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The Grosvenor - 27/02/09 - Shandy : The Girl next door



Alone in the big city, what's a country boy to do.


After an absolutely disasterous day in Melbourne seeing clients, I decided some female company was in order to sooth away the frustrations of the day.


My first stop was Ladies for Gentlemen in Richmond, at the time 2 ladies available, and while each was welcoming in their intro, neither of them was doing it for me, so I excused myself and decided to move on.


My next stop was to be The Grosvenor. Armed with a vague recollection of where it was, I headed up Punt Rd towards Collingwood, and after a little hit and miss navigation found myself at the desired destination.


Upon entering the premises, I was greeted by the very friendly receptionist who showed me through to the intro room. Of the eight girls working, six were available, and the procession began. It was just my luck this particular night was costume night.


After all six ladies had introduced themselves, I decided to stay with Shandy for 45 minutes ($190.00). She was dressed in an Australian flag bikini, complete with sombrero...... she's 24, about 5'6, at a guess size 10, with either a large C or small D cup bust. The best way to describe her is as a typical aussie beach babe, short blonde hair, great all over tan, and a very relaxed nature.


Once the financials were sorted, I was shown upstairs to the room, and left to shower. On Shandy's return, she asked whether the room was too hot or cold for me, and whether the music was to loud, she had also bought me a glass of water. Little things I know, but it left a good impression.


After removing the bikini, she joined me on the bed, and we had a chat for a while. She has just returned from living in the States for a number of years, and has only been working at the Grosvenor for a couple of months.


What struck me about this girl is how at ease I was with her. It was almost like meeting up with an old friend you haven't seen for a few years....... except we were naked, and in a brothel.


I am by no means an experienced punter, and admit to still getting a little nervous when I walk into a brothel, but this girl just made me feel very comfortable within seconds of being alone with her.


The session flowed very naturally, during the chat, she proceeded to stroke me till I was hard, I was playing with her clit, and the piercing she has (a nice surprise, if you like that sort of thing), some kissing, not DFK, but surprisingly from someone who adores DFK, it was just right, before moving onto a very good CBJ. Lots of eye contact, a little bit of ball play..... a very enjoyable experience. She later told me that it was one of her favorite things to do.


She made moves to mount me cowgirl, but I stopped her, telling her I wanted to recipricate the favour. Apparently another one of her favorite things. After a very good DATY session, she was really getting into it, and so was I truth be told. It is also one of my favorite things to do. It just flowed into sex, until I finished off.


Afterwards, we just lay on the bed chatting about life, and pretty much every topic under the sun.


From my point of view it was effortless, enjoyable and familiar. Would I see her again, you'd better believe it, and I have no doubt that repeat sessions would only get better.


It was just what the Doctor ordered after a long, stressful day.


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