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Review Information

  1. Sex Worker's Name: Piper Jackson
  2. Session Month: October
  3. Session Year: 2023
  4. Type of Service: Private Escort
  5. Phone Number (Please add area code): 0478111845
  6. Link to Website or Online Ad (if any): https://www.piperjacksonxx.com
  7. Photos Authenticity: 100% Real
  8. Advertised Hourly Rate (Pick closest): $600
  9. Location where session took place: Queensland
  10. Incall or Outcall: Incall to Escort's place
  11. Session Day: Weekday
  12. Session Time: Daytime
  13. Estimated Age: 31 - 35
  14. Estimated Ethnic Group: Caucasian / European Origin
  15. Hair Colour: Blond
  16. Hair Length: Long
  17. Eyes Colour: Green
  18. Skin Colour: Tanned
  19. Height: Short - Under 160 cm / 5'3"
  20. Body Shape: Petite
  21. Estimated Body Size: 6 to 8
  22. Estimated Breast Size: C to D (Medium to Big)
  23. Enhanced breasts?: Yes, enhanced
  24. Pubic Hair: All Waxed / Shaved
  25. Any Tattoos?: None, no tattoos
  26. Any Piercings?: One or two
  27. Full Sex Available: Yes, intercourse
  28. Kind of Experience: Sex Buddy Experience
  29. Kissing Available: Yes, DFK (Deep French Kissing)
  30. Blowjob: Yes, fellatio
  31. DATY / Oral On Her: Yes, DATY on offer
  32. Overall Looks: Beautiful
  33. Overall Personality: Lovely
  34. Overall Performance: Out of this world!

Private Escort - October 2023 - Piper Jackson

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Absolutely Fantastic to eventually catch up with the gorgeous Piper again ( way too long since our last adventures ) PJ looked amazing in a cling wrap top and skirt accentuating pipers fresh tan and her trim taunt fit body , so happy to see this healthy happy energiser bunny .

Slowly undressing saviouring each other led to exploring PJs imaculate airy apartment, making use of any furniture and foot holds we could find . PJ still very athletic and adventurous.

A wonderful wonderful time together. Something to saviour on and remember for a very long time . Left Pipers appartment refreshed and recharged to face the world with added vigour .

 I cannot talk more highly of piper , a wonderful adventurous lover , but also a very very Special person in my eyes .

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@Tapitgapit certainly is .1st saw her 4 years ago as I am a very conservative priced punter , so a real treat and extravagant for me but compared to these other overpriced overweight fatties . Piper would leave them for dead I would assume ( I wouldn’t go there for free for most of them .

Piper is winding things down , only accepting a few  selected clients on limited tours . 

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A photo that depicts PJ well . Those who have not seen her , the photos depict the radiant happy smile but in the flesh her attitude and energy shine through and I am a huge admirer of these wonderful attributes she processes.



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@Bigtittywitch69 Certainly is . Her smiley happy demeaner added to energy and wonderful attitude to embrace life and not just stand still and pass you by , you have to experience life .


I admire her very much 

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@My_Place Yes certainly rocked my boat when I first saw her 4 years ago . Bonded instantly then , but I live a very busy life also , so only the 3rd time we have had opportunity to catch up for fun .

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@robsm Thankyou for the review Rob . Glad your time with Piper was amazing . Piper has that effect .Hard to imagine anything different .


A beautiful sweet sexy woman and an amazing positive human .

 Time with Piper - always a privilege/ something special  and hopeful will continue into the future .

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@Louie627Hi , hope all going Good for you and hoping you got a chance to catch up with PJ . 
Take Care , Healthy,Happy and Enjoy your Adventures.
All the very Best 👍

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3 minutes ago, Louie627 said:

@robsm Thankyou for the review Rob . Glad it was amazing - Piper gas that effect .

A beautiful sweet sexy woman and an amazing positive human .

so glad I have had time with her - always a privilege and hopeful will continue into the future .

@Louie627 Sorry I was posting as you post .

Did you catch up,with PJ on her recent visit your way .

Mine as mentioned was a long time between catch ups , but just like good friends .

All good for you 👍

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@robsm Thankyou Rob , I was indeed lucky enough to see Piper on her northern tour . Amazingly beautiful woman - sweet kind human . I did not review having done reviews of her recently .


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@Louie627 Well done 👍 

I do not want to harp on but as mentioned have not seen PJ for a very long time ( we do briefly keep in touch ) and we both happy to catch up eventually.

So Happy for you , as to me she has not changed since I first visited her 4 years ago , still the gorgeous girl that is happy to go out and embrace life ( not sit back and let the world ( time ) go by . As mentioned I personally admire her wonderful attributes to life ,adventure and to embrace experiences .

All the very Best on your Adventures 👍

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I also saw PJ last week in Brisbane for the first time this year. Definitely way overdue. She’s a busy girl so advanced booking is essential.

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