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Review Information

  1. Sex Worker's Name: Sarah
  2. Session Month: October
  3. Session Year: 2018
  4. Type of Service: Parlour Worker
  5. Name of Agency or Parlour (if any): Studio 466
  6. Advertised Hourly Rate (Pick closest): $250
  7. Location where session took place: Victoria
  8. Session Day: Weekday
  9. Session Time: Daytime
  10. Estimated Age: 26 - 30
  11. Estimated Ethnic Group: Asian Origin
  12. Nationality (Leave blank if Australian): Korea, South
  13. Knowledge of English: Good
  14. Hair Colour: Black
  15. Hair Length: Medium
  16. Eyes Colour: Brown
  17. Skin Colour: Tanned
  18. Height: Short - Under 160 cm / 5'3"
  19. Body Shape: Curvy
  20. Estimated Breast Size: DD and above (Extra Large)
  21. Enhanced breasts?: No, natural breasts
  22. Kissing Available: Unsure
  23. Blowjob: Yes, BBBJ (Natural Oral)
  24. DATY / Oral On Her: Unsure
  25. Overall Looks: Attractive
  26. Overall Personality: Fun
  27. Overall Performance: Fantastic time

Studio 466 - October 2018 - Sarah

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The back door is open and I wander down the dimly lit hall to the waiting room at the front, where I trip the front door alarm to lure the Madam from her office.  She greets me in a weary way.  She's usually professional, but she doesn’t have to turn on the charm for me because I keep coming back anyway.  


“Only one girl at the moment.  Sarah.  Bella will be available in a few minutes and there is another girl,” she pauses and looks down trying to remember the name, but she can’t, “a Chinese girl, but she won’t be available for 20 minutes.”


I agree to see Sarah and I grab a foam cup of water from the cooler while I wait.  When Sarah appears, I am still standing.  


“Hello.  I am Sarah.  Pleased to meet you.”  Sarah bows and shakes my cold hand.  She is quite short.  She is wearing a transparent purple negligee over a matching camisole.  Her face is smooth and broad and handsome.  She looks like a young Korean newsreader. 


“Hello, Sarah.”  I bow slightly too, as an excuse to perv at her amazing tits and cleavage.  She has big natural boobs that are bigger than most Page 3 girls. Her lingerie gapes in a way that it very flattering.  As she walks away she has nice legs and a decent figure.  This is no forced choice.  I’m sold.  I tell the Madam when she returns.  


Sarah beckons from the hall outside the staff room and takes me back to the last room on the left.


I give her 140 and she leaves to get change and let me shower.  My cock is responding to Sarah’s bazookas as I soap up.  I’m still towelling my back dry, with the chubby flopping around, when Sarah walks back in.  


“Oooh!” she says, catching sight of it and smiling seductively at me.  She closes the door behind her and crosses the floor to put my change on top of my clothes.  As she passes, she looks down at my cock again and makes a playful grab for it.  “Mmmmnnn.  Very good darling.”  


I climb on the bed and Sarah keeps shooting glances at my cock and smirking at me as she strips and gets ready.  When she slips off her clothes, her tits are even better naked.  They are big and firm and roll away to either side of her breastplate.  She has nice big nipples and nice small areola.  Her body has its flaws but I twitch at the sight of her because the overall impression is that she is smooth and brown and sexy.  


While she is getting ready she keeps reaching over to touch my cock, like she can’t resist.  She pats it.  


“Beautiful cock, darling.”  He’s gotten a few compliments over the years, but “beautiful”?


“Thank you.  You’re very beautiful yourself.”


She bends over to put her face near my cock and grabs hold of it to smell it.  That’s a bit weird.  She inhales deeply and closes her eyes and presses my cock against her nose and her lips.  No one’s ever done that before.  It’s weird, but it feels nice too.  


“Smells nice darling.  Nice and clean.  Nice clean cock.  I have expensive condom for you.  For clean cock.  For dirty cock I have cheaper condom, but for you darling: special.”  


“Thank you.”  


She kisses it.  All the while I am stiffening at her touch and her admiration.  


“Beautiful,” she says to my cock, and then, turning to look me in the eyes, “I like your cock, darling.”  She shrugs her shoulders in a girlish giggle. 


