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The Nasty reviews

Taylor Alexander


This one has been coming for a while.........

And before everyone goes running looking for something written about me ( this is an observation of things, not me )

I must say that as a community that is ment to be evolved , i am totally disturbed that punters do not take into account the pain they could inflict with reviewing.


First and formost arn't reviews to talk about service? Not getting ripped off ? wls whom waste your time?

Yes reviews have evolved into an expressional narative ( for some to long) exotic tales of independent sexual journey's. Sometimes reviews are warnings on con artists ,thieves and WLs whom have done something wrong .

And before you go making comments like " ohh she dosn't like reviews, well get off PP. I actually believe in constructive well written reviews, they definately have their place in this industry.


But let me ask..... do you think about the effects that are caused when you get down with nasty derogatory personal shots at WLs ?????

Or do you think.... I couldn't careless ???


Let me tell you a little story......

I received a phone call late one night...... I pick up the phone and before any words are exchanged I hear sobbing.

Now I'm getting use to this....which is actually very sad. It's either a girl has been assaulted or the every WLs fear of the nasty review........


This time it was the nasty review, I hear the words why would someone be so cruel? Why would he slam me like that? I thought we had a lovely time. If I was so terrible how come he came so quickly?

To which I ask ......did he act like anything was wrong..... In the booking? She says no , he actually said see you next time.

I cringe when I hear that hurt vibration in her voice as she tries to compose herself enough to speak.


Now this makes me question the PUNTERS...... If you arrive and see something you don't like ( as in her looks) politely walk away........if you are upset over something speak up either at the time ( so the girl has an opportunity to fix it) or an email if you believe it's that bad.



Do you think it's right to slam someone and not give them the opportunity to defend themselves?????

To public humiliate and embarrass them?

I'm all for outing bad service.......but then this blog isn't about that is it ?


Here is the ugly truth on WHEN PEOPLE don't think about their actions in this arena.....

I have seen girls go into depression, start using drugs and alcohol, go on medication to help with stress and anxiety. Close off the world and become insular......


Con artists and thieves don't get upset over these things....... women with feelings do !


Women arn't like men , they are sensitive,emotional ,softer creatures than our male counterparts.

Isn't these the very qualities, most men love about women?????


Women in this industry are not bullet proof however we accept that we are not going to be perfect for everyone...... Including myself.


If all the women were perfect Victoria secret models....... They certainly wouldn't be working in this industry.

A lot of men have different tastes in women...... That is the beauty of this world, if we were all cardboard cutouts...... How bloody boring would it all be ??


Anyone who knows me....knows I hate nasty people ( men or women) I also hate bad service,liars ,con artist and those who have total disregard for others feelings.


If you are one of those men who are so particular in your likes ( and your little willy is going to revolt)

And you still have questions after doing your research ,make a list of your turnoffs and enquire before the booking....... Cause I know that most WLs would rather not have a booking that is going to potentially hurt them in the long run.


Then when doing a review think about the fact the very girl you are insulting will be reading your review.

Using the terms..... We didn't connect, just wasn't for me, not what I thought it would be......these very terms say very loudly YOU DIDN'T like it. And are sufficient enough !!!!

Because it is only ever going to be your individual opinion not everyone's.


Thanks for reading....


Taylor Alexander



Recommended Comments

Great read Taylor. It's quite true what they say - the pen is mightier than the sword.


Unfortunately some people don't think about the consequences of their actions - whether it's writing a review here, or an off-the-cuff remark out there in the corporate world (or in a chat room).

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Taylor Alexander


Yes true doc.... I'm expecting a bit of flack over writing this. But you know me stand up and be counted rather than be silent :wub:

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Estelle Lucas


Hear hear girlfriend!


Good to see you're making a stand and spreading the awareness of consequences.

Unfortunately not everyone knows that when you don't have something nice to say, then they probably should speak at all.


Xo E

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Riley Alexander


Thanks Taylor, very well put.


