seek but rarely find in the real world, though hopefully less rushed out there where timers don’t come with such expensive snooze buttons. Seemingly nothing confected about any of it in this world so similar to the real one, worlds separated by only a stuffed envelope. The cover hardly differentiating this session from any other with a new partner you might have just met in that other realm…’


‘…There was only an hour – less the early phase – to explore. To sample, at best. True, there was something I ‘was’ going to do, if welcomed. Something I did not want to miss. Beyond that I was happy to flow with Rachel’s rhythm, and as I’d hoped before knocking on that door, I was in good hands…’




‘…So the towel was discarded and I wriggled back as Rachel kept pace. Like a tigress, flowing motion of liquid grace, sensual curves and the warmth of silky skin against mine. A flash of concern: was I to be the one devoured?…’


‘…Concern? Or delight at the prospect?...’


‘…Was this to be the point where a production-line session begins? Where the marble mask is donned…’


‘…Rachel straddling me, still clothed – if the sexy bra and skimpy G-string would be counted as such – as she pressed her G-string down on me. Kisses – before and after – while loose hair framed her face and tickled my skin, the slow slippery grind of her heat against mine. Nothing animalistic, just sweetly sensual as she aroused me by zones like some skilled artist. My inner grin because this was probably the one thing I had actually pictured, and had hoped would happen without prompting. The fact it happened prompted my particularly-loopy-grin, which itself almost certainly prompted the quote up above…’


‘…In other words, no it wasn’t where the production line intruded. There were no ripples, no jarring transitions, and no slippage of that mask. What followed flowed like that before it, as we explored each other and Rachel worked me over…’


‘…Cursed bra-clasps resisting my efforts…Rachel taking pity and making removal easy as she showed me her back…a lovely back, smooth tanned skin, warm and welcoming…’




‘…And after she turned back, lovely breasts, augmented but with a fantastic feel. And shape. The balance of features from before? Maintained. Added to with the revelation of this latest element. Areolae and breast about the same shade, boundary layer between the two hard to make out – requiring further close inspection that may not have happened this day. Next time, if it presents…’


‘…Rachel taking over, such a smooth transition I didn’t feel the baton pass. She kept things moving on track, where I would have been stopped and side-tracked many times – repeatedly struck by this woman, a pure delight, and so much more than the sum of her (lovely) parts. Madly snapping mental images of this ideal come to life. Hence being struck by the moment/s. On track, that is, until we found somewhere to pause by mutual unspoken agreement…’


‘…But that pause is in the future. Rachel worked her way down my torso, slow and sensual. But not too slow. Not running down the clock. There was a totally different vibe. After, now, I’m still baffled how she got so many things so right for me through the course of our time together. Hence the award, earlier. Or her spell…’


‘…Rachel exploring my body, using fingers, lips, and tongue. No pattern, she kept me guessing, kept me climbing. Her eyes cast up towards me, smiling with her whole face or just her eyes. Reportedly brown, yet I thought there was some hazel in those depths. Hazel-brown, perhaps? Either way, those orbs made me melt each time she locked them on mine…’


‘…And that was before she started treating me to some fellatio, poised there between my thighs, lapping and licking, kissing and grinning. It was intense even before her lips spread around my glans…’


‘…What followed was also sublime: the way Rachel went about it, the way she moved, her eyes meeting mine over and over as her focus drew back to immediate challenges. And it wasn’t about the precise vacuum drawn in her mouth, the flutters-per-second of her tongue on my frenulum, or the inches she made disappear. It felt amazingly good to me. And I think Rachel went easy on me, her attentions so gentle at times, my arousal having been high from the moment after she opened the door, and having only climbed since that time…’ 


‘…And she probably read me with those glances, read me like she’d likely been reading me from the first moments of our session. Pinning her hair up when she realised that it was obstructing my view…Not all of it, residual tresses providing me something to brush off her face as I admired her in action. She was only giving me what I could take, mixing things up, and showing finesse – much more finesse than I’d be showing when positions were reversed a few minutes later…’