Finally she is ready and she climbs over me on all fours to hang her big jugs over me and drag her nipples across my skin.  


“Ohhhh.”  I moan and stiffen some more as her nipples touch my cock.  It feels really good and my cock throbs fully erect as I watch her in the mirror.  Those tits are spectacular.  


“Such a beautiful cock, darling.”  Sarah talks as if she has never seen anything like it.  Like she can’t believe it.  She holds me gently with her hand underneath and kisses my shaft.  


She moves around and I grab whatever is within reach as she moves.  I feel her back and her shoulders.  Her smooth arse.  I rest the edge of my hand in her crack and clutch her buttock.  I explore her pussy lips with my fingertips. 


“Oh!” she says as I try to stick my finger inside her vagina.  


“Not inside?”  


“No, darling.  Only outside.  Outside is OK.”  I start feeling for her clit and rub it as she puts her mouth to my cock again.  “Inside is for him only,” she jokes, indicating my cock with her eyes and her pouting lips.  


Then she climbs down between my legs and starts licking and sucking my balls.  I’m not always a big fan of ball sucking, but I put my hands behind my head and enjoy her attention.  My balls are swollen.  She holds one testicle in her mouth and then the other.  She makes me feel like I’ve got big balls and she likes them too.  Then she kisses my shaft again.  I groan because it feels so good and it looks so sexy in the mirror.  She is teasing me with the prospect of a bareback blow job.  


She does a big lick with her tongue from the base to the tip.  My cock strains desperately off my stomach.  Her tongue is strong and pointed and she swirls it around on my frenulum and I keep straining.  She smirks at the reaction.  


“Ohhhh, Sarah!  That feels so good.  You do that so well.”  I groan almost constantly as she keeps licking the length of my shaft and flicking her tongue around the underside of the head.  It feels great, but it looks even better.  She looks up from time to time and smiles.  


After a lot of teasing she sits up.  She crawls forward and offers her teats to me.  I suck one nipple hard and bite it gently and keep sucking and kissing it.  She gasps and moans in appreciation and offers me the other nipple.  But it doesn’t last long and she walks her knees around to my right and focusses her attention on my cock again.  

She repeats the sequence of cock worship, patting it gently and then holding it up to kiss it.  She kisses the very tip of me with tender pouting lips.  She looks back at me and we exchange smiles.  Then she licks around the flared head.  


“It is so beautiful,” she says, almost to herself.  I am so hard from her teasing.  I know from experience not to get my hopes up.  But she seems to be unsure herself about whether to suck me bareback or not.  She has been admiring and kissing and licking.  What harm could there be in a little sucking too?  


“It looks good enough to eat.”  Again, it is as if she is talking to herself.  She opens her mouth and bares her teeth and gently bites me, about halfway down the head. My cock bulges purple as she holds me in her teeth and turns carefully to look me in the eyes.  Then she closes her lips over my cock and releases me from her teeth to let my cock feel the soft warm wetness of the inside of her lips and her tongue and her cheeks.  


She groans in satisfaction and I groan with pleasure.  


It doesn’t last long before she sits up.  She climbs across my thigh and holding my cock at the base, she waves it like a stick against her pubic patch, wiping it back and forth across the lower part of her tummy.  She is squatting like she could just hop forward onto it and ride me bareback.  I look at her with expectation.  She gives me a look that says, “Yeah, I’ve thought about it too, but we’d better not.”  She grabs one of her premium condoms in a shiny silver foil and stretches it over me.  Only then does she hop forward.  She does it with the casual ease that I imagined.  Her pussy lips are suddenly kissing the base of my cock and she squirms around on me like she has been looking forward to this for a long time.  


I hold her waist.  It’s not perfect. But it’s soft and warm and sexy in all its imperfection  


She gets up into an Asian cowgirl squat and bobs her pussy up and down on the top half of my shaft.  I clutch those big gorgeous tits.  I don’t think I have groped a pair of natural tits that big before.  And they are bigger than any fake tits I’ve ever touched.  I rub her nipples with my thumbs.  


After only a few minutes of that she tires and climbs off.  We swap, without words, into kneeling doggy on the bed.  Her legs are short and so she keeps her knees together.  She offers her pussy to me without any guiding hands and I push the head of my cock through her entrance with a sudden pop.  