I had never heard of Punter Planet until I googled my PCA number one day looking for fake ads of me, and found a review thread. My gut instantly started churning, and I couldn't let it go until I read it. After some emailing with Andy, I got myself registered, and verified as a member, and was allowed access to it... It broke my heart. I was shocked that these were the things that were complained about, that some of it contradicted itself, and a lot of it wasn't negative, but men were still commenting, "Thanks for taking one for the team." It's been about 5-6mths since I read it, and it still bothers me. It was one single persons Perception of my behaviour, and Not a true representation of me and my service, and No room given for other possible reasons for the issues that arose. But, that's just My opinion...


I am luckily strong enough to put it behind me, and really not let it get to me too much, but it hurts nonetheless. And, It was worded quite well, and had a balanced tone to it... Not nasty, or overly personal.


Having said that, I have used it as a positive, and have made a concerted effort to not let these things be an issue during my bookings, or I manage the situations in different ways and word myself differently, AND most importantly, I have let go of 9yrs of built in habits of "keeping time" and no longer set my alarm to let me know when time is up, (not that I ever rushed clients out the door) and I now allow an hour between bookings, so I have leeway to go over-time, of have more time to fix myself up after a booking. It has also helped me to realise that my "brand" is more important to me than I had realised, and protecting that brand was going to take more effort than working in a parlour doing bookings for randoms.


So in that regard, my negative review has had some positive effects, but the same could have happened if he'd been upfront with me from the start, or emailed me after the booking to voice his concerns, and no-ones feelings would've gotten hurt, and no-ones business would've been negatively effected.... I was so relieved when I started to get some good ones to balance things out.

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This is a commercial service at the end of the day and dealing with criticism is part of the process; everyone has likes and dislike however being cruel with comments is uncalled for. It is wise to also head the example that Aesop provided to us that one can not please everybody and one would look foolish in the process.

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Taylor Alexander


This is a commercial service at the end of the day and dealing with criticism is part of the process; everyone has likes and dislike however being cruel with comments is uncalled for. It is wise to also head the example that Aesop provided to us that one can not please everybody and one would look foolish in the process.



Totally agree coconut.....but some can't tell the difference between construction criticism and being unwarranted nasty individuals.....

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I agree, reviews have a place but there is no need to use them in a way that can negatively impact a girls feelings. We are people with feelings and there is a difference between writing details of dissatisfaction with a service and plain right nasty.. I understand that sometimes the wl is not their thing but a few steps are best taken first. Communication with the lady, most of us are open to constructive criticism and an opportunity to rectify a situation. If you find she is hostile to your private feedback, then I guess it might be a case to publicly mention it but even then, its feedback, not a fair thing to cut her down.


Even with positive reviews, details and writing a poetic piece of writing is fine but equally this is best kept in balance too. Not all workers like every nitty detail on display or a service that she offers at her discretion. Many of my clients don't review cause its an intimate experience they like to keep to themselves and enjoy again and again. In effect I have minimal reviews around but this isn't a reflection of a bad service but an intimate experience that most of my clients don't want to share, as well as their own privacy.


Keeping the balance and perspective on review is a good thing. They serve a purpose to provide feedback on a wl's service but that is all. No need for nastiness. We are people with private lives too and in an already isolated work environment, support and goodwill is important. So I'm totally with you on this one Taylor, guys, remember wl's are people, we aren't ten foot and bullet proof, and a consideration to how and what is written in a review matters.


Most of us are looking for a good time and to offer pleasurable relief, so we aim to give it our best and open to when we haven't but don't need to be slagged over it, polite constructive feedback is all thats needed.

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Riley Alexander


Unfortunately Sensuous, some people are just plain nasty, and will Always have something to complain about...

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Nice work Taylor. I am not sure all punters realise the effect reviews have on many WL's.

I have written a few good reviews and have been surprised at the very positive reaction from the ladies concerned, I thought it they wouldn't really care much. So equally if had written a bad review I realise the effect could be equal in a bad way.


If a lady misrepresents herself or her services significantly, hides charges, mucks you around or is a time waster, drugged out etc yes this needs to be said.

If the lady turns out not to be your type then just say so, find something good to say but also leave impression the booking didn't work but don't be nasty, the old "we didnt click" is a good one.


Finally as for this being a business transaction, it is but it's a highly personal / human one and as such requires a little more humanity from those involved.


