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Review Information

  1. Sex Worker's Name: Bella
  2. Session Month: June
  3. Session Year: 2013
  4. Type of Service: Massage
  5. Name of Agency or Parlour (if any): Bliss On Crown
  6. Photos Authenticity: No photos available
  7. Advertised Hourly Rate (Pick closest): $225
  8. Location where session took place: New South Wales
  9. Session Day: Weekday
  10. Session Time: Evening
  11. Estimated Age: 21 - 25
  12. Estimated Ethnic Group: Caucasian / European Origin
  13. Nationality (Leave blank if Australian): France
  14. Knowledge of English: Very Good
  15. Hair Colour: Brown
  16. Hair Length: Long
  17. Eyes Colour: Green
  18. Skin Colour: Tanned
  19. Height: Average - Around 165 cm / 5'5"
  20. Body Shape: Slim
  21. Estimated Body Size: 8 to 10
  22. Estimated Breast Size: AA to B (Small to Average)
  23. Enhanced breasts?: No, natural breasts
  24. Pubic Hair: All Waxed / Shaved
  25. Any Tattoos?: None, no tattoos
  26. Any Piercings?: One or two
  27. Full Sex Available: No
  28. Kind of Experience: Sex Buddy Experience
  29. Kissing Available: Unsure
  30. Blowjob: Unsure
  31. DATY / Oral On Her: Unsure
  32. Handjob Available: Yes, handjob
  33. Massage Available: Yes, rub-down
  34. Extras Charged: No, all included
  35. Overall Looks: Beautiful
  36. Overall Personality: Cheeky
  37. Overall Performance: Fantastic time

Bliss On Crown - June 2013 - Bella

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I dropped in to Bliss on Thursday night feeling ready for some naughty fun. There were about 5-6 girls to chose from and I felt like I was spolit for choice. Decided on a beautiful girl called Bella with a cheeky smile as I thought she looked a bit like a good girl gone naughty. There was another hot girl I think Mila who caught my eye and I made a mental note to have a session with her at some point!

Was led up to the room by Bella while perving on her ass up those dangerously steep steps. She took my jacket to hang up and left me to have a shower as she went to get me a drink. She came back barefoot with a tray of candles which I though hwas a nice romantic touch. She dimmed the lights to add to the atmosphere I guess but it was too dark for me. Why do girls do this? I prefer to get a good view.


Anyway, so I had an hour booking and sometimes I wonder if it's too long if you don't really hit it off with the girl. Bella was wearing this cute white lacy lingerie but not for long. Her tits are ok for small ones but I'm more of a ass guy and she has the most amazing perky ass with a tiny waist. She slowly undressed while asking me about my day and some flirty conversation which was a bit like I imagine a mistress being. Massive turn on. Then she started kissing my neck and running fingers down my back and the little fella really started to turn on. Then she pulled off my towel and kissed her way down to kneel before me and was looking up at me and kissing up my legs and tickling behind my knees. What a bloody tease! Mind was racing with ideas I'd gotten lucky for a BBBJ chick but sadly that wasn't on the cards. This chick gets off on being as bigger tease as possible without actually being naughty as far as I can tell. She said she doesn't offer any extras.

While chatting we bonded over going to yoga and she offered me up a nice view of her wet pussy in a naked downward dog. Also mentioned she'd done some tantric massage in India which she then offered to put to good use. Massage was really great, a good mix of firm and sensual but if anything I was already too turned on to just lay down and take it. I tried to make a few moves at her pussy while she moved around but she was pretty quick in changing position so I couldn't get proper access. There was increasing touching of my tackle through the hole. She kept bending over massaging to flash her pink pussy in the mirrors so i got a good view. This chick loves lots of oil and sliding around with lots of teasing kisses. Then she got under the table and spread her legs. I almost blew on the spot when she started touching her pussy right below me. She kept rubbing herself as she started playing with my little guy and I held her legs as she came.

Then she climbed out and whispered in my ear to turn over. Fuck yes. One thing I wasn't that excited about with Bella was the front body slide. I prefer the 69 ones but she just hopped on the table and was rubbing my little guy between her tits and sliding a bit. I probably should have said something maybe she would have if I asked.

Anyway by this point I wasn't really thinking straight. Her hands teased me to almost cum twice before she slowed down leaving me begging for it. She did this twisting thing with her hand while playing with my balls which felt fucking amazing. Eventually I blew everywhere while she was lying over me breathing in my ear. After a bit she hopped off and cleaned up the mess. While I was dreading having to get up she started some pillow talk and started massaging my shoulders neck and head as I recovered. Then she got a hot towel and washed my feet and gave me an amazing foot massage and some light touching for a few more minutes before it was time for a shower. She washed the oil off my back with a bit more of a shoulder massage and holding her body against mine.


Quickest hour of my life!


Overall impression, Bella is a really intelligent, cheeky girl with a sexy womanly body and she knows how to look after and tease a guy. Probably not the best choice if you're looking for extras but I'll definitely be back.

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Nice to see you had a good time with Bella Sggge and thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us :)

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