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Katana vs Europe

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Part 1 - The starting two weeks in Germany, Italy and Spain



Before I left, I actually flew down to Melbourne for the day on Tuesday 26th June, just to spend time with Cristal at ibis Hotel Melbourne. During the booking, I had cummed 4 times! So I did pretty good for myself. So I flew back home the next day, packed my bags, and around midnight Wed 27th June I flew with Emirates to Singapore City, stopping over, did a tour there. Then went on Etihad Airways (one of the best I think) into Abu Dhabi, waited a couple hours, then finally went to Frankfurt, Germany on Friday 29th June, early morning. Hired an Opel Astra (with six gears) and drove immediately down to visit my friend, who is the sister of my brother´s wife at Waldshut-Tiengen. From there for the next couple of days, we went around Germany, to places such as Freiburg, Offenburg, Rust (where we spent the whole day at Europa Park) and to Frankfurt, so we flew out to Rome, Italy.


In Rome, at the time we got there and throughout the whole duration, it was fucking hot. 35 degrees and really serious sunlight, I can see why there´s so many bronzed Italians. We did the usualy tourist thing, visited the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Vatican City, Roman Forums, and a few other places that was everywhere and relevant to the ancient Roman Empire. Of course, we had genuine Italian food, pizza, pasta and gelati. After a few days, we flew back to Frankfurt for a stopover overnight, stayed at the Mercure Haiserhof City Center Hotel. I immediately noticed in the main CBD street, it has quite a few adult shops and entertainment, which is kinda weird compared to a lot of other world cities where those places are just at the edges of the CBD, if that makes sense, Since we had an overnight stay, I remember seeing so many stories and reviews on FKK Oase, so I went there last week on Fri 6th July at 10pm, and stayed there until 4.30am, being completely awake until we checked-out of Mercure and took the airflight from 9am into Madrid, Spain where we are currently at now. Of course, I know you guys wanna hear my experiences at FKK Oase but it was the craziest night I´ve ever done sexually that I need a couple of hours to type what I did that night, so it will come sooner than later everybody.


The people are friendly in the three countries I´ve been to so far, and about three quarters of people I came across spoke basic to intermediate English, making communicating easier for me, and I actually feel bad and guilty for not trying hard enough to speak their languages. They are accepting of others, and if anything, all countries so far are extremely mulit-cultural, even more than Australia dare I say. I´ve seen more colours in Germany and Italy speak their respective languages than I could imagine. And Germany, the attitude and culture towards adult entertainment and sex is very, very liberal I think, we could follow their model.


So the next place for me and my friend? Paris, France. Tomorrow night. I have heard from quite a lot that it can be hard to get around, people are not friendly, and a lot of crime and pick-pockets, So we will be a bit more alert when the time comes. Also, the review at FKK Oase Frankurt will come in a few days, I´ve never fucked so many girls and did it so many times in my life, it´s unbelievable! Hope you all enjoyed the blog guys.



Toan / Katana

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Wait to be the last person on the train as there are a lot of young 2o something Gypsy girls pickpocketing. They push in behind you and pick your pocket.

Happened to me on the way to see the final stage of Tour de France in 2008. Stupid thing was they got on the train. So when I cornered them and with with a bit of violence they dropped my wallet very quickly and crawled off the carriage at the next stop. Funny how a carriage full of people manage to occupy 1/4 of the carriage when they see that happen. I learnt a lesson then and divided my credit cards and did not put them in my wallet.

Just beware Katana

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