‘…But there was something about it, about the way Rachel moved. Attribute it to the spell if you will. It wasn’t like a hugely polished production, a practiced flow of elements that had been performed often enough to lose all novelty. There was a…I hesitate to say innocence…but an endearing sensual or experimental quality to the way Rachel went about this phase…’


‘…Perhaps I was so awed by this point she could have read the phone book aloud with my glans as a microphone and I’d have had a similar response. But I think not. That seamless flow presented here, also. Was even more apparent here because ‘here’ was where other sessions devolved to rote mechanical action. The act intimate yet the delivery far from it. Not all, but more than a few. There was a certain quality to what she was doing, to how she was doing it – a special quality I’d rarely encountered. Something I adored without knowing its label, something accepted as another brilliant facet of this lovely talented sensual lady…’


‘…Then Rachel came up to deliver a kiss, with more passion than before, still sweet but layered deeper than before. Eyes sparkling, her smile possibly at its most beautiful. Or perhaps that was to come? The cycle might have repeated again. Machismo might be playing a part here in recalling another oral cycle, and for that reason it probably didn’t happen that way. Plus, there was another reason it almost certainly did not. It couldn’t, surely, not just due to my lack of stamina. Now, more than before, I wanted to eat this woman…’


‘…In hindsight, after mulling this weighty issue in the factory today, I think it is 50:50 whether there was another excursion and oral treatment by Rachel after the first. If there was a repeat the impact was the same, the sensations such that you want to lose yourself in them for as long as you can last – for as long as you can resist the burning need to return the favour…’




‘…Positions reversed in a slow blur, overture welcomed. Struck by the image, Rachel on her back, wearing just the G-string – for a few more seconds at least – with thighs together, breast perkily pointing to the ceiling. Actual image snapped in the memory banks, the one above from the wrong vantage but giving an idea of the temptation she presented…’


‘…Hips lifted and abdominals taut as Rachel helped me to remove those two grams of lacy wispy material. Fingertips drawing down silky thighs and calves, material discarded in a tiny bunch. Thighs transitioning from closed to welcoming in another blur. X not marking the spot, but not far removed from it as I absorbed another beautiful feature of this woman. Spiralling in on her treasure with all the restraint I could manage given the clock and Rachel’s magic spell, and some kind of tractor beam she caught me in – that I wanted to be caught in…’


‘…Heels hitting a cupboard – my heels hitting a cupboard/cabinet – in the rectangular room. The room clearly optimised for mutual oral not sequential. Somehow, even that didn’t break my spell. A grin, a chuckle, me curling up a little to fit comfortably, and we slipped back into the rhythm…’


‘…Some kisses placed on soft supple skin, on her pubic rise and inner thighs right next to her creases. Then between and along…’


‘…A slow progression, responses subtle at first but building quickly. Here possibly, Rachel’s left and my right hands meeting and fingers entwining, really the only position for which it made sense. The act not imagined. Or was it? And the feeling from just that intimate timely touch amping my senses to a new high…’


‘…Hips bucking, sounds, moves, taste. Drowning in sensations. Lost for that timeless interval, spiralling up. Not nearly as slow a progression as I’d have liked, the approach lacking finesse; my wish that I’d booked two hours up front. If only! Still, learning Rachel’s body in that new way wasn’t a chore, or a waste of what time we had. It was a treat. And if I could have, I’d have been grinning like a loon again…’


‘…Rachel’s body moving in such sexy ways, between the occasional visuals and the tactile sensations, added to her alluring sounds. Her positive responses feeding my energy, spiralling up and away. Another place I’d have happily spent an hour, between the thighs of a welcoming, responsive woman. Her seamless flow continued while she was receiving, also. Reactions, sounds, everything, it seemed so authentic…’


‘…Time-out called. Reciprocating the earlier kiss, bodies close as we both panted. Rachel a limp noodle. My mistake belatedly realised…’




‘…But energy rebounded rapidly; the benefit of Rachel’s sporty lifestyle, an early benefit. And thus a rapid transition to sex, preparing and sliding together from that position. My lame joke at that less-than-opportune moment, or just before it, seeming to flow along with the general vibe thus far, and perhaps to draw another beautiful grin from Rachel…’


