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Katana vs Europe

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An adventure in a continent with rich history

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Part 1 - The starting two weeks in Germany, Italy and Spain

Before I left, I actually flew down to Melbourne for the day on Tuesday 26th June, just to spend time with Cristal at ibis Hotel Melbourne. During the booking, I had cummed 4 times! So I did pretty good for myself. So I flew back home the next day, packed my bags, and around midnight Wed 27th June I flew with Emirates to Singapore City, stopping over, did a tour there. Then went on Etihad Airways (one of the best I think) into Abu Dhabi, waited a couple hours, then finally went to Frankfurt, Ger



Part 0 - Before the adventure starts, getting ready here in Australia

It has been over four years since I last went on a major international tour/holiday/adventure, and I do not count New Zealand or Vietnam because they were more like getaways than adventures, and were places that I have experienced before and will likely return to in future. Europe, is a continent that admittedly I never had much interest in. But late last year, at my younger brother's wedding in Vietnam, I met his new wife's sister and she lives in Germany, she told me that I should go there one



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