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June 2012 - Naughty Times (TS Meng Li) - Rather Disappointing



Following a review of an awesome punt with TS Meng Li by warmnite in April, she was on my must see list. No hard feelings to warmnite as I'm quite sure it's a case of YMMV.


I asked Geoff if Meng could stay back until about 6pm and he said, and she said, no problem. I arrived right on 6pm and was shown to the bedroom by the receptionist. Had a quick shower and Meng came to the room just as I was drying the last extremity. She's not beautiful but by the same token, not bad for her age. She showed signs that in her hay day she would have been a real little hottie. Meng has B-cups which are not bad to the touch with erect little bullet-like nipples. She has about 5 inches of uncircumcised penis and a reasonably attractive arse.


She started to strip off and encouraged a little audience participation which I was finding very sexy. As she disrobed she pushed her backside into my groin and rubbed her hands along my legs under the towel. At one point she reached around for a kiss and I couldn't help thinking to myself her face didn't look too bad. Mind you I wasn't over expecting on this score. I saw Meng in an intro once and thought she looked ok but then I saw as she was leaving work one night and she looked a lot plainer.


As she was removing some piece of clothing or other she went down on one knee, not to propose but to introduce herself formally to my semi-erect penis. It was a nice albeit short lived blow job but looked promising for things to come.


I can't remember the precise order of things but I know there was a fair bit of cock sucking going on, not much of anything else really. There was a degree of difficulty with her keeping an erection but she worked hard on herself to keep it up. She wound up coming all over my thighs which was a bit of a waste.


I don't think I'd see Meng Li again. She was too flitty and too bossy.



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Bad luck mate. But from memory, I was there at 5pm and also asked her to stay back til 6pm but she looked reluctant to do so which is why I relented and settled on 5.45 instead of 6pm. Maybe it was because she didnt want to stay back but wanted to make an extra buck which would affect her attitude?

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