‘…Jokes aside, though loopy grin likely never bigger. Rachel looking ravishing as we joined together. So slow. And so tight. Rachel felt amazing, and it was a real blur. We didn’t suddenly slip into raw fucking. It was sensual, a GFE – in the best way. There was kissing all over the place, exploring and cupping whatever areas of Rachel I could reach. Wrapping each other up and grinding together, the embrace feeling so intimate, so right, and the fit so good…’


‘…And another late addition – clearly I was not worked hard enough today – as I skim back and fill in gaps, almost done. Coupled with Rachel, my torso mostly upright, her flat and centred on the bed. An image dredged from thousands, the memory of it amplifying my final sentiments in this review; our pace slow as we felt each other out, Rachel biting her lip in a way that was simultaneously adorable and scorching. Variations of that visage presenting more than a few times as we worked our way around the bed, each time like a bolt of arousal striking me…’


‘…Some little variations along the way, exploring what felt best, and simply sampling the fit further. Regardless of the specifics, being face to face, between Rachel’s thighs, was one of my favourite places to be…’




‘…A change, Rachel hopping on top. I can’t recall who prompted the change, but I had wanted to see her up there – like before, but better. A chance to admire her sexy form, still share kisses – and with hands free! What wasn’t to love? Then she started grinding and the blur set back in…’


‘…Another favourite place to be – and as time went on I also admired Rachel’s stamina as she moved so smoothly and continued building the heat, mixing things up and at times possibly enjoying it a little herself…’


‘…Me, probably not doing that much, still spellbound, still snapping mental images of the proceedings. In truth, my shutter having been cycling continuously since I’d walked in and met this delightful lady…’


‘…A sudden change. In position, not the session flow or vibe. Rachel demanding something, in the most incendiary manner. Assertive, in the best possible way. Her sweet visage contorted a little, hair tousled. Words not quite remembered but her voice etched forevermore…’




‘…Kneeling behind Rachel, clasping her narrow waist or gripping her hips, legs spread wide as we aligned neatly. The pace a little greater than I’d grown used to. The feeling? Fantastic…’


‘…Kneeling there, hands somewhat free and eyes able to drink Rachel in. Fingertips exploring, though probably with less finesse than I hoped at the time. Admiring her form. I’d adored Rachel’s body from the BRE images, her height, curves, etc. And way above I mentioned about the balance, the interplay between all of those elements. And that ideal. So while not panting crazily I was mapping those features, the pinch of her waist, flare of her hips, silky smooth tanned thighs. Tanned all-over in fact.…’


‘…Lowering down, experimental, finding it worked nicely also. My limits striking first, exhaustion and overheating soon driving another change. Even when in perfect form, with a woman willing and able to share those kind of kisses, I’d prefer to be face to face with the lady, kissing…’


‘…So we returned to the beginning and in a virtual repeat wrapped each other up. The pace a little more active. As much a delight this time, seeing that particular image mentioned above, Rachel’s cheeks coloured from more than her olive complexion and tan…’


‘…But I wasn’t going to make it, and time was nearly up. There was no alarm for the latter; my hammering heart clued me into the former…’




‘…Rachel pounced, treating me to some energetic oral. I continued exploring her body as she swayed and flowed on hands and knees. And magically, she had me to the edge in no time.…’


‘…So, unusually for me, I finished on Rachel’s breasts. Her hand pushing me over the edge and guiding what followed. That also, was sublime! Her touch just right, the pressure, speed, everything. Like heaven, after the sensual progression we’d experienced…’


‘…The colour contrast on her tanned breasts drawing the eye…’


‘…Entering the final phase, cleaning up and chatting like old friends, like we had from the first exchange. Not rushed, the follow-through as important as the intro and build-up. Learning a little more about this amazing woman, each layer more impressive than the last, and the collection of layers forming someone truly special…’


‘…There were some more kisses, here and there. Still spellbound, still recovering from the previous hour of exertion, I could have shared those kisses for another couple hours. But it couldn’t be, and I promised myself we’d cross paths again, and share kisses in her realm…’