“Oh!”  She gives me that familiar reaction to the doggy pop and I smile with satisfaction.  


She has a nice neat asshole and her ass is brown like a Thai girl.  I hold her curvy hips and start sliding the sausage in and out with slow strokes.  


She is facing into the corner of the room and the mirrors over the bed head and on the side wall give me a three-sided view of her.  My direct view forms the third side of the triangle.  It is quite a view and she looks great.  She is down on her elbows with her tits hanging heavily and her nipples dragging against the bedspread.  I look in the mirror at the porn scene view of my cock sliding in and out of her.  Her pussy lips cling to me on the way out.  Her tits swing and shudder as I bang into her.  She is pushing back and grunting.  


I can’t resist touching that cute anus with my thumb.  It’s dry, but rather than telling me to stop, she grabs the oil from the side table while I continue to fuck her and she pours a teaspoonful on her own anus and I spread it around with my thumb.  My cock throbs harder in her pussy as I feel the slippery tension of her tight sphincter.  I press firmly against her ring and start fucking her harder.  She is gasping and whimpering and letting out stifled shrieks of pleasure as each thrust hits home.  


She drops her shoulder and her face against the mattress and reaches back between her legs with her hand.  At first she rubs her own clit while I keep fucking her, but then I become aware that she has her hand extended underneath my balls, so that she can feel them dragging back and forth across her palm as I fuck her.  It is a new and pleasurable feeling for me and I feel my orgasm start to build.  


My hands on her arse are slipping from the violence of our thrusting and I dig the fingertips of my left hand into her fleshy ass to get a better grip on her.  My right thumb is still loose and sliding over her slippery anus and has no grip.  So I bend my thumb at the knuckle and stick the tip of my thumb into her anus and grip her by the sphincter.  Her ass is mine, now.  She doesn’t object to my thumb in her back door, but keeps whimpering like before and pushes her ass back against my thrusts and my probing thumb.  I can feel her pussy lubricating too.  It’s all too much.  


My hips start bucking in that slightly unstable and completely uncontrollable frenzy of kneeling doggy.  I keep banging hard into her even as the intensity fades.  Only when it becomes uncomfortable do I stop and withdraw.  


“Thank you, Sarah.  That was great!”  The words are inadequate, but I say it with feeling.  Sarah groans with relief and turns to deal with the condom.  


“Look at him, darling!” she shrieks as she pulls off the condom.  “So beautiful!”  She looks up at me as if she can’t believe her eyes and she needs me to reassure her that she’s not dreaming.  It would be embarrassing if I had even a shred of modesty.  


“Thank you.”  I don’t really know what to say.  She is wiping me with tissues and putting her face up to my crotch to examine the post coital chubby closely.  She holds me at different angles in her hands and kisses the tip a few times.  It’s a wonder she doesn’t get a few drops of oozing cum on her lips.  Maybe she did.  


“Lie down, darling.  You need to rest.”  I lie down and caress her lower back and ass lazily with my left hand while she kneels beside me and plays with my cock gently in her hands.  She can’t stop touching it.  I am smiling at her in contented amusement and she smiles back.  “You stay for a while, darling.  I don’t want you to take him away from me.  I want one like this for myself.”  She strokes me with her fingers and stares fondly at it.  Clearly this is all part of the sales technique to get me to come back again.  It’s working.  I’ve never had a girl worship my cock as much as this before.  I can’t help but be flattered. 


“Those are magnificent tits.”  She smiles and waggles them proudly.  She catches sight of them in the mirror opposite her.  


“They are dancing for you, darling.”  I reach out with both hands and squeeze them firmly.  


“I love your nipples.”  I pinch them affectionately and they stiffen for me.  “They’re nice and big and hard.”  She looks down.  


“No!  Do you think so?”  She seems to doubt that her nipples are big.  And relative to the size of her jugs, they’re small.  But between my thumb and forefinger, they feel big.  She watches me twiddle them and they get bigger and harder as we both stare at them.  


All the while she is still stroking and squeezing my cock.  It would usually be sensitive after a fuck and her touching it would be uncomfortable.  But she is gentle.  And her flattery and her magnificent jugs are making me feel like I could go again.  My cock stiffens painfully in her hands.  


