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Preparation for the Interview ... the anticipation builds



Due to illness, one session with an existing harem member had to be delayed, but in a few days, I have another interview for the harem.


She has a very impressive CV, and including her in my harem is an easy choice. But ... how can I convince her that my harem is worthy of her? A lady in a harem has to enjoy being with the sultan, and in this case the sultan is a fat balding middle aged guy with a mortgage.


I have done about as much preparation as I can. The funds are in place. I selected an envelope from a hotel in the Middle East to use for her donation - I hope she notices it is a bit different. And the logistics have worked out (and the logistics are difficult). The interview is next week, and I am already jittery with anticipation.


Communications started off badly (my fault) but to her credit, she did follow up, and we now have excellent communications. For example, I have learned she has a pet. She also told me a bit about her hobby.


I thought writing this entry in my blog would help calm me - it has not - I am still a bundle of nervous anticipation. It has not made me more nervous, so I guess that helps a little bit. I must contact her and determine the final method of communications. And of course, I must confirm. And I probably will confirm twice - once the day before and once the day of. Does that make me look over-anxious? If it does, it that a good thing?


Sorry for the babbling, but I just can't wait to meet her.


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Just be yourself Anudda....it has served you well to date.


Blatantly obvious who the "interview" is with and by all reports she's absolutely stunning, a lot of fun and a true lady!



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A man who can handle public speaking will certainly handle a rendezvous with a beautiful women. You my good man will enjoy this meeting as nothing beats the anticipation and respect of that first connection.


Remember you are not just 'annuda' Sultan you are 'The Sultan' annuda ;-) The sultan of Melbourne if you will

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A man who can handle public speaking will certainly handle a rendezvous with a beautiful women....


But I cannot use the old public speaker's trick of imagining the audience naked. And in real life, it is a distraction. A wonderful distraction, but still a distraction.

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You are imagining her naked now so why not in person ;-) I assure you she is as nervous no matter how experienced she is

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