Communicate, communicate, communicate, IMHO most Ladies love it when the guy is honest.

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Riley Alexander


I feel it necessary to point out that even if you "didn't click", it is sometimes because of a clients poor attitude towards the WL regardless of her best attempts to provide a pleasant service. Some guys also expect more of you than you offer, which can lead to some problems too. These things all need to be taken into account when reading reviews. Face value isn't always the reality, because there are three sides to every story. Yours, theirs, and the truth...

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You can um and ah over borderline inappropriate reviews, but I've read at least three in the last month that are downright nasty, personal attacks designed for some sort of ego boost in taking someone else down. There's never any need to insult a WL in a review, call her names or be derogatory in any manner.

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I can empathise with you - but only on a professional level as a service provider in another industry. Many times I have delivered what I felt was excellent service, only for the assessment to be rubbish. It tarnishes my reputation, and reduces my ability to generate income. On those levels, I can relate with you. I at least have the ability to find the "offender" and follow up with a (hopefully) calm face-to-face discussion. You often do not have that opportunity. The inability to obtain closure must be difficult for you.


On a personal level ... I do not know what to say.

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You can um and ah over borderline inappropriate reviews, but I've read at least three in the last month that are downright nasty, personal attacks designed for some sort of ego boost in taking someone else down. There's never any need to insult a WL in a review, call her names or be derogatory in any manner.



So true huni!


I think anyone who indicates in and at the end of a booking that they were happy and plan to come back, then turn around and write a review that totally blind sights you, it just rude & maybe with an agenda.


Also nasty comments made about a girls nationality is racist, I wonder how they would feel if we WL choose not to see them if we knew they were Indian or Turkish or whatever. Also nasty & crude comments are just uncalled for, just show what sort of person they really are!


These reviewers also forget that us WL read these reviews too & who would choose to see these men, if they are going to receive the same treatment once the booking is done. In a way shooting themselves in the foot you might say! Lol

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I couldn't agree more here. Personal attacks have no place in a review. No place at all.


In all of my reviews, I have been careful to be balanced and interesting but the very few bad reports I have had to write have been by far the hardest to do. Though there are 2 that I wrote that I was pretty harsh with but they really were that bad, and I left them with no hint that I had a good time with them.....


There is just so many things to take into account and the impact these statements will have. One of mine in particular read like a great review till the end where things just didn't work out.... but I tried my best to show all sides of it. To show how good the good was and that it wasn't all bad because it was far from all bad. Just a very unfortunate end... :(


This reviewing gig isn't an easy one I can tell you.....




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I am cheating


Well said Taylor. I have written one or 2 negative reviews but tried to not be degrading or nasty. As previously stated these are the hardest to write. I hope I have not offended and my comments are just an honest appraisal of MY experience.


On the flip side I have defended a couple of WLs who I regard VERY highly after what I thought was a harsh review and been accused of being a "Fan Club suck up boy" or something to that effect.







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I actually wrote a blog about this (I think it got taken down) Nevertheless, I am totally against reviews at all. But unfortunately, they exist so we have to take the best we can away from what's written. To me, it's laughable.

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Mr Heffner has a few points of ethical behaviour to comment on.


1) If you can"t say something nice in public, say nothing at all

2) There are places within PunterPlanet, whereby punters have the ability to spread the word confidentially about the the good or bad aspects of certain things that occur in a booking

3) It is in my opinion, just an ego trip in posting a negative review in the public forum area

4) Punters must remember that the ladies themselves also have the ability to "spread the word" about a punter. So fellow punters, you may also be being judged on YOUR performance as a punter, a man, and a human being with, supposedly, some intelligence.


Guess I'll cop some shit for these comments............ :ph34r:

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Gabrielle Káigh


Taylor beautiful that you expressed your opinion on this well. I have had the same thing happen to me. Reviews written by wl's boyfriends with the intention of negative publicity before the booking even commenced - I was told this was the intention with the guy laughing in my face and telling me how "funny" it will all be. I have had reviews written because I was blackmailed. I have even very strange reviews written where I described twice my size, significantly much, much shorter, with short hair and brown eyes (complete opposite of what I am).


