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Cruising with Cruz

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Salt water running over the shore, crashing firm against the sand leaving my toes wet and glistening.

I wish to myself, for every inch of myself be wet and glistening. 

I wish to feel sunshine and salt against my taut nipples.

I wish to feel something cold and sudden after the heat has caressed me for hours.


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Sydney Gym Antics

I'm the type of girl who loves to run, to move, to sweat. The gym is a constant source of pleasure for me. Whether I lift with perfect form or I run without pause, I love the rush. But today I found a new rush. Cardio as masturbation. Before my daily cardio, I typically do my kegels with my geisha balls. Each day, I slowly slip them inside before I stretch, removing them slowly before I put on my activewear. Well today I thought, what would happen if I left them in as I ran? It was



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