‘…A few final words shared, Rachel with but a towel around her waist. Not a promise to return but certainly the expression of such an intent. Intent welcomed, Canberra possibly to be graced by this beautiful woman at some future date. Would the following weekend work? Probably not. Alas…’


‘…A new name right at the top of my “return to if able” list, a list not written anywhere, and a list only utilized twice – again energised with new memories; this 2017 having been as chaotic as 2016, but that hour with Rachel had restored some balance to the force…some perspective on recent events. A gift worth so much more than the filling of that envelope, a gift freely given by a generous, kind soul…’


‘…Thank you, Rachel. Beginning to end, it was – you were – sublime…’





{Punting Postscript}


‘…A quote coming to mind as I journeyed through the session again over the past few days for this review. A little time here, a little time there, and still so much to go. The words were from a beautiful generous soul, in Queensland, a decade ago…our dialogue after crafting and sharing a review of a phenomenal dinner date…then truncating the draft, significantly…“Chemistry is a hard thing to bottle and deliver on demand”…A different context, but the sentiment resonating now for some reason…’


It was definitely worth the wait to meet Rachel.


Her lack of reviews here didn’t cause huge disquiet. There were several positive comments here or there, and those – along with BRE’s reputation (and the images of Rachel) – were enough to convince me to make the attempt again. Those endorsements were on target.


The bar set for an agency or private session – as developed from experience not from exhaustive statistical comparisons – was walked over in the first step. Everything that followed was so smooth, so all-encompassing, and felt so natural** that rankings were irrelevant for this particular act or that. Suffice to say, there was sex, and foreplay, and it was all fantastic.


Would I recommend? Yes. Very highly, of course. Rachel was beautiful inside and out, great company, and a true delight in bed. For me, that day, she was the perfect package. If you seek a sensual GFE (and the images appeal, obviously) and find yourself in the same city you’d be insane to miss her. As I have written only once before, it was about as good as it could get in a paid encounter.


Would I return? Yes. Without a doubt. The hour was sublime but I think it just made me hungry for more. I would want a longer session to properly enjoy Rachel’s company in every way, to taste areas untouched, to savour this amazing young woman. Assuming schedules align, of course. Or if an escape from Canberra becomes possible…



Live Well & Happy Punting,




* - Rachel probably didn’t use the word loon, though I have no doubt my loopy grin matched that term perfectly.


^ - Or something similarly artful. That is the best I can recall. I was not particularly articulate at that point, with a lingerie-clad Rachel over me, her taste fresh on my lips. You get the idea, though, I hope.


** - Disclaimer: Not a reference to anything unsafe. Everything was legal. I just couldn’t think of a better word to use, my brain still a little loopy.

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Thats quite an effort there JS :) Reminds me of reviews I read in the early days that got me into the game.


Thanks and of course its good news that you had fun.

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Thanks for the review. Rachel is a total babe. I just wish she’d tour Melbourne more.


No problem at all, Wolfgang.


Other than the early writers' block. Once I got moving it flowed fine.


Yes, she is a cool chick.


Regarding your wish, it might have been answered, if you check their website.


Live Well,


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Thanks for the BLUF note JS & for breaking the body of the review down making it easier to scan, very helpful for a lazy review reader.  Rachel sounds pretty damn good to me!

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Hi Gentlemen,


Very interesting, but somewhat lacking in detail...


Could you please be more precise next time?


I know. Alas, I tried to flesh out the details :P .


Some can do it in 5-10 lines; I take 5-10 pages. I definitely need to practice more.


Thanks for the BLUF note JS & for breaking the body of the review down making it easier to scan, very helpful for a lazy review reader.  Rachel sounds pretty damn good to me!


No problem, Jez. Glad the layout worked as intended. Using the BLUF only occurred to me as I was working on this one, when I realised I was burying the highlights (and probably scattering them all over the place) to the point where people probably weren't going to be finding them.


As an aside :D : Rachel was amazing; though I'm kicking myself for only making it an hour. BRE sessions have been like a once-a-year treat, so I should have made it longer. Anyway, I'm just glad it did happen this time around.


Happy Punting,


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