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Review Information

  1. Sex Worker's Name: Amelia
  2. Session Month: March
  3. Session Year: 2011
  4. Type of Service: Agency Escort
  5. Name of Agency or Parlour (if any): Bedroom Eyes
  6. Phone Number (Please add area code): 0421947788
  7. Link to Website or Online Ad (if any): www.bedroomeyesescorts.com.au
  8. Photos Authenticity: 100% Real
  9. Advertised Hourly Rate (Pick closest): $650
  10. Location where session took place: New South Wales
  11. Incall or Outcall: Outcall to your home/hotel
  12. Session Day: Weekday
  13. Session Time: Evening
  14. Estimated Age: 21 - 25
  15. Estimated Ethnic Group: Caucasian / European Origin
  16. Knowledge of English: Very Good
  17. Hair Colour: Blond
  18. Hair Length: Medium
  19. Eyes Colour: Green
  20. Skin Colour: Tanned
  21. Height: Average - Around 165 cm / 5'5"
  22. Body Shape: Athletic
  23. Estimated Body Size: 8 to 10
  24. Estimated Breast Size: C to D (Medium to Big)
  25. Enhanced breasts?: Yes, enhanced
  26. Pubic Hair: Landing Strip
  27. Any Tattoos?: None, no tattoos
  28. Any Piercings?: One or two
  29. Full Sex Available: Yes, intercourse
  30. Kind of Experience: Girlfriend Experience
  31. Kissing Available: Yes, DFK (Deep French Kissing)
  32. Blowjob: Yes, BBBJ (Natural Oral)
  33. DATY / Oral On Her: Yes, DATY on offer
  34. Overall Looks: Very pretty
  35. Overall Personality: Fun
  36. Overall Performance: Great service

Bedroom Eyes - March 2011 - Amelia


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Ok. How long have I been thinking about meeting one of the BRE girls? A LONG time :rolleyes: . I guess it's been almost a year now, which is approximately the same amount of time I have been actively participating in online forums in Australia. During that period, there have been many glowing reviews of these girls. In fact, I think I can only recall one negative review - which given the array of punters accross the country that these girls have seen - what with our differing tastes and preferences - is nothing short of amazing. Kudos to not only the girls but to Macy and Alex for choosing the women that are able to go out and deliver such a high level of service.


So on Monday I found out that one of my regulars had to cancel. I called BRE to see if someone was available but they were all booked out for the time I was looking at. However, there were openings for the rest of the week. I can tell you that it was a strange mixture of pleasure and pain in trying to decide on which girl to see. They all looked fantastic. Most of them all had great reviews. I narrowed it to Cara and Amelia. I wanted an outcall on this evening and it turned out Amelia was pretty close to me so the choice was made for me. I now had 3 days for the anticipation to build.


Earlier today I found myself at my local Coles buying a few odds and ends. I was checking out the produce when my attention was diverted to this very attractive blonde who bore an eery resemblence to Amelia (body-wise as her face is blurred in the photos on the site). I had a challenging time sticking to my list as I kept on wondering: Is this Amelia?? Of course I ended up crossing paths with this girl several times during my trips down the aisles. I DID try hard to not check her out too much as I typically don't like being accused of stalking :P .





Communication with Alex was very professional and he updated me on the day to let me know everything was in place. I received a text saying Amelia was 5 minutes away. She knocked on the door and as I opened it, I was greeted by a beautiful blonde who was dressed casually (as requested) in tight-fitting denim jeans, white t-shirt and black jacket and boots. She looked great and had a great smile (she was not the girl in Coles and that was ok :D ). Alex had earlier described Amelia as a "head-turner" and I cannot disagree. I opened the bubbly that had been chilling and poured us each a glass as we sat on the lounge and got better acquainted.


Amelia has a unique gift in that she has the ability to put you at ease immediately. I found her to be an engaging conversationalist. She also had a very important quality that I look for - she laughs easily. We talked about our backgrounds, our travels, our aspirations - I could have happily spent the night chatting with this delightful young woman.






