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Sometimes a lady wants to join my harem



This is where life is better than a fantasy. I have decided to make this a real life fantasy and see where it goes. And borrowing and paraphrasing a line from "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" it will all be well in the end, and if it is not well, then we have not yet reached the end.


I opened my twitter account to see I had a new follower. Click on it and it is a lovely lady. And she decided to follow me FIRST. Hmm ... click click click and I am at her web page. She is not only a lovely lady, she is a lovely WL. Bonus.


Naturally, I follow her back.


And we exchange a few tweets.


And we exchange a few emails.


And she sounds fantastic. But circumstances prevent a normal session. What to do? We agree to a coffee meeting.


So I am sitting in an outdoor cafe, sipping a hot beverage, on a warm summer day, and I place myself so I can see her coming. Yes I arrive early - the opportunity to see a lady literally walk into your life does not happen very often.


And she walked into my life. Wearing a form fitting white dress that was perfectly suited to her other life, and made her look magnificent. Beautiful womanly curves, more beautiful womanly curves, still more beautiful womanly curves. We locked eyes, and a tilt of my head guided her directly to my table. We shook hands (that was the agreement, no other physical contact allowed), and she was just beautiful. Her eyes ... they were not warm and inviting, they were more demanding I do her bidding - in a soft feminine way. Very different, very unusual, and very hot.


And then she spoke. Her voice is liquid sin, just a little bit deeper than most ladies, but still feminine. I am so hooked.


We chat. She is quite an intelligent lady - which I find extremely sexy.


She had to return to her other life, and I watched her walk away with admiration for what I was seeing, and sadness because she was leaving.


While an audition is just a formality, I think she will be joining my harem.


So ... how is this for a fantasy

  • hot lady finds me and follow me on twitter
  • we have excellent flirty communications
  • we agree to meet and she is stunning
  • <and the fantasy is still going on>


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Serena Vincente


I know what you mean. I love to have my hareem of special friends ;) lol


Serena Vincente xx

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