I cringe reading some of the reviews written about other girls.

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A review with a personal dig or attack as your story would indicate a scorned person. It's not new to see the ex partner of a WL go on the war path. As is the case with violent attacks in the majority of cases the victim knows the attacker or the person who issued the instructions. In my like of work, we see this all the time.


Unfortunately as this is a public forum, there is always the chance that the reviews are unqualified and embellished both positive and negating. But it is a public forum and everyone here is open to be reviewed.




I do compliment Punters Planet, that unlike PG it is Unbiased. Where PG will not post a negative review, it is a crock of shit as punters only see the good stuff. (yes I don't have much time for PG).

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People, all good with the discussion but please keep it general, no concrete examples of reviews, as that bypasses our policy on replies. I just had to delete one comment. Thanks.

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This is a commercial service at the end of the day and dealing with criticism is part of the process; everyone has likes and dislike however being cruel with comments is uncalled for. It is wise to also head the example that Aesop provided to us that one can not please everybody and one would look foolish in the process.


Coconut has summed up my thoughts on the topic brilliantly, however I would like to expand my thoughts.


In the words of arguably (in my opinion he is) the best review writer in Australian Adult Forum History, Princely a review is a gift no matter how long, short, descriptive, brief etc.


My opinion is this, negative reviews are incredibly valuable to all punters. Especially when there are large sums of money involved. However there is a massive difference between constructive criticism and being insulting and defamatory.


Example: Instead of saying she was "fat, ugly & disgusting", you could put that a bit nicer whilst still conveying the message: she was physically not what I was looking for.


I have seen in some of the comments here that girls are considering blacklisting guys who write negative reviews. I think this is shortsighted and discriminatory. This could also be potentially viewed as an attempt by some girls to put pressure on Punters to write positive reviews about them.


I agree wholeheartedly that personal attacks on ladies and unfair comments are not on, but surely Punters are should be allowed to share their true feelings and opinions with other Punters without the fear of bieng Blacklisted for doing so.


Great blog entry Ms Alexander, has caused plenty of good positive discussion. :)


DISCLAIMER: Insults, revealing personal details, racism and personal attacks DO NOT belong in reviews. That is not what I am talking about. I am talking about fair, balanced and honest reviews which talk about the level of service, clock watching, delivery on promises (agrees to DFK and doesn't deliver) etc. People shouldn't be blacklisted for sharing that type of information.

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Charlize Mackenzie


I actually feel a bit sorry for the keyboard warriors, to see a so called grown man hiding behind an avatar, like a child.....accusing somebody of misrepresentation...??? ...Think about it.....???


And then actually having the audacity to publicly humiliate a service provider in a mannor that could very well impact on the ladies livlihood.


That's just not common sence to me.


But then again neither is having to pay for sex and beating ones chest over the conquest.




Cheers Charlize

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This is a commercial service at the end of the day and dealing with criticism is part of the process; everyone has likes and dislike however being cruel with comments is uncalled for. It is wise to also head the example that Aesop provided to us that one can not please everybody and one would look foolish in the process.



There have been some girls on here who have thrown big huge hissy fits over a "Non-glowing review" .


On one occasion i remember reading a review about a WL and it was a good positive review except for 1 or 2 lines in the end which the punter written some constructive criticism yet this one girl made a huge fuss about it. Asking everyone to defend her and asking to get it removed yet i saw nothing in the review of it actually being cruel or bad. Just 1 or 2 lines where the punter gave some fair criticism. I think we all know who they are as these girls draw attention to it by making a huge fuss and deal over nothing.


It is quite obvious when a reviewer makes a review out of cruelness than it is out of being a fair review. I do find it unfair that some girls go Crazy when they find out they don't have a "Glowing review" And then start blaming the punter and trying to get all her fanboys to defend her even when his review was Fair and not cruel.


Maybe too many fanboys been kissing the WL's ass for so long that they start to really believe they are made out of gold"


I do think some girls need to grow a thick skin and be able to take criticism. At the end of the day, Take the criticism and improve. There are much bigger things to worry about.

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I am totally against reviews at all.To me, it's laughable.



Ironically, you are on a Review Forum. :huh:

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