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February 2012 - Moon Club (Tiffany) - Funny Girl



A window of opportunity suddenly opened up so I consulted the To Do list. Contacted an old fav private on short notice but she was tied up. Called a few parlours but correlation with the list was poor. Dropped into Cromwell House to check out the trannies and left unsatisfied. I really don't know how that place stays in business. Thought about swinging by Georgie's place (had some awesome punts there lately with Martine and Georgia) and if that failed, across to Naughty Times to check out TS Nadia. To cut a long story short I decided to make the long trek out to Dandenong to the Moon Club to make my acquaintance with the legendary Michelle.


Well speaking of dumps.


Sadly, Michelle was unavailable so they introduced Gris (?) a slender, pretty Korean who didn't show much spunk. As I pondered the prospect of waiting half an hour for Michelle versus leaving, the young man pulled another girl out of nowhere. He said,


"This one give service like Michelle"


"Oh, that's great, so what service exactly?"


"Well, not really sure, I don't stay with them but she charge almost the same."


Apparently the girls set their own premium over the flat rate. Michelle's rate was $125 per half and Tiffany was $120. His logic was flakey but WTF.


Tiffany was a petit, very pretty, 23 year old Chinese girl with a gorgeous smile and a really good sense of humour. I told the dude I'd like a word with Tiffany. She and I played good humoured cat and mouse for a couple of minutes until the agenda was agreed then she took the money and left me to shower. As she left she asked,


"Nice suit, what you do?"


A little more chat and she was gone.


I lay on the bed as Tiff removed her brief, silver, sparkly bikini. She sat on me and said,


"You nice body, nice skin."


I was thinking it was bullshit but it did kinda stroked the ego a bit so I lapped it up.


"Oh, you so big."


OK this had now gotten ridiculous.


"Maybe we should get started."


Fortunately, it went up hill from there.


She started with a little kissing everywhere between nipples and knees while she made little groaning sounds. It was neither here nor there from a physical stimulation perspective. It was visually stimulating though, especially in the floor to ceiling mirror. She moved to a more central location and proceeded with a pretty fair TTM. It was nice and sloppy and she'd gently suck my testicles into her mouth one at a time. A very nice blow job followed which almost finished me off quite quickly. It was one of those blow jobs which was of the calibre of Yoyo ex Tope Street or Emma English of no fixed address.


I suggested it was my turn and invited her to lay on the bed. She laid on her belly. Suited me just fine. I was able to hook my forearms under her upper legs and cause her to lift her pretty, pale bottom up. She was a pleasure to rim and it went on for quite some time with my tongue time-sharing between her coit and her pussy which to was well positioned for easy access. After about ten minutes I felt like a shag and began to move accordingly. As I was on my knees, Tiff bent over and kicked off a blow job again. I asked her if she preferred to finish up with a blow job or mish and she just kept sucking. I laid back down on my back and Tiff did her thing. It wasn't as good as it was in Round 1 which had lots of slow work but it was still very good. After about 5 or so minutes it was an intense finish. I had to ask her to stop moving as I held her head still, flexi gets so sensitive after cuming with a blow job I just can't take the slightest movement. Tiff was happy to stay put until the intensity died down.


We had about five minutes left and Tiff seemed happy to chit chat about general stuff but I was starving for dinner so made my way to the shower.


Return factor is quite high. The negative was no kissing which was a shame as she was very pretty and had lovely full, red lips. All in all, for $120 for 30min it was good to very good VFM.


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