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a place for some old times

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waiting for the banhammer

Well i dont expect anyone to read this but as this is my place to rant i damm well will. lol well after having a ninja account over at the place that carnt be nammed, i have removed all of the reviews that i have posted and requested that my account be closed, now i realise that im only a small fish in the big picture but dammit even a small fish knows when its time to get out of the sewer that has lost its fun.... so now im waiting for the banhammer to be swung my way and no doubt my loyla



the only thing that i wanted to save from that Other place

Now i realise that this happend a long time ago but this is the only copy of any reviews that i have posted on that other site. this punt was on the 24/02/08   Well i was reading some of my old posts and came across my original review of Jennah. What was i thinking, an all to brief review on a wonderful lady, so i thought i would start again but this time review a more recent adventure with her.   Sunday arvo at home bored and horny i have a few spare hours so i figure i would r



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