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Review Information

  1. Sex Worker's Name: Anna
  2. Session Month: May
  3. Session Year: 2018
  4. Type of Service: Massage
  5. Advertised Hourly Rate (Pick closest): $200
  6. Location where session took place: New South Wales
  7. Session Day: Weekday
  8. Session Time: Evening
  9. Estimated Age: 21 - 25
  10. Estimated Ethnic Group: Caucasian / European Origin
  11. Hair Colour: Black
  12. Hair Length: Long
  13. Eyes Colour: Brown
  14. Skin Colour: Dark
  15. Height: Average - Around 165 cm / 5'5"
  16. Body Shape: Athletic
  17. Kissing Available: Unsure
  18. Blowjob: Unsure
  19. DATY / Oral On Her: Unsure
  20. Overall Looks: Pretty
  21. Overall Personality: Lovely
  22. Overall Performance: Pretty good

Bliss Erotic Massage - May 2018 - Anna

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I hadn’t been to Bliss in over a year until this point. I was fed up with lack of quality in the girls over the past 2 years and the exorbitant prices for extras that girls were charging. But after hearing and reading that the management had changed over the past year I thought I would give them another go.

Walked in a Thursday night around 8pm after a long day at work and was greeted with around 6 girls in the lineup. Of the 6 I would say 4 were hot so at least my first concern was laid to rest. I ended up choosing Anna who is a size 6 dark skinned Brazilian girl with small dimples on her face which were cute. Paid for 45min and off I went to the room.

Took a quick shower and Anna came back and started with the massage. While lying down I noticed a sign that management had put up saying that customers should not be paying more $250 for full service and something about not exchanging personal information with girls.  I’m glad they put the notice up and have listened to us punters but $250 is still ridiculous. Should not be more than $150 in my opinion.

We engaged in some small talk and I found out she has come from Sao Paulo about 3 months ago due to the ongoing violence over there. Anyway the massage was pretty good for a caucasian shop – she worked the knots in my upper body before moving to my legs. This is where the fun began as she started tickling my inner groin regions. She moved under the table and slowly started tugging the old fella for a couple of minutes. Got me suitably aroused before I flipped over. Anna got on top of me and started to bodyslide, caressing her tits over my cock which I loved. I saw from the overhead glass mirror a massive birth mark on one of her butt cheeks which I couldn’t stop laughing at given it’s odd appearance and location. She giggled when I told and said she was looking to remove it as it could be seen as a major turnoff to guys. Engaged in a bit of light kissing on her cheeks only. Anyway I finished with a standard HJ, she cleaned me up and after taking a shower I was on my way.

Overall a big improvement by Bliss since I last visited the establishment. However they should lower the $250 limit for extras so hope they read this and take it on board as going to Stilettos, Nirvanna etc would still work out a lot cheaper for full service with the quality of girls significantly better.


JD Rating 7/10

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Nice one JD. I yearn for the days of Sia and the legendary Cameron when prices where sensible and quality high. I'm glad to hear that the place has improved but your right the prices are off putting.

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