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Bodyrotic - March 2014 - Armani

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I went to Bodyrotic on another expedition, and again without a booking. As luck would have it it was a naked night - which meant all the girls created me completely naked. I had a hard time concentrating on names , so forgive me for that.

There were only two girls in the line up I would have considered seeing, the first of whom was very attractive, but too missive on the intro for my tastes. The send was Armarni, and she's looks as good naked as she does clothes in the picture above.

I booked for 45 minutes and went through the usual warm up. What followed was an incredibly sexy massage with lots of teasing and lots of sexy eye contact. She is also easy to chat with, which always makes a difference - even you prefer to sit in silence.

The routine was obviously well practiced, but I didn't find that detracted from the experience. Though I do prefer the sessions to feel a little more 'organic', which is probably why I like Nina so much.

The stand out was definitely the Spanish. Seeing Armani wrap her tanned breasts around me was a sight to behold.

Would I go back to see her? I wouldn't make a booking, but if I come across her (pun!) in a line up again I would seriously consider her.

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I have passed this place many times in Camperdown but never try it out! It is tricky because the management won't let you know in advance when is the 'nude shift' will be held which they call pussyfest.   :)

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As luck would have it it was a naked night
No Template? Well your luck was with you that night SS. ;)  
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Armani provides a good service. My only issue with her is that I can smell her smokers breath which is a huge turnoff for me.

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