“You’re making me hard again.”  It seems unlikely after less than 5 minutes, but the evidence is there for us both to feel.  


“Older man not supposed to be like this!”  She looks at me as if she is mildly outraged.  “Only 18, 19-year-old man get hard again this quick, darling.”  She craps on about how I must be healthy and not smoke or drink.  I nod in agreement.  


“It’s also because you’re so sexy, Sarah.”  She smiles modestly.  I don’t have the heart to tell her about the Viagra.  


We chat on and she tells me she is from Korea and has been in Australia for two years.  


“Do you like it here?”  She hesitates and shrugs and looks away.  


Then her expression brightens as her eyes fall again on my cock.


“I like it for the big beautiful Aussie cocks.”  She draws my cock upwards with her fingers and turns to me smiling.  “Only for the cocks.  Nothing like this in Korea, darling.”  It sounds like complete bullshit, but she says it like she means it.  I laugh.  


We keep playing lazily with each other’s bodies for another five minutes while we talk.  We are lost in mutual admiration and post coital bliss and it’s lovely.  I expect the alarm to go off at any minute.  But it doesn’t.  Sarah is in no hurry to be anywhere else.  


Finally, I get up to shower.  She showers after me.  


I am standing in my socks and doing up the buttons on my business shirt as she gets out of the shower.  My cock is still semi-erect and sticks out between my shirt tails at the front.  


“What is he doing darling?” she shrieks and comes over to squat naked in front of me and inspect me.  Her big tits swing and bounce wildly as she moves.  “He supposed to be down like this.”  She grabs the head in her fingers and pulls me down, so that the shirt tails close over.  But when she lets go I spring back up bigger than before because of her naked squatting gorgeousness and her feminine touch.  She shrieks again.  “Oh!  So big and beautiful darling.”  She looks up at me excitedly.  Then she grabs hold of me again, this time by the shaft with her fist.  She puts her nose up to the tip and closes her eyes and inhales dreamily.  She rubs the tip from side to side across her nostrils and rubs my frenulum against her top lip at the same time.  “I love him,” she sighs, with her eyes still closed.  Then she puckers her lips and kisses me tenderly on the tip.  


In my younger days I probably would have unloaded again, all over her face right then and there.  But that’s not going to happen today, so I pull on my trunks.  My erection sticks out through the flap.  She laughs in disbelief.  “You can’t go back to work like that, darling!”


Unfortunately, I have to.  


We finish getting dressed.  She tells me that she is from Sydney and she is just down for the week.  She will be back again next month.  


She is smiling and waiting in front of the door in her lingerie as I leave.  She offers her cheek for a peck.  We exchange genuine smiles.  


“Bye darling.  Enjoy the rest of your day.” 


I did.  But I enjoyed my time with Sarah better.  Spending time with a cock worshipper is good for the soul.  

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That's the same Sarah that's been working there for quite a few years I presume!?

Or probably a different one? Common name.

Didn't know she offers BBBJ.

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3 minutes ago, Cuddles O'Reilly said:

That's the same Sarah that's been working there for quite a few years I presume!?


Didn't know she offers BBBJ

I presume so, Cuddles.  I've only been going there for 2 years and I've never seen her before.  


I'm not sure that the BBBJ is on offer for everyone.  YMMV.

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Yeah I did a review of Sarah awhile back, she's cheeky and dances & sings when coming out of the shower!


Still curious though if this one is her doppelganger 'body double' lol!

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1 hour ago, Cuddles O'Reilly said:

Yeah I did a review of Sarah awhile back, she's cheeky and dances & sings when coming out of the shower!


Still curious though if this one is her doppelganger 'body double' lol!

     If You want a good time with Sarah , be quick my man , Sarah told me she head back to Sydney this Sunday . 

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7 minutes ago, PostiePie said:

     If You want a good time with Sarah , be quick my man , Sarah told me she head back to Sydney this Sunday . 

Thanks for the heads up! I've been with her before. I was even contemplating a shag with her tonight!

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She was booked out last night apparently! Ventured towards Tope st shops & had a fun time with a busty Korean 'regular' there instead.

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