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Bodyrotic - August 2010 - Alexi


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Alexi is about 5'6", slim waist, brunette (?size 8), gorgeous face, brown eyes ( I think ).


D cup breasts, perfect shaved pussy.


Gave a fantastic massage and also very erotic.

Do not have much else to say about the session. Very nice to chat with.


I recommend her highly. She is superb at the R&T.

post-41-046960800 1281686299_thumb.jpg

post-41-041180600 1281686304_thumb.jpg

post-41-075226200 1281686307_thumb.jpg

post-41-010822100 1281686312_thumb.jpg

post-41-073776200 1281686316_thumb.jpg

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Boringdude, Alexi has moved to At Michelles.


She was at Nirvana working as Erin, but I think then went to At Michelles.


I know what you are thinking of straight away, no, she isn't doing any extras still, accept for touching her pussy. I would put up $1000 to be able to kiss and have sex with her!


I've been hassling At Michelles quite regularly about her coming back to work, apparently she is on holidays but coming back soon. I will keep trying!


I haven't seen her at Nirvana or AM, can't wait, as she'll have her own room and stuff.

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Pretty hot body! ;)


You are not wrong Andy



I would put up $1000 to be able to kiss and have sex with her!


$1,000, big call...

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