While we were on the lounge, Amelia leaned in and kissed me. Warm, soft lips. Yummmmm. I could smell her perfume. There was a nice progression in our pashing. It didn't feel rushed or strained. It wasn't long that I felt her tongue upon mine. I was in heaven. Nothing turns me on more than a beautiful woman who knows how to kiss :wub: . This went on for some time with occasional breaks for a sip of champagne. Amelia read my mind and suggested that I show her the bedroom. Glasses in hand, we entered the candlelit room which conveniently has ceiling to floor mirrors opposite the bed! More pashing on the bed led to Amelia removing my clothes and her jeans and shirt - revealing some beautiful white lingerie (how did she know I wanted her to wear white??). She kissed me again as I lay on my back and then kissed her way down from my neck to my nipple, pausing to suck on the left one - mmmmm - then down to my very hard cock. Her BBBJ was one of the best I had the pleasure to experience - very sensual with just the right amount of deep throating and attention to the balls and perineum. Great eye contact as well. While she was pleasuring little roddy with her mouth, one of her fingers was lightly tickling my ass which felt fantastic. My view during this was awesome - Amelia's mouth moving up and down on me and her ass in full view in the mirror!




After she was so nice to little roddy, I decided to return the favour :P . I flipped her over onto her back and told her it was her time to get naked. She removed her bra and let those lovely D cup breasts free. I told her that her panties were cute but they had to go :lol: . I kissed her and then made my way to her nipples. I licked them softly in a circular motion which she said she liked. I sucked on them gently and then moved to downwards, kissing her tummy and inner thighs before licking her already wet labia and clitoris. She seemed to respond to my efforts and provided me with some excellent verbal feedback (sorry neighbours :D ). Some more pashing and BBBJ and it was time for the condom. We started in mish - she was warm, wet and tight. We stayed in mish for some time, kissing and caressing. Her warm body felt great pressed up against mine. Many other positions followed. Doggie with her incredible ass in the air, her hand grabbing my balls and my hands caressing her breasts while kissing her toned back. Seated cowgirl, holding her tight, kissing her and watching her in the mirror rise and fall on my cock. We finished back in mish as I fucked her deeply, feeling her pelvis against mine. She grabbed my ass and pulled me even closer as I came inside her. We cuddled and chatted some more, sharing a few more interesting stories before it was time for her to shower and depart.





What can I say? Amelia provides an excellent GFE service. She has skills any man would be lucky to enjoy. I am not sure exactly how or why it took me so long to spend an evening with this beach babe, but I look forward to the next one.

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Agreed, rr. A stunner and an expert in pleasuring and being pleasured.


I agree about the easy conversation, too. Feeling relaxed with a friend, and aroused with an incredible babe, all at the same time: the art of GFE. Amelia has it mastered.


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Well done RR on opening your Bedroom Eyes account. Amelia is a gem - and Macy has assembled the best group of girls bar none. I am setting myself a goal to try them all in time and will definitely be paying Amelia a return visit.

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What can I say? Amelia provides an excellent GFE service. She has skills any man would be lucky to enjoy. I am not sure exactly how or why it took me so long to spend an evening with this beach babe, but I look forward to the next one.


What can I say? I am not sure exactly why on Earth I haven't seen her again, but that's the plan... eventually. ;)

Cheers for the review.

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Inspiring stuff. Thanks rowdy.

She's in Melbourne next week.. Tempted. Very tempted.......

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Thanks for the great review of Amelia rr. It certainly sounds like you enjoyed yourself, nice pics to :)

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Oh nice one rr. Nothing more to be said about BRE, they are the best. Thanks for sharing your little adventure with us. Nice touch with the pics too.

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Inspiring stuff. Thanks rowdy.

She's in Melbourne next week.. Tempted. Very tempted.......



Go for it Princely!


You will have a lovely time.






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